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Oregon Health Authority’s Marijuana Extract Policy Hurts Patients That Are Suffering The Most


dabs concentrates extracts bho shatterShock waves were sent throughout the Oregon medical marijuana world this week when the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) issued a directive to medical marijuana dispensary operators to no longer accept cannabis extracts. Cannabis extracts are defined by OHA as involving heat and pressure during the creation process. That means no BHO and no CO2 products. No more shatter. No more cartridges. At least not in the near future.

Only entities that have a license to produce extracts are considered legal by OHA. The problem of course being that there aren’t any licenses currently. In fact, the application process doesn’t even start until next month for OHA. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate recreational marijuana, which will eventually have its own licenses for extracts. But as of right now there are no licenses issued in the State of Oregon. So when will licenses be issued? Per Oregon Live:

The health authority plans to roll out a licensing process for commercial extract companies, but André Ourso, manager of the state’s medical marijuana program, said Tuesday that the application won’t be online until April 1.

Applying, he said, is just the beginning of a “long process” for getting registered. In all, he said the process could take “a few months.”

“The application has to be reviewed,” he said, adding that companies will need to ensure they meet local rules and fire safety requirements. “They still have to get their product tested for pesticides through an accredited laboratory.”

That doesn’t sound encouraging. It sounds like the best case scenario is mid-summer, and that’s assuming there are no delays. Dispensaries are allowed to sell the inventory that they currently have, but if the dispensary takes in any new extract inventory, they run the risk of criminal prosecution. This of course is extremely unacceptable. There is a lot of outcry from the industry, and for understandable reasons. But I’m even more outraged by what this means for patients, especially those that are suffering the most.

Extracts are some of the strongest forms of medicine available to patients. A 5 mg THC edible may do the trick for some, but for those that really, really need some serious potency, extracts really help. A lot of patients use vape pens because of the ease of medicine consumption and because vaporizing is healthier than smoking. However, patients will not have that option in Oregon until extract licenses are issued. Patients will still have other options (tincture, kief, solvent-less hash), but for those that rely on extracts, which again are those that are suffering the most and need the high potency for relief, they will be left to either make due without, or rely on the black market. Which leads me to my next point…

The black market for extracts in Oregon is about to get out of control. Why in the world the State of Oregon would want that to occur, especially after all the strides that have been made, is beyond me. Marijuana extracts are going to be made in Oregon, regardless of the OHA policy, so why not allow them to be done in the light instead of in the shadows? I’d imagine a lot of people that live along the Columbia River will be going to Washington to purchase extracts, which means all of those dollars that could have stayed in Oregon will now be going out of state. And that of course doesn’t even begin to touch on how unfair and ridiculous this all is to extract companies who have worked very hard to do all of the right things to appease the State while at the same time try to run a business, which in itself is extremely difficult.

Below is flyer that I saw on Facebook (pardon the typo in the flyer). I think it would be good for OHA to hear from the people that are being affected by this, especially patients that are suffering greatly and have relied on extracts from dispensaries for relief. I get that producing extracts is dangerous, which is why I think that OHA should have a provisional process in place for people to get temporary licenses in between now and when longer duration licenses are issued. To just expect patients and businesses to halt all extract production/purchases is ridiculous. I get that not everyone should be doing it, but to say that no one should be able to do it, at all, under any circumstances? That’s irresponsible, and in the case of patients that are suffering the most, outright harmful.

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  1. You must laugh at yourself a lot one question does your pipe collect resin you know the stuff in your pipe that resembles road TAR you dumb fuck

  2. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    I cannot sell I am Tribal enrolled medicine man come see me I will teach you the ways.

  3. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    GOOD RIDDANCE: now folks will have to learn how ,to do it the safe way.
    No I am not telling, cause your all a bunch of money sucking greedy people and you dont deserve the air you breath let alone my medicine.

  4. you are either a troll, or an overconfident idiot using humor to dodge the discomfort of being such a god damned jackass.

