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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed, Has $$$ Support


new approach oregonBy Phillip Smith

Last Friday, Oregon activists organized as the New Approach Oregon political action committee filed a marijuana legalization initiative with the secretary of state’s office. Unlike the initiatives filed this year by Paul Stanford, author of 2012’s failed Measure 80 legalization initiative, this one has picked up the backing of deep-pocketed donors.

Last month, the new initiative picked up contributions of $32,000 from Progressive Insurance founder and marijuana law reform funder Peter Lewis and $50,000 from Drug Policy Action, the lobbying arm of the Drug Policy Alliancethe secretary of state’s office reports. Since the spring, the effort has also received $38,500 in cash contributions from the American Victory Coalition, an Oregon-based federal nonprofit that opposes the war on drugs, among other issues.

Oregon has been widely touted as one of the states most likely to join Colorado and Washington in having legalized marijuana at the ballot box. This new initiative, with broad support within the state’s activist community and financial support from major outside donors, increases the likelihood that Oregon will indeed free the weed in 2014.

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  1. Are they are both better then Washington state’s approach? Is there a dui limit and is home growing illegal?

  2. there is a reason for that its health and safety why its worded the way it is.
    if you buy hash or other extracts (bho,wax,etc)from a shop your getting just that if someone else makes you never know what you could find.

    vote yes on both its really the only way one will pass the thing is if nao passes and not octa at least its still a win the law can always be amended later to include making hash and extracts.

  3. Do you want to see Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds take over your marijuana? Who knows what kind of toxic chemicals they might put in it. If no, then vote NO on both of them cause thats the most likely scenerio.

  4. I agree with Matt, Octa is better than Nao in every conceivable way screw big money lets go with Paul Stanford’s measure

  5. Oregon Cannabis Tax Act > New Approach Oregon.

    NAO bans you from making your own hash, AND possession of it if you didn’t buy it from a shop. NAO also has more strict provisions regarding retail cannabis stores.

    The plant counts and possession limits are also higher in OCTA.

    Vote OCTA, not NAO.

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