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Oregon Bans Child Care Providers From Being Medical Marijuana Patients


oregon medical marijuana cannabis oregonian newspaperA child care provider in Oregon can not be a medical marijuana patient according to rules passed by an Oregon council this week. Meanwhile, a child care provider can still be an alcohol user, a pharmaceutical user, and/or a tobacco user. I get that no one should be taking dab hits in front of kids at day cares, but to say that child care providers can’t be patients in the OMMP at all goes way too far. Below is a full list of the new rules, per Oregon Live:

The Early Learning Council‘s vote follows a six-month temporary rule, approved in August, that required child care providers to choose between their businesses or their medical marijuana cards.

Specifically, the revised rules that were approved Thursday:

  • Prohibit child care providers from holding medical marijuana cards
  • Prohibit child care providers from using any form of marijuana in a child care home during child care hours or when child care children are present
  • Prohibit anyone under the influence of marijuana from having contact with child care children
  • Prohibit anyone from growing or distributing marijuana on child care premises
  • Permit children with medical marijuana cards to be medicated on child care premises

Reaction was swift from the medical marijuana community in Oregon. Portland NORML posted the following response on their Facebook page:

State Board Declares Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Own or Work in Child Day Care, Yet Allows Minor Patients to be Medicated with Marijuana at Day Care

In a stunning move Thursday, the state board that processes licensing for Oregon child day care facilities made permanent a temporary rule banning cardholders in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) from also holding child care licenses.

Among the new requirements are the following:
• Prohibition against child care providers holding medical marijuana cards;
• Prohibition against child care providers using any form of marijuana in a child care home during child care hours or when child care children are present;
• Prohibition against anyone under the influence of marijuana having contact with child care children;
• Prohibition against anyone growing or distributing marijuana on child care premises;
• Permission for children with medical marijuana cards to be medicated on child care premises.

Portland NORML objects to these new rules most strenuously, as they fail to “treat marijuana like other medicines” as outlined in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Marijuana is a Schedule II substance under Oregon law, just like Adderall, a powerful amphetamine. However, to date no state agency is stripping day care licenses from Oregonians with legal Adderall prescriptions.

“Once again, outdated ‘reefer madness’ fears about marijuana have replaced science and common sense,” remarked Portland NORML Executive Director Russ Belville in reaction to the rules change. “These rules reflect deeply-held prejudices that deny the fact that adult marijuana consumers are just as capable and responsible in the workplace as consumers of alcohol and tobacco. These rules are as un-American and offensive as the ‘No Irish Need Apply’ signs in the turn of the previous century.”

Belville also worries about the application of these rules to all legal adult marijuana consumers when Measure 91, approved by 56 percent of the voters, goes into effect. “Come July 1,” Belville explains, “adult consumption and possession of an ounce of marijuana are as legal as drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigar. What will ‘under the influence of marijuana’ mean with respect to dealing with children in a child care? If that means ‘detection of marijuana metabolites in a drug screening,’ then these rules would effectively prohibit any child care worker or owner from ever using legal marijuana, even off hours or on the weekend. It might even endanger parents who use legal marijuana if they pick up and drop off their children at a child care.”


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  1. Oh, and don’t forget to smoke your medicine before you go to bed…. and use mom’s stash, mine’s almost out, guess you forgot yours at day care, eh?

  2. The above rules should be applied to bible thumpers rather than marijuana users. They have done far more damage to kids. I grew up in a place where about 80% of the county was southern baptist. They controlled the public schools and the politics among other things. I was never one of them, but they screwed my head up so bad that it took decades to recover, if I ever have.

  3. Unlimited piles of crack do not exist. If they had large piles of crack, they probably wouldn’t be working in the child care industry.

    What you don’t understand is that you’re not really sure what I understand and what I don’t understand about rules and values, hence, with all due respect, you shouldn’t make those assumptions.

    Regardless… I will stick with my original point. And that is that this policy is absolutely ridiculous, and it needs changed.

    Do you not agree?

    If you do, what the Hell are we even debating? If you don’t, good luck.


