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Oklahoma To Pursue Marijuana Lawsuit Against Colorado Despite No Federal Support


oklahoma marijuanaAbout a year ago Oklahoma and Nebraska filed a lawsuit against the State of Colorado. The lawsuit alleged that Colorado’s marijuana legalization law was harming Oklahoma and Nebraska. Marijuana reformers were quick to point out that Colorado doesn’t have a legalization problem – Nebraska and Oklahoma have a prohibition problem. Nonetheless, Oklahoma and Nebraska want the United States Supreme Court to rule on the case. That became a bit tougher when recently the Obama Administration weighed in on the issue, and recommended that the Supreme Court reject the case.

I think that most logical people would see the writing on the wall, and stop pursuing the lawsuit. However, Oklahoma’s Attorney General still wants to push forward. Per KRQE:

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has said that he plans to continue to press the U.S. Supreme Court for permission to sue Colorado over its marijuana laws, despite objection from President Obama’s administration.

Oklahoma and Nebraska asked for the court’s permission a year ago to sue Colorado over aspects of its marijuana legalization plan. A spokesman for Pruitt said that written arguments will be filed next month.

The United States Supreme Court gets to pick and choose which cases it hears. Considering that the Obama Administration, in addition to the State of Colorado, don’t support the Court hearing this case, I would imagine the Court will ultimately decide to pass. There are so many worthwhile cases out there to proceed on that I can’t fathom why the Court would take up a case that doesn’t have much merit to it. In the meantime, I expect Oklahoma’s Attorney General to keep barking, but with few people listening to what he has to say.


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  1. Back to the facts in the article? what the hell are you talking about? At least 2/3 of my previous comment was directly related to the article and the Law concerning such things. The other 1/3 is still very much related. I can talk about what I please you snide prick! Apparently you have a problem with something I said? Too bad you didn’t mention what exactly that was as you were too busy whining about nonsense.
    Perhaps you are a whining Socialist?? You are definitely whining about ‘right wing’ bullshit when what really this country is experiencing broadly speaking is UNCONSTITUTIONAL bullshit that transcends all party lines. All this Republican/Democrat blame game stuff is total bullshit and BOTH parties are fascist traitors to this country! Socialism is slavery and the anti-thesis of Liberty, Free Markets, Private property, Human Rights, and everything America is supposed to be about!

    So what ‘blame game’ am I playing huh? You seem like you are playing a ‘blame game’ yourself hypocrite?! please explain? I’ve never blamed solely either Republicans or Democrats but corruption, criminality, and immorality combined with the staggering stupidity of the general public.
    “gman” you call your self interesting because G-Men are FEDS. Are you a federal agent? do you work for the government? are you a Socialist?
    Do you mind identifying yourself or are you a coward like most of the spineless fools and lying Trolls on here?
    You say they are ‘right wing’ in doing so only reveal your own ignorance of the political spectrum. the political Right is limited government such as our Constitutional Republic. The Left is Socialism/Communism/Fascism. The word Nazi means in German National-Socialist. Marx was a socialist/communist. Those treacherous snakes calling themselves Republicans are far from being a true Republican ie one who supports a Republic! They are fascist Socialist just like the Democrats are! Republicans and Democrats are just two heads on the same monster that is our current criminal, unconstitutional and murderously atrocious parasitic out of control ‘government’ regime which is represented by such pseudo-Republican scum as this article and and you describe.

  2. Hostile Militant on

    Strange. Every Oklahoman I have ever met grew and smoked weed. Usually had lbs. galore and used to give it away.

  3. Back to the facts in the article…..these politicians suing Colorado are right wing radical in their behavior. They are republicans not democrats . How does that fit into your blame game?

  4. Let them keep spewing this crap from their mouths so they bury themselves. Encourage the haters to speak! When haters speak lies it confirms their hatred and uneducated beliefs.

    Even some haters know better and are getting tired of wasting tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits.

    Let them spew their lies, let them prove to the world how stupid they are and how NOT worthy they are of your votes.


    WTF KS and NB, get off your lazy hippie asses and get to the voting booths next fall and make a difference.

    If you continue to ignore the voting process then enjoy prohibition.

    National poll says 56% favor LEGALIZATION….that means some of you supporters are voting for the haters.


  5. Nope. Meant 19th because Oklahoma is behind in a LOT of things not just the state government. Their AG is just the tip of an overly conservative group of backward thinking.

  6. PeedNUrGenePool on

    So the Great Conservative Meccas of Kansas and Nebraska…

    Defenders of States Rights, and Limited Government….
    Are Hypocrites….

    When you’re Republican….It’s what you do…

  7. The best part is they’ll lose,and next it will bring more negative to the state on top of the natural negative of a backwards nation.

