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Oregon Marijuana Legalization Winning In Latest Poll, Young Voter Turnout Is Vital


oregon measure 91 legalization new approachA new poll was released in Oregon which shows the marijuana legalization initiative, Measure 91, winning by a significant margin. Support is highest among young voters and independents. Per Oregon Public Broadcasting:

Fifty-two percent of likely voters said they’d vote for the idea. Forty-one percent said they’d vote against it.

Debra Klaviter lives in The Dalles and has run a Farmers Insurance Agency for 25 years. She says she’ll be voting for the marijuana legalization measure because she says it should be an option for people in pain.

“I’ve seen people that have started to take care of their own health care, their own pain management, and how the system works for them. Oh my gracious, there’s no question that it should be legalized,” Klaviter said.

Some who oppose the measure say it would allow people to possess too much pot at one time, and in forms that might appeal to children.

The poll has a margin of error of 4.3 percent.  About seven percent of respondents haven’t decided how they’ll vote on Measure 91. That means the measure’s passage is still up for grabs.

Pollster John Horvick of Portland-based DHM research says turn-out will be key.

“For example, 18 to 34 year-olds, 70 percent plan to vote for Measure 91 for legalization.  Sixty-eight percent of independents plan to. Now those are all groups who are the least likely to show-up come election day. So if the marijuana campaign is able to get those voters out, it looks like it could pass, it’ll be close, a squeaker.”

I look at this blog’s traffic stats and demographics everyday. I know that we have received well over 600,000 visitors to this blog from Oregon, and that about 75% of those visitors were between 18-34 years old. I don’t know the political party affiliations of those visitors, but I’d imagine a great percentage of them are independents. So for the love of marijuana reform, VOTE! Tell everyone else that you know to VOTE. We will only legalize marijuana in my home state if you guys get off your butts, and turn in your ballots. Oregon is a vote by mail state, so it’s not even that hard. Watch for your ballot, fill it out, and turn it in. Marijuana reform is relying on you!


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  1. Why arn’t these labeling laws concerned with actual chemical differences vs simply using a certain method of production? Corn syrup is an independent issue from GMO. I don’t buy stuff with corn syrup in it much anyways, not because of the propaganda against corn syrup, but because it gives me stomach aches when I binge on it (the way I usually eat).

    GMO labels are only relevant to people who want to avoid the method of GMO, not specific chemicals that result from the use of certain kinds of GMO.

    For instance, it is super common for them to gripe about RoundUp ready Corn. Why does it being GMO matter when the real issue is about increased amounts of glyphosate residue? Why not require labels to show the level of residue in the product instead of broad non-descriptive statements about GMO?

    Understand, it does not matter if it is GMO or not. The only thing that matters is the chemicals in the product.

    You know, like “gluten free?” That is only relevant to people with gluten intolerance, and yet normal people are “concerned” with it. This is with an actual chemical descriptor which is much more precise than vague GMO claims. People can’t even get that right.

  2. There is no such thing as “unnatural.”

    Supernaturalism has no place in rational discourse.

  3. Just because there will be a political motivation to get people to dislike GMO products, it doesn’t mean that it will be propaganda. There are better ways to employ agriculture so that they are not using Transgenics to alter the food. Yes, there is a fine line between GMO and Transgenic crops, but as I stated before the Terminator Gene is an abomination and it only serves Monsanto and whomever they decide to bribe to ensure their legislation stays in place/gets passed.

    If there is a propaganda campaign against GMO that leads to healthier and sustainable crops then screw it, let’s fight fire with fire. A major issue right now is that corn crops are subsidized with one of the primary purposes to mass produce corn sugars at extraordinarily cheap costs to the industry.

    If propaganda leads to a rise in fruit and vegetable subsidies and a decrease in corn subsidies, then we will have good results.

    You are getting into the danger of an “analysis paralysis” type situation where you want things to be perfect when written down the first time. Historically – and with the best results – we have implemented policies that take steps in the right direction. We craft and hone it over time. It becomes more powerful as people become more educated and aware. Simply not doing something because people aren’t educated means nothing will ever get done.

    This takes me back as a kid to when some snooty kid would say “well if you have to ask, then you’ll never know.” We aren’t in grade school, we are adults, and our knowledge advances over time with the right motivations and movement in the right direction.

    Just because it’s not perfect, doesn’t mean it won’t work for now.

  4. Duh. And they will easily be propagandized into fearing those products….then the profits for “non-GMO” labels goes up. Then further legislative actions and propaganda will follow.

    This is a great way to scare secular dumbasses into living like part hippies.

    I will vote for it when the type of GMO is specified and all people are smart enough to understand what it means.

  5. This law isn’t for the educated minority. This is for people that may not have the education or wherewithal to know or find out. There are many people out there that take what they see at the grocery store at face value – and often times not even that, meaning that they may not even read labels.

    This is a great way to bring awareness and educate.

