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Oregon Marijuana Growers Scrambling For Real Estate


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryWhen I first started consuming marijuana in the mid-90’s (I’m 33 years old), there were tons of consumers for every marijuana grower in Oregon. I don’t have an exact ratio because obviously no one kept track of such things. However, marijuana was not nearly as easy as cheap and available as it is now in my home state. I remember there being dry spells quite often, and a dank ounce of marijuana cost $300+ on the black market. Times have changed quite a bit since then.

Now almost everyone I know has a garden or is trying to start a garden. The ratio of growers to consumers is like nothing I thought I’d ever see in my lifetime. I haven’t heard of the marijuana scene in Oregon being ‘dry’ for several years now, and I can buy an ounce of dank for $100 just about anywhere in the state. With dispensaries flourishing all over the state, and recreational marijuana coming online soon, there are even more people trying to become growers for commercial purposes, and those that are already growing are trying to grow more. This has led to a real estate rush of sorts in Oregon. Per Oregon Live:

The Oregonian’s analysis of 2014 state grow site data identified 64 large-scale medical marijuana grow sites in the Portland area – a whopping 178 percent increase since 2012. Data revealed 282 grow sites across Oregon serving 11 or more medical marijuana patients – a 129 percent increase since 2012.

Two factors have spurred the rapid expansion of marijuana growers: Oregon’s newly regulated medical marijuana dispensary industry, which includes nearly 213 retail outlets where cardholders can purchase medical cannabis, and anticipation of legalized marijuana, which Oregon voters approved last fall.

“The legal marketplace has been limited to 70,000 (medical marijuana) cardholders and now it’s about to be every adult and every 21-and-older tourist who passes through the state,” said Matt Walstatter, a medical cannabis grower and owner of Pure Green, a Northeast Portland medical marijuana dispensary. “It makes sense for production to ramp up.”

People forking out big bucks for real estate and warehouses need to be careful. They need to realize that they are far from the only people with this idea, and that there is a slim margin between success and failure when it comes to growing commercial marijuana. The price for marijuana in Oregon is basically at an all-time low, and considering that every household can start growing in July, I would expect that trend to continue. Unless you can grow world class marijuana in a cheap and efficient manner, you may end up losing your shirt if you go all in on an expensive property. Food for thought.

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  1. Failed grows are what you make edibles and concentrates out of. Unsmokable bud can make decent BHO. You can turn crappy BHO into dank edibles.

    The more poor and mediocre growers try to get into the market, the more failed grows the market must absorb. These growers will sooner pump out tons of concentrates and edibles than loose their investments.

  2. $100/oz is not the price when “everyone” grows. When “everyone” grows, the price will be almost 0 for a generic high because people won’t want to throw their crops away.

    Besides $100/oz does nothing but encourage irresponsible, wasteful consumption. Thats $0.40-0.60/20mg dose. Most people won’t be able to work on 1 dose of 20mg. There’s no good reason to be consuming that much daily unless your personal proclivity is towards heavy consumption.

  3. The more people are interested in the industry, the more edibles and concentrates you will see as grows fail.

  4. I have been saying all along that the flood of edibles are a bad idea. And if anything is going to mess up the ground we have covered on legalization, it will be the edible. Especially with the way people are with smoking today. There is such a kick in the nuts for smoking that you should have known that beginners who don’t smoke would grab the edibles. When they are not for beginners. And then the children factor. It is fact that there are tons of people out there who are not at all responsible and have kids. They don’t even need pot and they are not responsible. Not being responsible is the way they got their kid from the get go. So yes those people’s kids will get there hands on edibles. And then legalization opponents will have good ammunition that has the BS phase of “I told you so” connected to it. I love edibles but this country isn’t ready for that. Just smoke a joint. Don’t make this mistake in Oregon.

  5. There will be many a niche to fill besides growing, though.It’s like a modern gold rush, winners and losers – but the best part is just knowing that whatever else happens, you don’t have to ever look over your shoulder at home anymore.

  6. Agree ….

    Not only that but folks who DON’T smoke will grow for extra income ….. I suspect a good supply come October 2015 with a glut in 2016 when everyone will grow ….. Seeds, success stories and information will be plentiful and by October 2016 $100 ounce will be high priced!

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