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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Campaign Reserves Huge Media Ad Buy


oregon measure 91 legalization new approachMeasure 91, the campaign to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana in Oregon this year has run an organized campaign that has learned lessons from previous successful efforts in Colorado and Washington and from other proposals that didn’t secure a majority at the ballot box. The Measure 91 effort has both managed to secure mainstream political support while preserving backing of those within the marijuana law reform movement and the cannabis industry. While prohibitionists have just now started organizing, with the backing of the prison-industrial complex and Big Pharma, the Measure 91 campaign looks to control the airwaves, according to the Willamette Week:

Today, New Approach Oregon, the campaign behind Measure 91, which would legalize marijuana, filed the second biggest transaction in ORESTAR history, a $2.23 million account payable to Media Analysis, a Portland firm that buys television ad time for campaigns.


Peter Zuckerman, a spokesman for New Approach says the campaign is confident of its fundraising ability.

“We are raising the money we need,” he told WW via text message.

It is great that this sensible measure will be advertising on the airwaves in Oregon. Even as our nation moves towards using more online entertainment options and fast-forwarding through commercials after “recording” our shows, TV ads are still incredibly important and provide legitimacy to many moderate voters open to the argument that it is time to end marijuana prohibition to better utilize our law enforcement resources, create jobs and generate revenue. If you live in Oregon, be sure to be registered and to vote YES on 91. Even if you don’t live in Oregon, still consider making a contribution and helping the campaign as this election will be very important for states that look to end cannabis prohibition in 2016 and beyond.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference


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  1. Let’s hope the next POTUS supports (medical) marijuana legalization and at the very least decriminalization. It will be very interesting like you say. Either way, it’s exciting to be a part of history in the making!

  2. As more and more states implement medical and recreational marijuana legalization the federal governments position will pressed. States like Nebraska, Indiana , N Carolina and several other states.Will be pressing the federal government step in and reverse the legalization trend. An attempt will be made to force states to comply with federal laws. Be interesting to see which way it goes. By being pressured federal government will have to make a final decision. They wont be able to stand on the sidelines with the let the states decide. Whether your for or against it will be interesting watching the federal government trying talk their way out of it without taking sides Got to love it lol

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