  5. false facts? dabbing is better for your lungs than smoking. its a true fact. you’re an idiot to argue it. also i dont have anger issues i general, i have a problem with assholes like u wanting to regulate my medicine thru overconfident ignorance. get over yourself, loser. all this “you wont live long” stuff u are spewing is a reflection of what you want to see in people you hate, and has notjing to do with reality. in reality, i will live longer than u, if u smoke, and i dab.

  6. Kenny Raines on

    wow…..uninformed idiots sure get all mad when you point out facts to them…..and TAR in weed?….LMAO…..that’s the funniest shit I have ever heard…..and everything you assumed about me is as wrong as your dumbass ideas about what you smoke……good luck idiot….people as dumb as you usually don’t live long anyways…..go educate yourself….it might help you with those anger issues about false facts.

  7. dabbing is better for your lungs than smoking tar, dumbass. i switched from smoking flower to dabs, after 16 years, and it was the best thing i could have done for my lungs short of only inhaling air. if u can’t find finger hash anywhere, then u must hangout with a lot of squares. try growing your own. its legal. just take your “im glad that draconian laws are helping me feel better about my jaded ignorance” crap back to 1960 where it belongs, jerkoff. also, you are exposing yourself to more chemicals by putting a filthy bic lighter flame on your weed than you ever would be from heating up a piece of ceramic and putting concentrate on top of it. stupid fucking retard.

  8. PeedNUrGenePool on

    I don’t believe the cannabis industry is anywhere near as corrupt as banksters. If they do become that corrupt, crack down on them.

    You see, the real problem is, we don’t come down hard on businesses that abuse the public trust. The Gov. should not have to regulate down to the n’th degree.
    And when the Gov. abuses it’s authority, like going against the will of the people regarding marijuana….crack down on them, by removing their authority.

    If banks were honest, we could leave them alone, to monitor themselves.
    And, lastly, it’d be great to grow my own….unfortunately, I live in a state where Gov. abuses it’s authority. We’re in the process now of fixing at least part of that.

  9. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Thank you for the link to the Hopkins Medicine research paper.
    Will post further after I’m finished reading it.

  10. justa nothernigger on

    the government wants in on weed just like they dumped all of the domestic producers of steel and machinery for tech gadgets like phones and computers.
    They use the marketplace to control us via consumerism.
    Your cell phone keeps track of what you look at and say , and they listen.
    Say they want us all to consume certain vaccines or medicines , all they would have to do is poison marijuana and 35% of the population would consume it willingly.
    Many, many Orwellian possibilities in totalitarian societies.

  11. Its common for people to believe in an afterlife. By “dead,” I mean a “near death experience” or essentially a look at the “afterlife…” never mind the series of logical paradoxes spirituality results in.

    In any case, these experiences are intricately connected with peoples religious nexus.


    My experience is more like a powerful shaman’s. Its quite distinct, very uncommon and undesirable for most. Most people with these experiences detract immediately rather than doing their proper work with it. Tis the modern condition- avoid anything “uncomfortable” because you can

  12. You mean the banking industry should be regulated by bankers?
    I’m sure that would work out just fine with Cannabis. After all, its impossible to corrupt isn’t it?

    Grow your own and stop whining.

  13. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Psilocybe cubensis only ever made me feel more alive,
    not less, not like I died, even with high doses.

  14. Do you think there is no correlation with Oregon’s very high medical narcotic use rates with its also very high use of marijuana?

    Shouldn’t legitimate medical marijuana use result in less narcotic use?


    Oregon’s prescription drug use rate should be nearly the lowest in the nation as we have the highest per capita use of “medical” marijuana….yet we prescribe more than California, Washington, and Colorado

  15. The same could be said of Psilocybe cubensis. The vast majority of people couldn’t die from an overdose if they tried though they would likely end up thinking they did.. ;)

  16. LOL..like burning plant matter isn’t full of nasty chemicals or that drugs from plants are some how not chemicals.

    What you mean to say is you don’t like synthetics for religious purposes as many are not pharmacologically dangerous at responsible use rates.

