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Open Letter From The Marijuana Community To Anonymous


team vendetta operation cannabis 4/20The Marijuana Community Is Very Happy To See ‘Operation Cannabis’

On April 8th Ninjasmoker and I were sitting at my pad smoking and blogging like usual. Ninjasmoker was on Twitter and saw that the great Steve Elliot had posted a new article about ‘OpCannabis’. We both went to Toke of the Town to check it out. It was funny, because we both finished reading the article at the same time and looked up at each other like we had seen a ghost. Team Vendetta, which is made up of members of the hardworking group Anonymous, announced the launch of phase one of ‘OpCannabis’ or ‘Operation Cannabis’ (I have heard it referred to as both, I apologize in advance if that’s not correct). The event is also in conjunction with Occupy.

Ninjasmoker and I were both delighted to see such an announcement, because we have always been fans of Anonymous. The only people that need to fear Anonymous are those that have something to hide. I don’t have anything to hide except where I keep my stash, so I have always supported their work! And if they really wanted to know where my stash was, I would probably tell them because again, I’m a huge fan.

I wanted to write this article to express to Team Vendetta that the ENTIRE marijuana community is behind what you are doing, and we are all very eager to help. Since the announcement on April 8th on Toke of the Town, and the follow up announcement that I posted April 10th, everyone I talk to from the mj community asks about Anonymous and points out how significant their operation is. If anyone doesn’t believe me, note that the Toke article had over 9k Facebook shares, and countless others on other sites.

We will wait to hear from you guys again, and know that The Weed Blog will always post press releases about Team Vendetta’s OpCannabis pursuits. Below is the latest info that I received, which is a radio interview from Blog Talk Radio with Team Vendetta talking about Operation Cannabis. Follow Operation Cannabis:

Twitter: @AnonOpCannabis



Listen to internet radio with Bedroom Radio on Blog Talk Radio


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  1. How long will sit and do nothing don’t you think it was put here for a reason don’t think wiskey beer vine was we made cannabis was ment to be eating it right out the ground they claim a plant is a drug but they cant patton a plant we could grow in are yard and pay people to lock you up if u try How Much LONGER 4/20 bring the weed to wall street bunches of people their not sting waiting anymore smoke out at wall street bring everyone walk ride jump a train just pop the bubble get off the bench were all in. Larry

  2. “We are all anonymous”   that’s a call to action, not an invitation to thank someone else for acting for you.  If you see an op that is lulzy or righteous, or moves you, get involved.  download an IRC client, join the conversation and Act!

  3. I apologize. I updated the WordPress link, and the Twitter to OpCannabis. E-mail me if you need anything else and thanks again for your hard work!

  4. Guy Fawkes Rimes


    Don’t you remember the 5th of November?

    ‘Twas the day the lies were brought down.

    We used knowledge and wit to find truth, now a hit!

    For this vendetta will end in renown.


    Remember; remember the 5th of November,

    Let’s occupy, sit, and just think.

    I see no reason why thoughtful treason

    Can’t be discussed over a delicious drink?


    The 5th of November, makes me remember,

    Guy Fawkes! For his GOD did he die?

    For love did he make?

    This terrible mistake;

    Let’s not lose sight of his reasons why.

    If you don’t give us truth,

    I will reveal ‘she’ from Ruth;

    And the people will see through the lie.


    The 5th of November, makes me remember,

    Guy Fawkes! By a King did he die?

    Laws built by mistake,

    Will make just hearts ache;

    Let’s not lose sight of his reasons why.

    If you don’t give us truth,

    I will reveal ‘he’ from Ruth;

    And the people will see through the lie.


    Love and awe, Lora B


    Pot of Dreams

    Inspired by Kevin Costner in Field of


    If you plant it, she will come!

    Outlawing POT is just plain dumb!

    We may not know who father was.

    But Mother is waiting, like she usually does.


    Love and Awe, Lora B

  6. The Pope Should Smoke

    Inspired by a Cannabis Culture article

    Was John Lennon Killed for His Cannabis
    and Political Activism

    4 Freedom 4 Marc Emery


    I believe like JOHN; like JANIS, JIM and JIMI.

    Those who smoke grass, are less likely to say GIVE ME.

    Many freedom fighters, who were taken away,

    Have suspicious stories. I want to have my say!

    No one should have to die, because of the belief,

    That cannabis is good. It brings so much relief.

    The good grass has grown, since our great earth began.

    GOD gave it. Man maligned it. Think, if you can.

    Hemp is fast growing. It takes carbon from our air.

    Then gives a wealth of natural goods, for all of us to

    Why try to kill curiosity, like when the earth was flat?

    Why jail Galileo to stop science? Women must have spat.

    Why did GOD create it? Such a beautiful place!

    Then let kids suffer, as parents race against race?

    With the Holy Father, I would love to share,

    A gift from his GOD. I hope he will dare.

    Why accept abuse? We must not lose hope.

    To be one with all, the Pope should smoke dope.


    Love and awe, Lora B


  7. I agree 100%. From everything I’ve heard or read about Anonymous ever, it seems like they’re the only honest ones out there who responsibly wield their power for the benefit of man kind. I’ve only been a cannabis user for 3 years now but the fact that they openly support and are proactive in the liberation of the plant makes me swell with hope & joy.

    Thank you Anonymous, if there is anything regular Joe college student can do to support your work be sure to let us know in one form or another!

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