  8. Bluntfacejrolla on

    I’m from Oklahoma, we love pot down here, I’m a veteran and there are alot of veterans that like myself count on potent bud. Paying high dollar for shit that a dispensery probably wouldn’t sell. Good grade pot does what all 12 of my prescribed meds don’t do, and the side effects are actually awsome. Majority Oklahomans want pot for sure, Native Americans , Red Necks, Shwartz Americans, German Americans, Meximericans, South Americans. There is more white chocolate than suit wearin Vanilla fucks in my opinion. I cant believe that we the idiot people just let people we pay tell us weather or not we can grow and blow. Not this guy. I’d rather die free. I served my country on the frontline, have a warrant in Texas for smoking pot, it’s illegal in my state and will probably be arrested and fined in the future which is a pain but hey I gotta sleep and pills have to many side effects. All while some 21 year old in another state is walking in a store puchasing my sweat Mary with the money he just stole from his mom’s Christmas stash. Gotta love the good Ol USA.

  9. Because the Intelligence Agencies have been internationally smuggling and selling ALL drugs to create Black money to fund Black Operations they will never admit to, that are typically highly illegal and highly immoral such as MK-ULTRA and torturing little children to death to develop “mind control” technology to do even more evil things by using it! Manchurian Candidates are totally real and operational having been used in assassinations and operations for since World War Two.

    Many if not MOST of the mass killing shooting in the US are actually Black illuminati Mind Control Operations attempting to get guns restricted and eventually outlawed but fortunately their Terrorism is only making the public want more guns! The case of the Aurora, Colorado James Holmes shooting is a prime example among many and clearly displays all signs of Mind Control at work and James Holmes was himself involved in Government Mind Control research mapping the neural structures of animals at government controlled universities. James Holmes Father was about to testify on the Banking Libor Scandal and then BOOM his son shoots up theater and thinks he is the “joker” and suddenly Dad has little to say about any of it. It was all a set up. Hypnosis can make anyone do anything! If you are interested in the subject of mind control I suggest a book available for free on PDF online called “Operation Mind Control” by Walter Bowart and “Were We Controlled?” by Lincoln Lawrence for a good start.

    The secret Drug money is requisite to their secret operations and drugs are one of their biggest forms of revenue aside from international sex slavery which generates more money than ALL drugs combined. The secret money allows them to fund such scum bag operations outside of the scrutiny or approval of any government or any people! ALL the way high up Feds know all of this.

    I prove this claim in the following video and there is no shortage of evidence PROVING all of this.

  10. Well, they can try as hard as they want but their “reefer madness” hysteria will no longer hold water anymore in a time when the truth about cannabis and it’s neverending list of benefits for humanity spreads like wildfire.

  11. Because they want to get re-elected or aspire to higher office, like Governor for example – it has little if anything to do with their actual beliefs on the subject. They want to be on the record as opposing the spread of demon weed so lunatic-fringe “base” voters will support them.

  12. I’d prefer to label them Liberty, morality, medicine hating, people abusing, oppressive lying scum profiteering off the extortion called Prohibition.

    Be careful throwing around that world “democracy”. The closest we get to ‘democracy’ in America is like with the citizens initiated Constitutional Amendments but even those cannot contradict the Federal Constitution and Bill of Rights! We in America live in a Constitutional REPUBLIC not a Socialist DEMOCRACY.
    There are vital differences and typically when you hear people using the word ‘democracy’ they are likely a Socialist whether openly or in secret. “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” – Vladimir Lenin. Hitler and Nazism are not on the politically Right spectrum but are actually on the Left and Socialist! ie the German Workers party ie Nazi= inGerman “National-Socialist”.

    Socialism is slavery and the anti-thesis of Liberty and the legal and economic structure of our Constitutional Republic. Every major tenet of the Communist Manifesto is strongly present in AmeriKa today and has been for generations! THAT is why the government and especially the Feds are so criminal and violently out of control! The Feds have been operation illegally under Martial Law Emergency powers since WorldWarTwo!!!! That is why we are enslaved by the illuminati and National Security State now!

    Many of you foolishly are hating and blaming our government and Constitution when it is Most of the People of America who have failed to live up to those lofty documents and ideals!

    StellarVoyage, that “dangerous ideology” you speak of is Socialism/Communism and the secret religion of the illuminati who are also the heart and soul of international Socialism!

  13. I am sure there are some very reasonable people who live in Oklahoma. Like most places everyone gets along going along. But their State government (AG) is way stuck in the 19th century. So get your sh*t together Scott and quit wasteing everyone’s tax money.