  4. This is exactly why candy coating MJ tax bills to finance these ‘social service’ agencies and law enfarcement is stupid. All these good deed doers are the FIRST ones there with their greedy paws out for the weed tax money. Cut these leaches off at the knees and let them die the slow death that they deserve. They will when their funding dries up and they will come slimeing and slithering back with more horror stories and lame excuses why they need that devil weed tax money. These people hate us and will never vote for legal weed no matter what. So why do MJ bills still kowtow to these losers? We don’t need to candy coat bills by giving away the farm to drug warriors. Stop supporting the enemy refuse to give these klingons your tax.

  5. You don’t understand that many rules are merely “cultural values.”

    You also don’t understand that I despise the exact sort of thing we are discussing.

    Now our problem is, if they had unlimited piles of crack, would that be different?

    If these people thought Satanism were common, they would make rules about it.

  6. It would be cool if they educated themselves and then came to the realization that they should treat fairly those human beings that are using the safest medicine on earth. This resembles reefer madness in the 30’s.

    You mentioned cultural values, and I understand your point, but there is a line where cultural values deprive the rights of others, and they’ve crossed that line. If I hold a very high position in office (in my city) and make an attempt to make it a law that consumers of alcohol cannot work for the city in any capacity, one could say “Well that’s just his values and you disagree.” But my values are oppressing people that have a different life style than mine, and that’s just wrong and immoral.

    Their is no reason to prohibit anyone with an MMJ card from performing any job. To do so is criminal.

    Peace my friend :)

  7. They are smart enough to recognized that their ways of lives are at threat and then to use official power to counter the phenomena threatening their ways of life.

    If pot is legal with 4 plants, and 8 zips, carrying OMMP does mean you are loaded 24/7. Otherwise why “need” 6 more flowering plants, 18 vegetative plants, and 24 more oz of carry if they are not selling on the black market?

  8. Some bible trumpeters push heavy consumption due to Canna bohem being in the “holy anointment.”

    Promoting or discouraging drug use because of your religion is pure asshattery.

  9. They would get fired. We don’t need laws for this. Its all about the establishment and cultural control.

  10. So it would be cool if they were Satanists?

    Its about cultural values. You happen to disagree with them. I’d be happy to ban all religious people from being around children, but you know that won’t happen.

  11. They just need to implement impairment standards like with driving. They shouldn’t be at work if they are too tired let alone loaded on any drug.

  12. Some people are so stupid, they shouldn’t be near kids. Yet here they are, making laws thinking they are protecting kids. I wonder how messed up their children are going to be in the future.

    “Well son it’s like this: These are people are unfit to be around children at any time. Hey while you’re up could you grab my smokes and a Bud Light outta the fridge for me? I need something to wash down my percocet before I start watching the new Kim Kardashian show.”

    It just doesn’t get any dumber than this.

    Way to go Oregon. Congratulations on showing the nation how dumb you are.

  13. Politicians and bible thumpers should be banned from taking alcohol and pharma products. I don’t want some idiot drunk politician making laws for me and representing me. How is it legal that you can hold responsible public office and be able to wash pharma down with whisky?

  14. Totally fckking ridiculous… So the child care provider can take an Oxy and wash it down with a shot and that is totally fine.

    Ban everything that gains “legal” status or allow all of the substances. Stop with the special treatment of pharmaceuticals and alcohol as it is totally HYPOCRITICAL.

  15. The bible thumpers push crazy shit like this and it’s time to revolk their 501c status and make them pay tax.

  16. Jordan Shorette on

    blatant discrimination! I like how some people just assume that bc someone smokes some pot that they are just high 24/7 no matter what without discretion. these people that are making these regulations are morons.

  17. #1 on the list is crazy. #3 is stupid, but meh. The rest of the bulleted items seem reasonable. I look forward to the day when this will be considered discrimination. I hope I live to see the day.

  18. Not that any person should be sparking up near kids or on the job.what a person does at home should not matter. If the child care is in a home they need to refrain until kid are all gone or loose license.

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