    Besides, responsible medical use of any chemical doesn’t result in “full relief’ as you have to manage tolerance issues. The low toxicity of THC doesn’t change that- its still inappropriate to take increasingly larger quantities just to obtain the same effects.

    Plus raw cannabis is probably going to give you more medical benefits, and yet I suspect you would only accept “medicine” that gets you high

  17. Dingus Mcgee on

    OR legislators are capable of being every bit as useless and hurtful as the vast majority of WA legislators.

  18. Kenny, when I started reading your post I began to get a little pissed, but as I continued I began to see your point. I know my grower well and have a safe and reliable source of medication. As far as extracts go, I do enjoy them. The main problem for me at least is the cost factor. I’ll pick up a couple of fills for my co2 pen now and then but that’s about it. I have a Volcano and about 95% of my usage is done at home using flowers only. As soon as blow torches started making the scene I thought this could be a problem. A lot of people just don’t care for that image. Sad but true…Namaste

  19. Sound like that got this out of the Michigan “raid the dispensaries for concentrates” playbook.

    Make some of it illegal so they can raid the stores and steal their products, cash and cars just like they are doing in Michigan right now.

    Doesn’t matter how strong it is….cannabis cannot harm you and especially cannot kill. The worst it will do is give you anxiety. This is nonsense. Haters just trying to shut the industry down with raids.

  20. Robert Miller on

    Let’s get names, find out who’s responsible for these people, and start voting them out. Real simple. Oregonians voted. Stop thwarting the will of the people.

  21. Industry built this. Industry is who got listened to, and this is what the Oregonians who voted for M91, without reading it, deserve. The government is being led by big business, and profiteers. Portland sets the pace, and the politicians have been promised money and a bedded future.

    Patients were told to not worry, while businesses were told that lobbyists were the way to get this how we want. Most of the big canna is happy with what they created, especially now that out of state money can trump in-state access.

    When patients and their advocates said this was happening, they were called names by industry figures and cannabis celebrities and accused of being prohibitionists. Now that it is here, those same people were called inefficient and problematic for ending prohibition. The end goal, is to have one program, by industry, for state, with one consumer base to tax and feed upon.

    This is the future that was denied, yet fostered. Foreseen, but ridiculed when seeking to prevent it.

    Who needs over-reaching government, when your scene will sell you to the highest bidder, if the terms are right.

    Let our people go.

  22. Gondol Bonger on

    Seriously @kennyraines:disqus, Fuck Off. You can do whatever the fuck you want with “your weed.” You sound like a prohibitionist.

  23. Kenny Raines on

    I….Personally…..am glad this is happening….I stopped using pharmaceuticals and replaced all of them with weed to GET AWAY from chemical exposure crap….I can’t even find any REAL finger hash anymore…people think I am nuts….I don’t want any of my weed to be ‘PROCESSED”….in any form…..it works like it is ..leave it alone…….all this “dab” crap is doing….is creating an entirely different drug that will give weed a bad name because it has weed in it…..I say bring back natural hashish…….keefe if you want a stronger buzz……leave my weed alone please.

  24. O gawd….its just for vaping.

    All that extract could go into some healthy edibles instead.

    They should be consuming raw Cannabis anyways as its medical effects far surpass THC preps.

    If this leads to more black market extract, its because the “legal” growers dumped their product, not because all of a sudden the black market growers decided to make extracts.

    Finally, whats the difference between 65% RSO and 72% BHO?

    RSO is a concentrate not falling under the extract provision. Alcoholic refinements are not defined as extracts.

    …dabbability for the most part

  25. PeedNUrGenePool on

    Time for another Citizen’s initiative. REMOVE all control of Medical Marijuana from the Oregon State Government.

    The industry should be regulated by a group of industry businesses, charged with the welfare of their patients….along with civil and criminal liability for any patients harmed.

    The state only wants to RESTRICT medical marijuana, which is NOT what voters voted for.

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