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Oregon DHS Makes Change to Medical Marijuana Program


I found out about an interesting change to the medical marijuana process in Oregon this last week. Like many of the 36,000+ OMMP participants, I needed to make a minor change of address for my garden, which happens from time to time. In the past, this was an easy, seamless process that only involved sending a fax to Oregon DHS. However, one of the patients that I grow for received a ‘letter of cancellation’ for her OMMP card due to ‘lack of grower/caretaker’ information.

When we called to inquire why this happened (the info was clearly on the fax), they informed us that it was because we had sent a fax, and that they no longer accept faxes. Keep in mind, we had sent the faxes weeks prior, and were just now getting a letter in the mail. I asked the call taker what steps DHS is taking to notify patients, and she said that they are sending out the letters and making phone calls when the faxes come in. The new policy was instituted July 16th.

I told the lady call taker that I was going to put this information on my blog, and she said I wasn’t allowed to…This blog is for you DHS worker Sherrie! To all of you OMMP participants — if you fax your forms to DHS, you are leaving yourself open to law enforcement harassment, as your paperwork will not be valid. MAKE SURE TO MAIL YOUR CHANGE REQUESTS AND OTHER FORMS CERTIFIED MAIL, AND HANG ON TO ALL RECEIPTS AND GREEN USPS CARDS. That way, your documents count as your card until the new ‘official’ one arrives in the mail. Of course, if you are one of the lucky folks that live in the Portland metro area, hand delivering your paperwork to the DHS building (downtown on the second floor) makes all updates effective immediately, which is the best way!


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  1. problemsolver on

    Sheriff can also arrest you up to 24 hours later if you fail a field sobriety test “eyes flickered”. Just happened in benton county Corvallis OR. Some guy shows up and say’s yep he’s high, and now your guilt till proven innocent. ” POLICE STATE”

  2. I cannot emphasize enough the need to preserve any existing paperwork that someone has until DHS registers the new information, and confirms that registration. If you sent a fax recently, hang on to it until you resubmit via certified mail. And make that resubmission immediately! I have no doubt that there are dozens of cowboy cops out there at this moment, foaming at the mouth at the prospect of busting ‘canceled’ cardholders.

    As an aside, DHS has changed the registry forms and now asks you to state whether you or your grower has ever been registered with OMMP previously. There was no notice of this change made public either. Not that it is a big deal, but whenever a state agency makes a change of any kind on a routine form, it is for a reason. I have to wonder what the reason for this addition is? And I also have to wonder what happens if you apply using the older version of the form – as MANY clinics/resource centers still have in their possession.

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