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Once Sentenced To Life In Prison For Marijuana, Jeff Mizanskey Is Now Free


I just received the official word that Jeff Mizanskey is a free man. Jeff Mizanskey has served the last 21 years in a Missouri prison for non-violent marijuana only offenses. Jeff Mizanskey was serving a life prison sentence, with no eligibility of parole. But after a very hard fought public awareness campaign by the Show-Me Cannabis campaign and Jeff Mizanskey’s family, Jeff was granted clemency, then parole, and is now free for the first time in over two decades. Below are pictures of Jeff Mizanskey with Show-Me Cannabis co-founder Travis Maurer, Jeff Mizanskey hugging a family member (I think it’s Jeff’s son, but can’t all the way tell since they in the middle of an awesome and overdue embrace!), and Jeff with his attorney, the amazing Dan Viets (Jeff’s attorney):

travis maurer jeff mizanskey

jeff mizanskey free


jeff mizanskey dan viets

Jeff Mizanskey is proof that no one should ever give up hope. Jeff Mizanskey is proof that the failures of marijuana prohibition can be overcome if people put in effort and fight for what’s right. It’s my understanding that there is going to be a press conference coming up during which Jeff Mizanskey will speak to the media, which I will post if/when I get the footage. That will be followed by a talk given by hardworking activist, and the co-creator of Show-Me Cannabis, Travis Maurer. Travis was the victim of a SWAT raid for marijuana in Missouri, and that’s what inspired him to create Show-Me Cannabis, and to fight for Jeff’s freedom. Below is more information about Jeff Mizanskey’s fight for freedom:


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  1. Congrats Jeff, been there! Now lets get our records cleaned so we can get to work in society, you go on vacation but i have been out 3 years now.cant work and i was educated ,cant get any help from government because were felons. Lets erase records!!!!!

  2. This is excellent news! It is critical for the USA to make sweeping reform to drug laws, especially prohibitionist laws regarding cannabis. Jeff Mizansky’s life behind bars is a glaring example of how current law ruins the lives of people involved with non-violent infractions to an outdated law. Cannabis should not be listed among the DEA’s schedule of drugs, and anyone who still lingers under the misinformation that cannabis is a dangerous drug needs to re-evaluate their cannabis knowledge base. I recommend ASA-CTI Core Training, or Oaksterdam University Classic Semester. Congratulations Jeff! FREE the POWs of America’s absurd war on drugs!

  3. Jeremiah Emmerson on

    Yes no matter how screwed up it is…it is what it is. There is a chance that nationally we see a process of recovering a clean a record..like California’s prop 47.

  4. Will he be able to smoke weed? He shouldn’t have done a day but he should also be able to smoke weed anywhere in the USA.

  5. What great news! Now the next step is legalization nation-wide. Marijuana has been ILLEGAL for over 70 years!
    What are the results?

    *Today marijuana is America’s #1 cash crop.

    *Today American kids can buy marijuana easier than they can buy a beer.

    *Marijuana is stronger and easier to get than ever before, albeit much more expensive than it should be. To smoke casually from the “black market”, it will run you $100/month. This is much more expensive than it needs to be. More expensive than my cell phone ($20/month from Tmobile), car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), netflix ($10/month), and gym ($15/month from PF) COMBINED!!! Would you rather put money into the hands of violent gangs and drug dealers… or into taxes for schools, hospitals, public infrastructure, etc.???

    *Today marijuana is the #1 source of income for violent drug gangs and drug cartels who are richer and more dangerous than ever before.

    *Guns are illegal in Mexico yet Mexican drug cartels are buying machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, airplanes, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, and even submarines.

    *There are over half a million Americans in jail right now for non-violent drug crimes.

    *The DEA has been having sex parties funded by drug cartels.
    The ATF/DOJ has given thousands of guns to drug cartels.

    I have this stupid thing I do called THINKING, and clearly I can see that marijuana prohibition can never work! America should have learned this simple lesson from alcohol prohibition!

  6. He won’t get anything. He was sentenced in accordance with sentencing guidelines in place at the time. However archaic and draconian they are, they were the guidelines in place at the time.

  7. YAY JEFF!
    FYI – Larry Harvey of the “Kettle Falls Five” passed away on Aug. 17th. =(

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