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Open Letter To Florida Politicians About Medical Marijuana


florida capital grand rally in tally medical marijuanaDear Tallahassee Politician,

We expected more from you.

When we put medical marijuana on the ballot in 2014 – so many of you objected, saying legislature was the best place for this to get done.

We all know what happened next:  A billionaire put in $6 million, funded an outrageous set of lies and exaggerations about the amendment, and then we came just short of the 60% we needed, despite our 3.4 million votes cast in favor of medical marijuana.

So you’ve had a chance – a chance to not only pass legislation the way you said it should be done, but also to reduce the time (by years) that patients have to wait for this important medicine.

You’re blowing it. And in response – those of us who can are going to donate to United for Care here, today. (Before our end of month deadline.)

Maybe some of you think we’re bluffing.  Maybe you don’t believe our expert pollster – who said that if we ran the exact same race in 2016 as we did in 2014, we’d win.  (We’re going to run a better race, regardless.)

You, Tallahassee Politician, are going to lose your moral authority in about 33 days.  When legislature shuts down, you will have abdicated responsibility AGAIN – and empowered this constitutional amendment in ways you may not fully recognize.

We’re going to come out and vote – and let others know you failed us all and in some cases, lengthened the suffering of our loved ones.  Our votes will have implications for races you care about, up and down the ballot, including your own.

We’re going to support medical marijuana today by contributing here (PLEASE CONTRIBUTE HERE TODAY).

You need to support it by doing your job.

– 3.4 million voters for medical marijuana.

Source: United for Caremake a donation


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  1. By the time next year rolls around, the demographics will have turned over enough that recreational would probably pass in FL if we were to vote on it. Medical is a given at this point.

    The plodding pace of progress is maddening.

  2. Midterm voters are usually older. These are the figures for 2012 and 2014 in Florida =>


    18-29 16%
    30-44 23%
    45-64 37%
    65 + 24%

    18-29 14%
    30-44 19%
    45-64 42%
    65 + 25%

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/special/politics/2012-exit-polls/table.html (click on the FL icon at top of page)


  3. Pretty certain that the younger generation also contributed to this by NOT going out to vote, assuming “…it’s Marijuana so it’s definitely going to pass.”

  4. Most people who could benefit from the preventive property’s such as in juicing in addition to the medicinal aspect. Even if they reintroduce the amendment it only is good for so many and I know first hand that it works. However my Doctor is not allowed to talk about it, so what good is it. What we need is a new amendment for full legalization home cultivation and tax exemption for MMJ and to move it to a unarmed regulatory such as Agriculture.

  5. Closet Smoker on

    Too bad the vast majority of politicians of Florida will never see this letter, and those who do will ignore it.

    Smoke the Vote!

  6. PhDScientist on

    58% of Floridians voted for amendment 2. Florida needs to pass a law with the same provisions immediately. Otherwise, how can Florida call itself a democracy?

  7. PhDScientist on

    I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to see “Cancer: The Emperor of all maladies.” Every single Cancer patient deserves the right to have safe, legal, access to Medical Marijuana. Please call your senators, representatives, and the president’s comment line and ask that Marijuana be taken off of Schedule 1 immediately.

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