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Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards: John Trudell – Children of the Plant


oregon marijuana norml awardsBy Michael Bachara, Hemp News Staff, Oregon NORML

“I think that if the political and social movement groups and organizations that operate in this country today had the same kind of energetic commitment that the medical marijuana people have, many things could change in this country.” John Trudell

In early December, Artist-Activist John Trudell spoke at the 2009 Oregon NORML Medical Cannabis Awards Dinner in Portland, Oregon. In the last few years, Trudell has spoken at several Hemp and Cannabis events around the Portland Area, and has quickly become an inspirational voice for the legalization and advancement of the Cannabis plant.

Trudell’s words to the Cannabis Awards audience centered around the ideas of non-cooperation, creative intelligence, and the power of energy, clarity and coherency in today’s global reality. He expressed thoughtful insight on the topics of sustainability, grass roots organization and the Cannabis plant as earth medicine.

Trudell’s active involvement in and commitment to the Cannabis Reform Movement inspires fellow activists; his artistic and poetic voice conveys the ideas of peaceful reform and the power of the people in getting great things accomplished in the United States and around the world. The members of Oregon NORML feel privileged to have him as an honorary member.

Learn more: http://johntrudell.com

Special thanks to La Bonty/Lockhart for their efforts in this endeavor.

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