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Oregon Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Tour Could Be In Trouble


Reefer MadnessAnti-marijuana organizers were planning a 13 stop ‘education tour’ in Oregon leading up to the 2014 Election. That was, until it became known that tax payer dollars were helping fund the events. Since then, numerous stops along the tour, which is obviously politically motivated, have either cancelled their events are ‘in flux’ as Noelle Crombie has stated in a recent article. Organizers were pretending like this was just a harmless education tour. However, this was a propaganda traveling circus by all accounts. Fortunately, it appears that the organizers are starting to feel the heat. Per Oregon Live:

A Tigard drug abuse prevention official who was helping coordinate a marijuana education series said Tuesday that some locations may not host the event and that she is no longer organizing the series.

The series has been controversial from the start, with marijuana legalization proponents questioning the use of federal dollars to help pay for the kick-off session in Madras. The original sponsor backed out, prompting the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association to step forward last week with a $10,000 donation to keep the Madras event afloat. The association opposes legalization.

The Madras event will continue as planned, but Connie Ramaeker said each of the 12 other locations has decided to get its own speakers. The political backlash prompted some local organizers to reconsider whether to even host the event, she said.

When Oregon legalizes marijuana, it will be hard to decide what I’m more happy about – the fact that I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for being a marijuana consumer, or knowing that Kevin Sabet will likely never visit my home state again. If this was 1970, 1980, 1990, or even 2000, these events would have happened with little opposition, or at least little publicized opposition. But this is 2014, and Oregon is more than ready for a new approach to marijuana laws. The days of ramming propaganda down citizen’s throats is long gone. Every time this crap happens, activists will be there to challenge it.


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  1. No thanks! I don’t want the gov’t TELLING me what I can and can’t put into my own body! Am I a smoker? Former smoker and I HATE the things. But that STILL doesn’t give our gov’t the RIGHT to dictate those things to me!

    There are BAD things in this world! But haven’t we learned after going through Alcohol prohibition and now, Marijuana Prohibition that you CAN’T ban something out of existence? By doing that, all you do’s CREATE a “Black Market” FOR that product. Because people are GONNA do these things. MOST times, (statistics show) BECAUSE it’s illegal! It adds an air of danger and mystique. If it were LEGAL, not as many people will USE the product and secondly it gives society the ability of “taxing and regulating” the product. But it’s NOT the government’s job to protect me from MYSELF!

  2. I didn’t still think Reefer Madness was a thing, haha! Even if you can’t decide, either way you’ll be happy :) I’m new to your blog and this was a great read.

  3. It doesn’t matter what science shows regarding any health benefits of marijuana there will always be a very powerful segment of the law enforcement community that will always be against the legalization of marijuana.

    The main job of the bureaucratic law enforcement community at all levels is to protect their job. This holds true from the top law enforcement officer to the beat cop. One of the easier ways an officer can receive overtime(OT) in a large city is to arrest a young minority at the end of their shift for marijuana possession. If the officer is near the end of their career it could potentially mean a nice pension boost if OT is calculated in their pension.

    To discover why it is so hard to research the potential health benefits of marijuana you just have to follow the money.

  4. A discussion needs to be had about all drugs. We can start with tobacco, what are the benefits to society for allowing this to be legal? Are there any deaths from it and if so, how do the coats of these deaths affect our culture and society?
    Apply the same standard to ALL drugs that these prohibitionists are wanting to apply to just cannabis.

  5. Captain Obvious on

    Well glad to see the 3 ring sideshow cannot continue in Oregon under the tax payers dime. I doubt some other states will be spared this gross embarrassment to humanity and our country.

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