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Oregon Launches A Recreational Marijuana Education Campaign


In less than two weeks a dream of mine will become a reality – recreational marijuana will become legal in Oregon. A lot of people have fought for legalization in Oregon for a very long time, and those efforts will all culminate on July 1st when anyone that is over 21 in Oregon can legally cultivate, possess, and consume recreational marijuana. There will be countless parties held across Oregon to celebrate the law taking effect. Most people that I know can tell you just about every detail about the law, and even tell you off the top of their heads any proposed changes that the Oregon Legislature is trying to make to the law (so much for what voters approved, right?).

The State of Oregon is launching an educational campaign in case there are marijuana consumers out there that aren’t familiar with the parameters of the law. There is now a Facebook account, Twitter account, and Instagram account, along with a website, all dedicated to educating Oregonians about what is legal and what is not legal under the new recreational marijuana legalization law. Below is an infographic that summarizes some of the most frequently asked questions about the new law:

what's legal oregon marijuana


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  1. Sure, but you are talking to people who exalt their own “relief” above all others.

    Soon, we will have prescription orgasms ;)

  2. So your only against taxes and regulations eh…go figure

    You are welcome to grow your own or hire a competent grower to do it for you at a proper cost relative to their skill level.

  3. Cant grow your own?

    or are you just entitled to the productivity of other people for free?

  4. Ya…now OMMP patient’s can grow 6, 4lb plants in addition to the 4, 4lb plants m91 would allow without any accountability as to where that harvest goes or how it was treated.
    …and now their plant limits on mature plants is defined as flowering and is no longer defined by +12″

    For shame

  5. Any “system” that believes it has to exist by warring on groups of people in the states is a system based on high treason

  6. I like the measure 67 law too … But in 1979 marijuana was illegal , but not many people other than the DEA and some over zelious local law enforcement cared . And even then the system was after the $money$ not the weed . Sure they pulled the weed destroyed it , but always kept the cars trucks four wheelers and land for the auctions if you gained their attention … So weed should remain a medical plant not taxed and regulated as a party drug … And today marijuana remains illegal in all states …

  7. stellarvoyager on

    Well if that is the way it must be, then it’s better to have it legal for all than just a select few. I voted for OMMA when it first passed in 1998. Back then, card holders were only allowed 3 plants in veg, 3 flowering and one ounce dried. No dispensaries and no collective gardens. And now med is complaining about the current system, which is far more generous than the original act. They can’t keep throwing the rec consumers under the bus and not expect a pushback eventually. It was our votes that got OMMA passed in the first place.

  8. What you would like to see is impossible … Medical cannot exsist with recreational without taxing and regulating both the same way …. People should have realized this or perhaps they did not care… The OMMP as oragoneans know it is over … Back to the black market .. 91 ha made marijuana a jail able crime again … There are some ignorant folks in your hillbilly state…..

  9. It won’t matter when the state steps in and claims the ordinance too much of a burden for the citizens to bear.

  10. It won’t matter when the state steps in and claims the ordinance too much of a burden for the citizens to bear.

  11. stellarvoyager on

    Yeah, for sure. I don’t truly favor repealing the medical program. It’s more of a rhetorical point. Lots of people I know and am friends with personally need and use it. I just want to see both med and rec be successful and serve the needs of the people of this state. I think rec can and should happen without messing up the med program, but the legislature thinks otherwise.

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  13. I would say your right about “fair is fair” But this is Oregon … It’s all in who ya know …. Haha ..

  14. The legislators in Oregon have destroyed the OMMP with new rules/report requirements and restrictions that make it very difficult for someone who is on a limited income to find a grower willing to jump through all the hoops, prepare for INSPECTIONS, and submit non-stop reports. Though legislators promised that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program would NOT BE EFFECTED, they are trying to end the OMMP to make recreational pot simpler. Once again, we have a program that works ONLY FOR THE WEALTHY who can afford to pay $10 per gram for their medicine. The elderly, sick and poor get screwed again.

  15. stellarvoyager on

    If prohibition is good enough for rec consumers, then let’s repeal the medical program in its entirety as well. Prohibition for everyone. If it is good enough for me to have to live under, it is good enough for you too. Fair is fair.

  16. Here is just one more reason to despise the idiots who voted to regulate and tax a free growing plant .. Anthony and his minions should be tarred and feathered for their participation in creating this mess for the ” real medical marijuana crowd” . Let’s not listen to the posers anymore … Look a the mess they created …. Beware of the drug dealers posing as activists like the ones that Sherriff Winters tried to arrest and prosecute , to rid us of this slime … Boycott the Undergreen Railroad ,This organization brings these low life marijuana activists that are destroying our medical marijuana program here in Oregon …

  17. Illegal markets will continue to perpetuate the stereo type that marijuana is a subversive drug and activity to be enjoyed by the masses. If you wish for this magnificent plant to come out of the darkness and back into the general light of day it will need to be under certain levels of regulation and taxation.
    The only other alternative is to bring down the system, which is an absurd suggestion if that is your aim.
    Working within the structure provided gives us ample opportunity to reclaim what is ours, but requires hard work, determination, and patience. If we do not possess these qualities we will fail. The generational pendulum is swinging back in our direction and all we have to do is keep the pressure on. If that is not quickly enough for you, that is understandable, but it is happening all the same.
    Get on board and join a winning team. We have made incredible progress within the last 20yrs and it is only going to continue to get better.

