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Open Casting Call For NORML Conferences In October And December


washington norml business panel event conferenceWashington State is an exciting place right now in the area of public policy. After the historic election of 2012, and the passing of I-502, there are a lot of details to work out. I came across the following message on Washington NORML’s Facebook page:

“Open casting call for panelists to participate in NORML conferences in October and December in Spokane and Seattle, respectively, regarding recreational implications for the implementation of I-502. Industry sponsorship available. Business Attorneys and Industry leaders are encouraged to apply. Time and travel may be compensated. Please private message Washington N.O.R.M.L. or email Director@wanorml.org.”

If you are reading this message on TWB, and you fit the description above, I encourage you to apply. I have been to many conferences over the years, and having the right speakers at the event is definitely vital to the success of the event. I’d love to see someone representing the medical marijuana dispensary industry in Washington to explain the concerns of their community, as well as be a voice for any questions about how I-502’s implementation could affect the medical side of things.

The best marijuana business event I have attended was in Denver, Colorado the day after the 2012 Election. It was hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association, and had members from all niches of the marijuana industry present. Not all of them were panelists, but at least they were all under one roof. I’d love to see Washington have a similar field of experts, with the addition of an online marketing/media expert.

There definitely needs to be accountants, insurance reps, security reps, attorneys, etc. But I think that there is a growing need for an expert in marijuana media, as the biggest hole currently facing the industry is getting people’s ideas and products in as front of as many consumer eyeballs as possible. There are so many great ideas out there that are market ready, they just have yet to get to the market for one reason or another. If you are a marijuana industry expert, you should contact Washington NORML!


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  1. So is this the “attorneys” (plural) to which Sarich was referring? While I will correct inaccuracies, discretion dictates that I am not going to discuss the internal politics of NORML. If interested, here is a list of the Washington state NORML Board or Directors and Advisory Board, http://innorml.org/board-of-directors.html

    The National Board of Directors is here http://norml.org/about/board-of-directors. You will notice the Jeff Steinborn is a member. We are also very happy to welcome new members to the national board, our own Kevin Oliver and Rick Steves.

  2. Douglas Hiatt was kicked off. NORML’s chair of the board and others were repeadetely contacted by numerous people and told that they would pay his dues if that was really the reason he was kicked off, which doesn’t make sense since he had never paid dues and was on the legal committee for many years and only came up after he started opposing 502. as expected, there was never any response to anyone, me included.

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  4. Jeffery Steinborn was not on the board of Washington NORML. He is and remains on NORML’s national board. He was not “removed.” This has been pointed out to you repeatedly. This is just another one of your lies. Wrong, inaccurate, misrepresenting, lies that you continue to spread.

    Rather than blaming NORML for the state of medical cannabis in our state, I suggest a device that will allow you to pinpoint one of the major sources of problems: it’s called a mirror. Look in it.

    Please list the names of the “attorneys” who were kicked off the list serve. I contend this is another one of your malicious lies. (I guess “one” is a number. The person to whom I think you are alluding failed to pay his NORML dues, as I recall. He was not “kicked out.”)

    You know nothing about NORML. You are an outsider looking in.

    Here’s something that others need to know who are counting on you to help them our during the next legislative session. Your credibility with the legislature is shot. The LCB finds you and your buddies to be uncivil, repetitive, and irritating. You do not speak for the at-large medical cannabis community.

    Keith Henson, Pierce County NORML

  5. Who do you think they’ll cast as “Judas”? My vote goes to Allen St. Pierre! I’m sure the medical community will show up to “thank” NORML for screwing over medical and denigrating the patients of Washington. If you think NORML will let anyone that actually represents the medical community speak, you don’t know much about NORML. They lost a number of their own attorney members by censoring their postings on the NORML list serv…they certainly won’t let US speak there. Washington NORML even removed national NORML board member Jeffrey Steinborn for disagreeing with them. This is not an organization that’s willing to listen to dissent.

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