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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Campaign Empties Playbook


vote for marijuanaThe Measure 91 campaign to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana is going all out right up until 8 p.m. on election night. Here’s what’s going on in the final two days:

  • Digital doorknock: www.DidTheyVote.org. See the app in action: Show your followers this cool new election tool that let’s them check their Facebook friends list for people who haven’t turned in a ballot yet. Voters are using it to give a nudge of encouragement to their friends. Nearly 5,000 people have used it already.
  • Phone banks galore: Our phone banks are packed with volunteers in action; reaching out to last minute voters. It’s a good opportunity to speak with volunteers and capture a photo or b-roll for election coverage.
  • Hitting the street: Canvassers are going door to door, rain or shine, to make sure people have a voice in this election. We can set up a team for you to follow while they turn out the vote.

With only 36 hours until polls are closed, we’re happy to speak with you about how the final push for a regulated system of marijuana is going.


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  1. Anslinger's Goon on

    I just returned from walking door to door with a friend. There was a constant drizzle turning to steady rain as we walked the streets of SE Portland. I think the rain showed our grit to a lot of people who were on the fence about turning in their ballots. We got about 30 people to commit to turning in their ballots. Maybe some of them will tell their friends to do the same.
    If you are reading this and haven’t turned in your ballot, please, please do so. We need to win on 91, and we will if you do your part.

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