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Oregon Advocates Aim To Unseat Anti-Medical Cannabis Congressman Greg Walden


Not Greg WaldenCannabis Community Can Swing Election In Oregon

November is creeping up around the corner, and once again it’s time for Oregonians to take a close look at the candidates who are running for office in their districts. One of the races that has gone under the radar (but not for long) is the race for District 2 between the incumbent and only Republican holding a seat in congress for Oregon, Greg Walden, and Joyce Segers. This race is guaranteed to pick up steam and media attention over the next few weeks. Let me tell you why.

If you live in Oregon or have ever lived in the Northwest, you know that we love our medical marijuana program and we will defend it at all costs. We are smart, progressive and often politically outspoken in our ways of living and we take pride in the fact that we keep up with what our political candidates are doing during the days up till the election. The cannabis community in Oregon (specifically southern Oregon voters) proved themselves worthy of attention when they decided to throw their weight behind Ellen Rosenblum in the Democratic race for Attorney General a few months ago.

Ellen’s opponent, Dwight Holton, had committed political suicide before he even announced he was running by stating that Oregon’s medical marijuana program was a “train-wreck”. With financial backing from national progressive drug policy reform organizations, Ellen was able to come out from under her “under-dog” stereotype and smash Holton in an unprecedented landslide victory with over 62% of the vote. Just like Holton, Rep. Greg Walden is on the verge of committing political suicide himself with his anti-everything attitude (including medical marijuana) which puts the election in the hands of his worthy opponent, Joyce Segers.

If you take a glance at Walden’s voting record when it comes to medical marijuana, he has failed to represent the needs of Oregonians by voting against legislation that would make medical marijuana legal at the federal level. ”Voted YES on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC. Among other provisions, the bill prohibited the use of federal funds for needle exchange programs, and prohibited implementing an approved ballot initiative to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana.” Fortunately this bill died in committee, but nonetheless it shows that Walden does not favor safe access to medicine that has great benefits for the patients who use medical marijuana.

Please visit NotGregWalden.com to learn more about how Walden is working against everything you stand for as an Oregonian. You can also find the Not Greg Walden campaign on Twitter @NotGregWalden and Facebook.

On a lighter note, Joyce Segers is smart when it comes to supporting sensible drug policy here in Oregon. Below is her stance on the need for drug policy reform.

“I support the November ballot Measure 80 that will allow the cultivation and sale of marijuana to adults over the age of twenty-one through state-licensed stores.”

“I do not encourage, nor do I condemn drug use; I believe that drug abuse should be treated as a health issue.”

“The war on drugs is failing, costing our taxpayers 100’s of millions of dollars a year and tens of thousands of people needlessly incarcerated. It is time to decriminalize marijuana usage and end the senseless harm to our citizens and society.”

“I strongly support the legalization of industrial hemp grown for commercial use throughout the state of Oregon. There is wide support among experts and politicians alike that this will be a great boon to the Oregon economy.”

Joyce has made an extremely intelligent and beneficial move for her campaign by supporting the cannabis community in Oregon. Please be sure to pledge your support by visiting her website and social media outlets that are posted below. Together we can defeat anti-cannabis candidates, but only with your help!


Article from National Cannabis Coalition and republished with special permission


About Author

Sam Chapman has dedicated the last seven years of his life to leadership, activism, progressive legal reform, and social media. He has been a crucial member of the End Prohibition Again Campaign, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, as well as a strategic framer for Occupy Eugene. Beyond drug policy reform, Chapman has served as the Associated Students of the University of Oregon Campaign Manager, College Outreach Coordinator for the Measure 74 Campaign, and currently runs a social justice organization, the Interpretive Framing Group. Chapman’s expertise also includes his ability to develop diverse networks of people through the power of social media. Chapman seeks to challenge outdated status quos and policies through his public speaking, leadership, and social media skills.


  1. nygratefulfred on

    hope the Oregon voters send this Greg Walden guy to the political graveyard of the unprogressive,to the same old tired bullshit section.

  2. Forget not that ‘Jury Nullification’ balances two things. Crime and punishment.
    It’s one strength is the ability to decide that the severity of punishment does not match the severity of the crime… as seen by the Jury participants.
    This abilty to forgo court directives(by the attending Judge) on what can or cannot be practiced by the jury will come to a head. This ‘jury nullification’ flies in the face of a Republic basis and will be seen as dangerously ‘Democratic’ to many of the established ‘elite’ or those that believe they have ‘control’ of the courts.
    Interesting times ahead.

  3. I like Progressive when it comes to social policy. But what it means when it comes to economic policy is “can’t do the math”. Any way – if I was in Oregon I’d vote for her.

  4. People don’t understand what it was that actually HALTED prohibition. It took 10 years to end. It was halted because State and Local Courts and Law Enforcement, QUIT arresting people for alcohol. County’s and States quit prosecuting alcohol related offenses. Law Enforcement got to the point where they wouldn’t even ASSIST in any “Alcohol related raids” or anything like that. It was THE PEOPLE who overturned it. NOT the Govt. With that Kansas jury REFUSING to convict a man who ADMITTEDLY had cannabis on his person. They had him dead to rights, and the PEOPLE decided enough was enough and REFUSED to convict the man. (Jury Nullification) This happened in Missouri a couple of months ago as well. We’re on our way to ending prohibition AGAIN!

    How about we start a “smoke” party, just like the “wet” party. Oregon…. I’m SO PROUD of you! Vote the SOB OUT! (and I’m a registered voting Republican myself) THIS is what Democracy’s ALL ABOUT!!!

    I’m sick of the blatant dismissal of our pols, when it comes to Marijuana policy and the HEALTH of our citizens. You GO Oregon! Arizona’s BEHIND you!

  5. This is exactly the tactic that ended prohibition. The “wets” as they were called only needed about 10% of any given state to sway most elections.
    After we get the three states to legalize it, the next step is to set up a party similar to the “wet” party, and it will be just a matter of time.

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