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Ohio Votes On Marijuana Legalization Today


Responsible Ohio LogoThe day has finally arrived. Ohio voters have until 7:30 PM tonight to vote in the 2015 Election. On the ballot are two measures that pertain to marijuana legalization. Issue 3 would legalize the possession, consumption, and cultivation for personal use of marijuana. Issue 3 would also legalize ten grow sites that people could grow for profit. The last provision has caused quite a bit of tension obviously. Also on the ballot is Issue 2. Issue 2 would nullify at least parts of Issue 3, if not all of it.

If Issue 3 passes and Issue 2 fails, then the marijuana legalization initiative put forward by ResponsibleOhio would become law. If both Issue 3 and Issue 2 pass, then it gets a bit complicated. Below is an explanation of what Ohio law says in the event of two conflicting initiatives passing, via Cleveland.Com:

The Ohio Constitution says if two conflicting amendments on the same ballot pass, the one that gets the most votes becomes law. But the constitution also says citizen-initiated amendments, such as the marijuana legalization amendment, become law 30 days after an election while legislature-sponsored amendments become law immediately.

Ohio’s Secretary of State says that regardless of how much each measure won by, since Issue 2 would take effect first, it would trump Issue 3. He of course wouldn’t be making that decision ultimately. The Ohio Supreme Court, and maybe even the United States Supreme Court would decide the matter if the case made it that far and the Court decided to hear the case, which I would assume they would.

If Issue 3 fails, then it will officially be time to ramp up pressure on national organizations and many national activists who strongly opposed the Ohio legalization initiative. I heard many, many people say that Ohio can do better, and that if people can just wait for 2016 a much better initiative would be passed. If Issue 3 fails, you better believe I’ll be naming names and holding people and organizations to their word. Ohio will not be left behind.

Polls close at 7:30 PM EST. I don’t get off of work until 8 PM EST, so you better believe I’ll be glued to social media and other communication channels to see how things are going. I don’t expect the final announcement of whether each measure passed or not until late. But there definitely is the possibility, especially considering how low voter turnout could be. The last comparable election cycle was in 2013, where less than 27% of registered voters cast a ballot. Low voter turnout tends to be bad for marijuana reform initiatives, which is why most campaigns aim for Presidential election cycles. But, this initiative is unique in a lot of ways, so who knows what will happen. All we can do is wait and see.


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Johnny Green


  1. Closet Warrior on

    Who let this idiot free from the zoo? JonTomas is an enemy of reform and probably doesn’t even know what it means. The only thing I feel guilty of is not rolling over to shoot you out the window at conception.

  2. Your’re Welcome good luck on still being a burnout doper loser go and do something more important with your life than getting high dumb dumb LOL

  3. I’m glad it did not pass this way. Be patient it will pass during the presidential elections. Who wants a monopoly controlled by a few. Then they would have been able to dictate the quality and prices at the local dispensaries. So unless you grew your own…which everyone can’t nor will want to. We would have been at their mercy!

  4. God forbid we speak the truth on here and we get banned
    man all I have to say is we aren’t really free ! B*

  5. The news just said that it Failed :(
    Boo — Ohio !
    Shame on you ! :(
    Sad, sad,sad…… Because
    Some people – medically need this medicine to help them !
    Sad – that…. it’s 2015 ,
    and We the American people,
    are still fighting for our freedoms !!!!!
    This country was founded on freedom and yet we are not truly free
    it is just so sad and messed up.
    People abuse proscribed drugs constantly – like OxyContin and such
    Alcohol is legal and drunk drivers kill people constantly – cigarettes are legal and highly addictive trust me I smoke and I can’t quit because I’m addicted to the nicotine ! Cigarettes are so much worse for people than the natural marijuana plant is and cigarettes are far more addictive and so many underage teens get a hold of cigarettes even though the law has an age requirement to buy cigarettes.
    Why is marijuana seen as this villainous and evil drug ! I don’t get it.
    Many proscription drugs are really bad so why is marijuana so bad ? It’s really not that bad , alcohol is bad in my opinion.
    We The people are speaking out !
    Give us our Freedom !!!!!!!


  7. My father who was die-ing of cancer
    Was prescribed medical marijuana to help him be able to simply want to eat and feel hungry and keep the food down, because the kiemo drugs made him so ill. It helped him to live with less agony ! I pray that it passes.

  8. I feel bad for all the children & adults needing the Medical, just sad! Keep pumping the children & people with pills, so we watch them suffer & some of even lost lived ones from all the pills! This is messed up & sad!!!

  9. I think it needs to be legal it’s a natural God given plant it grows naturally. It’s not a man made drug it’s a plant ! I pray the issue passes.
    If America is a free country then those who wish should be free to have it if they choose to and need it.
    Under strict rules of course. I hope that Issue 2&3 both pass.

  10. If, like me, you had trouble with the new technology the poll workers are using and couldn’t wait to vote this morning, be sure to go back later.
    It seems as if the problem is confined to Hamilton County, so far.
    I know I waited about 20 minutes to vote, while the poll workers tried to figure out some technical problem with the device that scans your drivers’ license.

  11. saynotohypocrisy on

    If turnout of younger people puts this over the top, not only would that be wonderful, it would have a very nice bonus. It would show the politicians that this is an important issue to many younger people, and they best pay attention.

  12. Right, that “no more regulated than tomatoes” business is just unrealistic idealism.
    Sounds great, but has no chance of actually being enacted into law.

  13. Don’t forget that even if you don’t live in Ohio, there is probably a local / statewide election in your state today. Vote, even if there’s no cannabis issues on the ballot! America needs an informed and engaged electorate. /soapbox

  14. saynotohypocrisy on

    Progress towards a rational status for cannabis has come in steps and this will be a pretty big step forward if it wins.

  15. We are going from an absolute Prohibition model to an Alcohol Prohibition model – a war on dealers and growers. And the support for the Black Market? High taxes and regulatory hurdles.

    No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

  16. Let’s hope at the end of the day Issue 2 is defeated and Ohio joins the ranks of legalization.

  17. Here’s your first report from the trenches, Johnny;
    I voted at about 7AM, and I was floored by the number of young people standing in line to vote.
    The place where I vote is staffed by Methuselah and his brothers, and I’m usually standing in line next to Noah and Abraham, but today, at least when I was there, it was almost all people under 35 or so.
    I have heard reports from others here in Cincinnati who experienced similar unusually high turn out of young voters, so let’s hope that continues and that it’s a good sign.

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