  14. I believe you 100% Rob! Please tell us, are you from OK or NB? If so please tell us more about your Human interactions in the sense of what you feel the common feeling among people in your state think on Marijuana and what do you estimate percent wise of the population supports full legalization of Weed?

    Why do you think the attorney generals are doing that? obviously they are attacking Marijuana and promoting Prohibition but what do you believe are their motives?

    The illuminati/intelligence agency run ‘news’ in our country has been reporting that in Ohio where I live that 2015 Marijuana legalization “bombed’ and other smear words when really it barely lost only because of economic bullshit and the large majority of Ohioans want Marijuana fully legalized for both adults. In 2016 Ohio will fully legalize all forms of Marijuana usage for adults and become the first state to legalize both ‘medical’ and recreational at once! HOORAY! Ohio will become the Cannabis King of the Midwest and the new Colorado as we are the Key that opens up legalization to the whole East Coast!

  15. The Feds have ZERO jurisdiction or lawful constitutional authority to regulate purely INTRASTATE Cannabis!!!!!! Read the Constitution! Understand the LAW or be enslaved like fools! The feds already have been put in their place for over stepping their bounds as if they are our overlords but they are NOT! The States are sovereign jurisdictions! I have PROVEN this on my YouTube channel and also recently posted another video reporting news which confirms what I already KNEW and could prove. But not the Feds themselves have even defaulted in this battle and admitted they have no lawful authority to regulate purely intrastate Cannabis and that is why just like this article on TWB states that the Federali scum are backing off precisely because they’ve already lost and now their LIES no longer hold sway over the minds of most people in regards to Cannabis and its regulation.
    As glaring examples aside from all of history and the plain English meaning and historical meaning of the Constitution I cite the States sovereignty in regards more recently with Gun rights and freedom from Federalis imposing Universal Socialist HealthCare. Montana and many other states have passed legislation for total gun freedom outside of Fed regulation for purely INTRASTATE gun stuff. Ohio my lifelong Home State has recently passed a Constitutional Amendment explicitly stating all Ohioans are free from being forced into Obamacare/Universal Federal Socialist Health Care and may choose what they want or don’t. Socialism=Slavery! Guns keep us free and safe!
    Read the Tenth Amendment to our federal Constitution and go read where the Feds Jurisdiction is limited to THEIR territories, Native American Indian tribe stuff, international stuff, INTERstate stuff, but NEVER INTRASTATE stuff which is always delegated to the sovereign States and their respective peoples.
    Here are links to the video info-bombs I drop exposing all of this:

    Please go watch and understand! This issue is VITAL to preserving Liberty in America and for protecting ALL our Rights including Cannabis Rights! If you wish to live in peace and liberty you must understand and DEFEND the true righteous LAW and resist all lies, tyranny, and oppressive unjust laws we all know in our hearts are wrong. Get armed too; such is the virtue and duty of all patriots and requisite by LAW that all able bodied persons are automatic members of the legally termed “Unorganized Militia”. WE are the government and may arrest anyone for felonious actions and defend ourselves from them at will. THAT is what an American Patriot IS! If it wasn’t for such things and people then this whole country would already have totally collapsed into Socialism and Totalitarianism under a cruel scientific dictatorship. This Republic and our Liberties we shall defend to death!

    The truth of all things and them that love Truth more than life itself shall not be so easily overcome, nor is there any hidden thing which shall not be revealed. MOST intelligence/knowledge is Open Source! WAKE UP and Prove everything or die!

    We shall prevail over evil and inherit all things in THIS life as our species unites in World government as it should under OUR Republican Constitutional model on an international level as it already is doing and was purposefully designed by the founders and illuminati to do! Sadly the United Nations is totalitarian and Socialist trash not to mention politically impotent and merely a tool of the United States.

    So long as evil is committed systemically as it is now, there will be a great reckoning for all that has transpired. The pendulum swings both ways in proportion and the chickens are coming home to roost already!

  16. Prohibitionists are democracy-hating authoritarians. This lawsuit is just one of myriad examples that demonstrate their dangerous ideology.

  17. The majority of the citizens in both Nebraska and Oklahoma want marijuana legalized. These two rogue attorney generals have taken it upon themselves to override the will of their own citizens. They believe they are right and the majority is wrong and desire to establish a nanny state government to keep their citizens in line.

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    And why can’t they accept the indisputable reality that their beloved alcohol is a drug and it is so much more dangerous than cannabis to life, limb and fetus that there is utterly no comparison

  19. I’m hoping this will push the de-scheduling effort at the federal level. There are too many catch-22’s right now because the government refuses to admit they were wrong for prohibiting it in the first place.

  20. They are really wasting their time. Why can’t they just accept the reality that marijuana is here to stay and that it’s legalization for the rest of the states in the future will be inevitable?

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