  6. You should already know. I’ve known for a decade. I am more concerned about the politics than the actual thing itself.

    If it doesn’t say “non-GMO” its 99% likely to have GMO in it. And yet I still can’t be bothered to care. But than again, I am healthy and am not looking for something to blame for my maladies.

  7. It was a joke about dumb people.

    Anyways, I run an OMMP garden and we will likely have legal Rec next month. They put a GMO labeling law out to help rally up the liberal voters.

  8. ok I hear you. I am a senior and I consider myself a Christian, which by the way, I get flak for all the time. People can choose to be good or bad, and people get older. I am confused by people. We have gays and lesbians in our faces all the time pushing there agenda on us, and pushing the Christians into the corner and persecuting us for being good, and following Gods word, and they are being free to flaunt, if you will, there way of life in front of and with kids (actually having kids in their homes). I do not understand this. I do not understand how a Natural Herb could be worse than this. Two men together cannot make a baby, and two women together cannot make a baby. How can this be natural? God made all the plants for a reason and a purpose, and he made man and woman to be together to procreate.

  9. I like that. Everyone go out and plant seeds where ever you can, all the time you can. Do it. Everyone. Plant them and walk away. Let them grow. Let them grow everywhere. Let the plants grow. People with seeds, share. Let them grow. Let them grow everywhere. They are a natural herb. Let them grow.

  10. The against-GMO labeling arguments are flawed in every respect. It barely even deserves to be mentioned. Its a no-brainer. It’s ridiculous that one of the [legitimate] main arguments against labeling is “oh but the proposal is not perfect so we should vote ‘no.'” Get it into law, and we can fine tune it later – we deserve to know what we’re putting in our bodies. The insanely superfluous TV and Internet ad campaign that says this hurts Oregon farmers is a complete fabrication. In fact it’s not even mentioned in the voter pamphlet – meaning that it is a complete lie to the extent that the argument wasn’t put therein.

    Furthermore, to your point, what is called the “Terminator Gene” is an abomination. Monsanto sterilizes plants and holds farmers for ransom if they choose to use or not use the seeds they create. Their manipulation of the market at-large is criminal and we all deserve to know which plants are affected and which are not. Moreover, there are ways to grow crops as to not use any pesticides and produce stronger plants that do not need any genetic manipulation, but Monsanto and other corporations such as Dupont which they collude with profits from the uses of these chemicals. The low education on non-GMO non-pesticide methods to grow crops leads people to think that GMO’s and pesticides are a necessary evil – they are not. Until we – as a nation – figure this out we at least need to know how our food has been affected.

    It’s that simple – we deserve to know.

  11. Seriously, vote. We have absentee ballots in Oregon there is literally NO excuse at all. You can fill the damn ballots out while drinking a beer – or smoking a joint, whichever you prefer – and watching your favorite show. Just dew it.

  12. All members with an upcoming vote to legalize pot need to post on Facebook and big time social media on the web. 91 will pass mark my word! Its all going to be an old topic in 5-10 years by state and federal law.

  13. People won’t purchase scwag from Mexican cartels when the good stuff is legal. When the federal government makes a push like they are working hard on getting accomplished and decriminalize pot the cartels will be stuck with that junk they are mass producing. It will be cocaine and heroin coming in place of the crap. We should repeal NAFTA and focus on this nation. I would not send anymore foreign aid for Ebola and monitor our airlines for people who have been in the places effected by it. Don’t send Africa anymore aid until we have everyone here working and have a roof over our own citizens heads. We are sending money we are borrowing because they can’t afford it. That is dumb since we are not even close to slowing our countries debt from growing so we can’t afford it either. Send them a bomb it will kill Ebola.

