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Oregon Governor Candidate Dodges Marijuana Issues


A couple of months before the Oregon primary, a funny thing happened. Ninjasmoker received a Facebook request from Oregon Republican candidate Chris Dudley. It was very interesting to me that a self proclaimed conservative would try to network with a 100% self proclaimed stoner, even on Facebook. I chalked it up to the fact that Chris Dudley’s campaign probably sent out requests to anyone and everyone that was based out of Oregon. After all, Republicans are not exactly the most tech savvy crowd, and therefore probably just did as many requests as FB would let them.

Since the approval by Ninjasmoker, Ninjasmoker has ‘liked’ and commented on just about everything that Chris Dudley puts on his page. It’s really funny to see Chris Dudley put up some conservative rant, and to see a picture of Bob Marley smoking a joint, and a comment from Ninjasmoker saying ‘Go Blazers!’ The irony is very thick too, considering the fact that Chris Dudley refuses to take a stance on marijuana policy in the State of Oregon. Apparently marijuana consumers are good enough to receive his FB propaganda, but not good enough to deserve ANY attention during his campaign.

Every lunch break for the last two weeks I have called Chris Dudley’s campaign headquarters. My questions were the same every time; ‘What is Chris Dudley’s stance on marijuana issues in Oregon? Specifically, how does he feel about legalization, the current state of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and whether or not Oregon should allow medical marijuana dispensaries?’ The answer I received for the first week was always the same — ‘We are not sure, we will get back to you.’ Considering the fact that I call conservative campaigns almost every week day, and I NEVER get a call back, I didn’t sit around waiting for their answer. Instead, I just called back every lunch break.

By the second week (last Monday), their answer was updated to ‘He has not issued an official stance on any of your questions.’ Naturally, I asked ‘when does he expect to make an announcement?’ At which point, the campaign reverted to their original answer of ‘We are not sure, we will get back to you.’ By Friday, the campaign was getting a little tired of my questions, which is funny, considering that I am an unaffiliated voter in Oregon, and they should be frothing at the mouth to get my vote. Instead, their last response was ‘If this is that same guy that has been calling all week, Chris Dudley has not issued an official position on marijuana, and probably won’t before the election, so quit calling.’

It’s nice to know that Chris Dudley cares so much about the marijuana voting bloc in Oregon…HEY CHRIS DUDLEY, BEFORE YOU PUSH US ASIDE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

DHS’s current stats on the OMMP lists close to 50,000 participants (patients and caretakers). This of course doesn’t include their friends and family, who are also sympathetic to marijuana related public policies.

According to Oregon NORML’s stats found on Wiki, almost 1 out of every 10 Oregonians has consumed marijuana in the last 30 days — which doesn’t include the countless others that won’t admit to it, but will surely let it be known at the ballot box.

Oregon is one of the most marijuana friendly states in the nation for a reason. We were the first to decriminalize, the second to approve medical marijuana, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were one of the first to legalize it outright. Why Chris Dudley and his campaign staff don’t realize this, is beyond me. Oh wait, maybe it’s because Chris Dudley is new to voting. By his own admission, Chris Dudley voted less than half of the time in the last 13 elections. While he was a professional athlete, he didn’t vote AT ALL. Sounds like a well qualified candidate huh?!

Luckily for Oregonians, there is an alternative. Democratic candidate (former Oregon Governor), John Kitzhaber has issued an official stance on marijuana policy in Oregon. While he does not support outright legalization, he is, and always has been, a firm supporter of medical marijuana in Oregon. He is in full support of medical marijuana dispensaries, and will fight on behalf of the OMMP, because after all, it was implemented while he was the previous Governor of Oregon (1998). It’s not quite a full endorsement from me due to his unwillingness to support full legalization — but it’s a hell of a lot better than Chris Dudley’s response which was…oh that’s right, NOTHING!

If you want to contact Chris Dudley’s campaign, and tell them how you feel about his efforts to duck and dodge this important public policy issue, click this link. I suggest you call them, every day.


