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Oregon Call To Action: Protect Voters’ Will — M91 Is Being Undermined


oregon measure 91 legalization new approachI received the following action e-mail from the Oregon legalization campaign. Sorry for any formatting issues – I had to copy and paste this on my lunch break from work, and the e-mail formatting was a bit funky:


Some politicians in Salem want to undermine Oregon voters by making it easy to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.  If Senate Bill 964 passes, city councils and county commissions could arbitrarily shut down medical marijuana facilities — without a vote of the people.

That’s not the policy Oregonians voted for when passing Measure 91 with over 56% of the vote. We promised to protect medical marijuana patients who depend on local dispensaries to get life-saving medicine. But Senate Bill 964 would partially dismantle Oregon’s medical marijuana program. It would invite expensive lawsuits that could disrupt implementation of Measure 91. It would feed the criminal market.

More Information

Senate Bill 964 is sponsored by Democratic Senator Ginny Burdick and Republican Senator Jeff Kruse.

Both The Oregonian and the Register-Guard have published editorials calling for a public vote, as Measure 91 allows.

Please send emails to the Senate and House Democrats right now.

Tell Senate and House Democrats that they should oppose Senate Bill 964 because it is against the will of voters. Under Measure 91 — which 56 percent of Oregonians approved — voters, not politicians, get to decide if state-regulated marijuana businesses can be banned in a particular jurisdiction.

E-mails to copy and paste:


Phone Numbers

Senate Leadership & Key Senators

Senate President
Peter Courtney (Salem)

Senate President Pro Tempore & Chair of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Ginny Burdick (Portland)

Vice-Chair of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Floyd Prozanski (South Lane & Northern Douglas Counties)

Member of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Lee Beyer (Springfield)

Senate Majority Leader
Diane Rosenbaum (Portland)

Senate Majority Whip
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (NW Portland/Beaverton)

Senate Assistant Majority Leader
Michael Dembrow (Portland)

House Democratic Leadership

House Speaker
Tina Kotek

Majority Leader
Val Hoyle (West Eugene & Junction City)

Speaker Pro Tempore
Tobias Reed (Beaverton)

Majority Whip
Jessica Vega Pederson (East Portland)

Deputy Majority Whip
Jennifer Williamson (Portland’s West Side, Downtown, Northwest, and Southwest Portland)


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Johnny Green


  1. With my limited legal knowledge, I just went through this bill and did not find items that warranted such a reaction. Measure 91 had an opt out for retail shops and stated it would not alter the OMMP in any way shape or form. Siting 91 as a source seems disingenuous at best and uninformed at the very least.

    The portions of this bill that could be disturbing are those related to “authority” and what power they possess if this passes. That said, the “authority” is the Oregon Health Authority as defined in the bill. No where does it state an authority to be a locality of any type. Additionally the only other entity sited in this bill is the Secretary of State regarding business licenses.

    Are the plant number restrictions an issue? Sure, but there are protections in this bill for those that grow beyond what they are suppose to be growing. Line 34-39 page 15 “(7) If a law enforcement officer determines that a registry identification cardholder, the designated primary caregiver of a registry identification cardholder, or a person responsible for a marijuana grow site under ORS 475.304 who grows marijuana for a registry identification cardholder, possesses a number of mature marijuana plants in excess of the quantities specified in this section, the law enforcement officer may confiscate only the excess number of mature marijuana plants.”
    Is the setting up of a registry bad? No. I am a fan of setting up a registry for businesses and growers to track product from point A to point B, making certain no excess product is making it to the black market.
    Is a limitation on where a dispensary be located an acceptable? You bet. 1k ft from a school of any type, not in residential zones [although this is a bit hypocritical seeing as we all go to our neighborhood pub/bar in residential regions], and trying not to have the market saturated [1k ft from the next nearest dispensary].

    I wish I had read this a bit further before sending off my response to the elected. That is what I get for being a lemming in this situation.

  2. Burdick and Kruse have decided to make a law opposing the will of Oregonians. I don’t care what party that they are from. They’ve lost my vote. If we want a government that governs with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, we have to start not electing those who oppose it for THEIR OWN REASONS or the reasons of their CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS. Some conservative communities don’t want marijuana in their counties/towns just like didn’t want alcohol to be sold in their county/town years ago. If they don’t want it, DON’T BUY IT. They shouldn’t have the right to keep others from buying something that VOTERS HAVE DECIDED IS LEGAL.

    Wondering what it is in some people that drives them to try to CONTROL EVERYONE ELSE?

  3. russell bowles on

    Nothing says America like a ball/cap, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, and shoestrings made from Virginian/hemp and a bag of Colorado/homegrown…That’s the America I grew up in…

  4. russell bowles on

    ***WE CAN DO IT*** Nothing says America like a ball/cap, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, and shoestrings made from Virginian/hemp and a bag of Colorado/homegrown…That’s the America I grew up in…

  5. Pacific Cannabis on

    This bill is an outrage. It completely goes against what was specifically written into Measure 91. which is ALREADY a law. Measure 91, was voted in under the precedence that the OMMP would not change. The commission appointed to Measure 91 has passed NO/NONE/ZERO legislation regarding recreational marijuana, yet is immediately trying to pass legislature regarding medical marijuana. The very Law that allowed this commission to initially take place, is being undermined!

    Not only Is this bill completely out of place, but it is so poorly written its almost unbelieveable, the bill wants all growers to live outside of city limits! Marijuana Farming for 24 plants uses less water than 5 average American showers per week. Why would they shun Medical Marijuana Providers to the outter reaches of oregon?! What about people with obligations within city limits?

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