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Oregon Medical Cannabis Resource Center Forced To Close


closedPolice Force closure of Medical Cannabis Resource Center

Kannabosm has been operating In Eugene for over a year without any complaints, yet were recently forced to close after the local authorities served search warrants at the place of business, along any properties and businesses related to the owner, Curtis Shimmin. The cops took all the medical cannabis, computers and operating funds, leaving the business broke and not able to meet financial obligations. The business is now forced to close, leaving many patients without any way to find medicine.

The owner has been left with nothing and is going to have a big legal fight ahead of him. He has spent his whole life helping people and if you can help in any way, please feel free to email them at kannabosm@gmail.com or email us at theweedblog@theweedblog.com and we will put you in contact.

Here’s the release from their website:

Kannabosm, and it’s owner, Curtis Shimmin, were falsely arrested, detained, and stripped of all medicine currently being held by Kannabosm.

Due to this travesty of justice, many patients legal right to access medicine has been infringed upon, due in no part and in direct opposition to the complete legality of this program in the state of Oregon. Now without this legal resource, patients will be forced to jeopardize their personal safety and well-being to procure medicine on the black market.

These ramifications are unacceptable because this program is in fact voted on by the people of Oregon and is therefore legal.

We have been asked by many how they can help/donate, so we have set up an account for donations to help with legal fees to fight this and hopefully get our medicine back.

You can go into any US Bank branch and deposit funds into this account:

US BANK Account # 253656186645

In closing, thank you for any and all support. We regret that you, the patient, has to suffer from the injustice and inconvenience of this clearly illegal seizure of patient medicine.


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  1. Guys in whatever way we can we’ve got to donate if we want to see change. Money equals speech in the supreme court’s eyes, even though in reality that is a grotesque infringement on the first amendment, it’s how the world works in this disgustingly inhuman modern phase of our existence. They’ve designated certain approved areas where you can exercise your right to free speech so you won’t attract any attention and your efforts will go unnoticed. So, our only legal recourse, is to donate to dispensaries like this, or what I do, give money to NORML. They’re a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of legalizing medical marijuana and outright legalization of cannabis. There are over 40 million of us, if we each donated a dollar NORML could run enough ads to persuade enough Americans to get it legalized tomorrow. Get you and some buddies together and instead of buying weed once, send whatever you were going to use on weed to NORML. Just one time and the change we could affect would be unimaginably fantastic.

  2. They raided another shop

    ONTARIO, Ore. — Police shut down and raided the 45th Parallel medical marijuana dispensary in Ontario Tuesday, alleging illegal activity on behalf of its members.
    web site confirms raids!

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