  14. I strongly believe that now we have a voting system that is corrupt and results already have been altered using the new technology. It sucks when you vote for someone and you find out the fix was on. Well the good news is this country needs money. The legalization bills are all going to start passing because one we are broke and have a terrible debt. Two their is so much money it will generate its going to happen rapidly. I see the war on drugs endinding federally and Obama already has left states alone that voted in this measure. Ultimately we know the war on drugs is a battle we won’t win or don’t want to win. Too much money to pay inmates for growing a medicinally untapped plant will begin the end of the u.s. war on . Its common sense to not use prisons gaining revrevenue at an individuals expense that should not be there. It is smarter to use the skills that imprisoned marijuana cultivators that are doing time to produce these plants and learn more of the benefits. The federal government will go pro pot before all fifty states and I think they will have a system to export to other countries. When big brother pics up seeds instead of hand cuffs no more paying to house marijuana folks which will cut spending and will cut drug enforcement spending. It will open new jobs and generate revenue and I think it will not get our country completely out of debt but its an awesome place to begin. USA is the only country in the world that imprison their own citizens for any drug. . I ultimately would like to seean approach like England is using. They decriminalized drugs and give people addicted to even heroin the supply they need daily which ultimately eliminated drug crime and overall crime by upwards of 70%. Its safer, more cost efficient and is a good way to pull us out of debt. We do need to put god first in our country as it was founded on christian beliefs and principles. I do not care if someone doesn’t believe in religion or have a different one but this country hasn’t thrived since that started taking place like not being able to say one nation under god in the pledge of allegiance. The gay issue I disagree with how its being used as an agenda where I don’t want to hear if the person is gay or not. I don’t go around flaunting all I like to do is sleep with women. Why talk about it or make it legal to get married to someone of the same sex. Its stupid financially to let this issue run wild and while the one partner dies now the homosexual couples will get to drain social security if their partner died is crap. I disagree with the lifestyle choice but homosexuals are not a major issue for this country when we are dealing with crisis after crisis financially. Social security I will never receive since being addicted to drugs gets a check from social security all the time. Financial aid state by state should be overhauled. I’m no racist and have never owned a slave, my grandpa never owned one, or my great grandpa. Hell not even my great great grandfather did but people of color are catored to at human resource in each state which struck a nerve after setting 8 hours at the office so she could afford to eat and we had to come back the next day for an additional six. She got a whole 16$ a month for food. Wow that really helped. White people abuse the system as well which is sad to see elderly taking a back seat to any citizen able to work but does not. Crack down on fraud of Department of human resources fraud and give them skills to work instead of cash and food stamps. We are enabling folks not to work. Jobs are out their even if an individual hates the job join the other 90% of workers who don’t like what they do for a living. No regulation is killing our economy over many more sectors but I already am off topic. making money drugsfor imprisonment of. And we will

  15. If you live in a medical marijuana State, one, not currently being monkey-wrenched by a Republican Governor, then there’s a good chance that there’s a cure for your “headaches” waiting just down the road

  16. You readers of this blog, Measure 91 will not pass if you do not vote! Please! VOTE! Get youtr friends to vote, your neighbors, your family…we must turn out the vote or we will not win.

    JOHNNY: You need to keep harping on this until Election Day. Remind your readers to vote tomorrow, and the next day, and every day until Election Day! Use your “Pen” brother, and do your part to turn out this vote!

    Peace, love & granola… :D

  17. There are a lot of people who get headaches from having to read and understand multiple pages of words that effect the whole of society.

  18. Sorry. non-GMO lavels are everywhere. Labeling stuff as having GMO’s is irrelevant since it is only the non-GMO consumers that care. Most of the concerns with GMO’s are coming from people with very poorly informed opinions. They simply want to scare average consumers into buying their “non-GMO” brands.

    Something that only bothers some people is an allergy not a poison. Everyone is bothered by Methyl-mercury (a completely organic chemical made by bacteria), but most people are not bothered by low levels of Bt toxin (you know, Bt Corn- super common apparently) for example.

    Tell you what. I will vote for 92 if only the proponents pay for the labels. I don’t care about it for my self and am not going to be bothered with footing the bill so average dumbasses can realize they’ve been eating GMO’s for a decade. No, I don’t have money on it. I actually grow non-GMO, near zero pesticide, mostly organic, medical cannabis for OMMP through HB 3460- thats how I’m going to make a living, not from investments in Monsanto.

  19. Really. Ever notice the correlation with religion?

    It’s not like religious people don’t have the same positions and that seniors are the largest group of religious people. To top it off, it also isn’t like religion requires people to be rational and well informed individuals or anything like that. What do you expect from them?

  20. Please vote to legalize! Help those of us in Southern states that will never get this on the ballot unless YOU help the country come to its senses by showing that it can be done.

    You are voting for us all right now. Legalize it!

  21. stellarvoyager on

    Skoallio is a troll. Why else would he call a poll that shows the measure leading by double digits, with more than 50% support, 3 weeks before election day, “hopeless”? He’s always coming on this blog spouting gloom and doom about measure 91. Never mind the favorable polling and recent heavy weight endorsements the measure’s received from all regions of the state. Never mind the packed events that Rick Steeves hosted. Never mind that not one single poll has shown the measure trailing. None of it matters to Skoallio. No amount of evidence matters. He’ll probably still be expressing his “concerns” after the measure passes on election day.

    I think he’s just against the measure and wants it to fail, and if that’s the case, that’s OK. He should just be honest about his views and admit what his true motives are.

  22. Anslinger's Goon on

    Is that a joke? Any legalization effort will lose among seniors. We just have to cut into those numbers, which we are doing.

  23. Anslinger's Goon on

    As an Oregonian, I also highly, highly encourage voters to complete their ballots for measure 91. While you’re at it, please vote yes on 92 to mandate GMO labels on food. Both measures need your support. May Oregon be the tipping point for the nation on both of these important issues. GO VOTE!

  24. I agree. Voting by mail is so easy. Washington like Oregon votes by mail too. There’s no valid reason not to vote, especially if it can be done via a mailbox.

  25. The world is relying on you, Oregon! If you can’t do it for yourselves, do it for everyone else!

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