Go to NotDwightHolton.Com to find out why you should not vote for Dwight Holton for Oregon Attorney General, and ‘like’ the Not Dwight Holton Facebook Page!


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  1. mybody mychoice on

    if you drink booze or coffee , smoke ciggarets you are a drug addict. do your research before you make stupid statements, any substance put into your body to achive a effect is concidered a drug. your a tool, and most likely belive the biast information in the movie ” reffer madness” It is my body and no person has the right to tell me what I can and cant put into it if I am a adult. Half of the shit the FDA approves provides worst symtems then what its trying to cure , If it dosent give you cancer or some other detrimental effect to your health. Either all drugs are legal or non of them are, it is not right to tell some one they cant get messed up the way they want to because we don’t like it. I’m not a crack head and don’t like their company but as extreme as it is I beleve if that is their drug of choice we don’t have a right to tell them they cannot use it. Government regulation of drugs is a thing that will provide more good then the failing war on every drug, It will also make it easyer for people to seek help when they want/need it.

  2. I hate you friken NeoCons as much as I hate liberals. If Dudley doesn’t want to legalize marijuana then what good will he be? We want less government intervention in our lives. I am considered a right-winger but like to smoke da weed. It keeps me out of trouble and not driving around drunk and crazy on alcohol.

  3. Rational Voice on

    Friends of cannabis AKA marijuana AKA Mary Jane: Unfortunately, it would appear Chris Dudley is not our friend.

    He’s trying to be a tried-and-true old-school republican’t, so he’s lost my vote.

    I’ve had the following dialog with the Dudley campaign:

    ME: “Where does the candidate stand on the important issue of ending cannabis prohibition for all adults? Does the candidate support legalization, regulation, and taxation of Marijuana?”

    RESPONSE FROM info@chrisdudley.com: “Chris does not support legalizing marijuana outside of use for medical purposes.”

    ME: “Where does Mr. Dudley stand on Measure 74, the initiative to create a dispensary system in Oregon? Does he support the measure, or is he opposed to it, and why?”

    RESPONSE FROM info@chrisdudley.com: “Chris does not support the medical marijuana program or the dispensary measure.”

    Clearly, Chris Dudley is NOT our friend.

    Libertarian Wes Wagner is our best choice; however, if you must stay within the confines of the two party system:

    Kitzhaber is the safer choice

    Don’t vote for Dudley.


  4. Below is the detail from the CG Sentinel stating clearly that John was okay with what we have in place and Chris says he doesn’t support either thing, the current law and he is opposed to M74 as a road to legalization.

    Kitzhaber and Dudley disagreed on medical marijuana issues, with Dudley saying he believed Measure 74, which would set up marijuana dispensaries, would be another step toward the legalization of marijuana, which he opposes. Kitzhaber said he supports the program already in place but would need to study the ballot measure.

    So the Dud can lie about it however he wants to but the fact is already out, he is opposed to MMJ, legalization and the end of Prohibition against cannabis for any purpose!

  5. The problem with the Dud campaign is not just that he has no stance on Marijuana, but that he has no stance on anything whatsoever. He’s even conveniently being on vacation for the first gubernatorial debate. It’s as if he thinks that you can be governor without policy. He’ll be like Ted K., in that he’ll make none of his own decisions, and screw our state over again. JKitz, on the other hand, knows what he’s doing. He’s written more budgets than anybody in Oregon’s history, and he is a proven forward thinker. I’m not sure why this race is even close.

  6. I’ve contacted Chris Dudley’s Campaign and asked the very same question about Chris Dudley’s position on medical marijuana and the legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything from them! I hope you keep on following up with this very important question; perhaps you can ask him at one of his campaign rallies! I’m not really excited about Kitzhaber but will have to vote for him if Dudley doesn’t answer this important issue.

  7. People like cut yourself are the same people that get convicted of ten duiis have a couple more millers and drive home buddy

  8. I like Chris Dudley. J Kitzhaber has always been an idiot and still is an idiot. He’s even worst then Sleepy Ted Kulongoski. I hope he puts dopers in their place, in jail

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