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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Campaign Launches First Commercial


The New Approach Oregon campaign to legalize and regulate marijuana is ramping up it’s efforts after turning in over 145,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. If signature verification goes well, Oregon will be joining Alaska and hopefully Washington D.C. during the 2014 Election and giving voters the chance to legalize marijuana at the ballot box. Florida voters will have the chance to legalize medical marijuana, in addition to local marijuana legalization initiatives in Michigan. The New Approach Oregon campaign released its first campaign video.

Retired middle school teacher Margie Harris talks about why she believes it is time for Oregon to legalize, regulate and tax the adult use of marijuana. It will provide more protection for children, allow law enforcement to spend limited resources on real crime and provide funding for our schools, public safety and treatment.


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Johnny Green


  1. My brother lives in Orlando and is saying that there aren’t any commercials on the radio, at least, that aren’t pro mmj. I suppose the opposition will come into play in the weeks prior to the vote.

  2. Captain Jim on

    I agree, it’s the ones on the fence that can be persuaded. The hardcore fear mongering Prohibitionist types will need to be dragged kicking and screaming.

    It will take years or maybe decades to open their eyes.

  3. I’ve been smoking everyday and maintained a 3.0….there is no need for commercials, we have a right to get high just like they have the right to drink, instead of commercials we need lawsuits….i don’t want to ferment anything just want to be able to grow and smoke herbs from my garden without being ostracized & terrorized

  4. Uncle Arthur on

    I’m not faulting you for not liking the commercial, but was it really necessary to add that because of the commercial that you want marijuana to be a capital offense?

  5. That was a horrible commercial. I now want to see weed possession become a capital offense because of this commercial. If this is the best we’ve got, we are doomed.

  6. I think that’s what worked in WA. A different approach than Colorado, but hey, whatever works! At least it’s all based on truths, instead of the usual political garbage.

  7. So the “appealing to the everyman” approach. I really hope it works. That would be progress.

  8. Yes, but we’re not the targets for the ad campaign. I’m sure each future ad will show people from different walks of life. The aim is to reach as many people sitting on the fence about prohibition and those who are against it. I would bet we’ll be seeing moms, dads, nurses, doctors and police in the follow ups.

  9. I don’t mean to be obnoxious but a random retired middle school teacher? I’m not moved..( I don’t need to be as I already support it ) just saying…

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