  18. And you are welcome to live on ideals; I choose to live with the specific understanding that full fledged legalization will be a process.

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  20. I see nothing wrong with black markets or white sharing in freedom of commerce, nor enriching themselves all they want, what i do not like is lack of freedom that we are all promised in our constitution and bill of rights, and what soldiers fought and killed people for

  21. one step nothing
    our constitutional rights are not a baby step process, either we are free or we are not
    and if we are being warred upon, and we are, then the only way to end it is by warring back at them through laws that prohibit their high treason to continue, the laws are already on the books, people just need to ENFORCE THEM, as it is illegal to commit high treason, and warring on any groups of people by the majority of any mob, is ILLEGAL
    It is illegal for anyone in this country to commit high treason. So, enforce their incarceration, end of the war against us all, hello happiness for all, and the lions will walk with the lamb, and the lamb will eventually be seen with tar balls of thc on them where they brush against wild cannabis:-)

    How to enforce their incarceration is the thing, as the feds only hire workers if they do not use cannabis.
    No, the criminals who are the politicians will not seek out their own incarceration, so we it looks will have to seek help outside the states as it looks like the states have become too corrupt to have any justice occur for the cannabis consumer
    We need a world court that is neutral, and has no reason to hate on us and war on us the way the high treasonous warmonger do here in the states
    how to get it started though
    maybe someone like soros could lend a hand
    i am sure he or those like him with money, knows lots of folk perhaps he could influence the right people
    short of that, if indiana july 1st determines that the cannabis church in indianapolis will not be able to exist, if indiana rules in favor of the mobsters that dont give a damn about anyone, the politicians, then it looks to me it is time to move out of this hell hole known as the usa, for without freedom to toke, life is a slave loving meaningless joke
    3rd paragraph, second sentence says …”Participating in a war against one’s native country”…
    how are the politicians’ policies who commit high treason on us consistent with our bill of rights or the constitution of the united states?
    they are not
    wonder what ron paul’s advice would be?
    i mean i would just move rather than have to shoot them in the face, for warring on us, the Constitution alex jones says has in its wording where we are to round up people tada dada, i am just not the violent type, while people are murdering one another here in the states, indianapolis just about every day now some one is being shot, i will find solace in another country, as i do not enjoy killing people as a past time, as murder is wrong in my book, and i am no murderer, although it seems to me the ones responsible for not allowing us freedom the ones that hate our constitutional rights, the politicians that hate our bill of rights and love to kick us into prisons, seems to me they do not deserve freedom – think of all the soldiers that were killed in wars to protect our freedoms here in this gestapo country, they actually fought wars for our freedom, seems pointless if freedom is not granted

  22. Sorry, that’s not true. Central Point has a smell ordinance and Medford is considering one.

  23. That’s extremely naive. You’ve already got places like Pendleton outlawing the “smell” of marijuana in an attempt to derail legalization. These “small government no-tax” conservatives here in the eastern side of the state are in full BS mode right now.

  24. I agree the tomato model is ideal, but it isn’t going to happen. Oregonians had a chance to vote for tomato model legalization in 2012 and it failed.
    This current model keeps cops, legislators, and the general public happy. It is called compromise and it has to be done until the country matures a bit more.
    One step at a time, and this is another good step toward ending federal prohibition.

  25. The stipulation only applied to recreational sales nothing more. Home protections are still going to be in place. You can grow, possess, and consume at home and be free and clear from local interference.

  26. freewheelinfranklin543 on

    It has not been legalized anywhere. It has been highly regulated in a way that will keep black markets alive and enrich the powers that be. Tomato Model!

  27. Marijuana will not be legal in Oregon until those who would use and grow are no longer chastised by city and county ordinance.

  28. I am a fan of educating the masses. Compliance is key when attempting to be yet another successful model for the nation to follow. Hopefully our model will be a cleaner, safer method for others to spring from and we can start to get the ball rolling down hill in regards to legalization.

    It has been nice to see several states jumping into the fray, but I would like to see 5-8 states legalize this next cycle to put immense pressure on Congress to remove marijuana from scheduling.

  29. I am a fan of educating the masses. Compliance is key when attempting to be yet another successful model for the nation to follow. Hopefully our model will be a cleaner, safer method for others to spring from and we can start to get the ball rolling down hill in regards to legalization.

    It has been nice to see several states jumping into the fray, but I would like to see 5-8 states legalize this next cycle to put immense pressure on Congress to remove marijuana from scheduling.

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