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Oregon Medical Marijuana Action Alert – Senate Bill 964


oregon medical marijuana senate bill 964The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is being threatened again by Oregon politicians that refuse to respect the will of the voters. These politicians are supposed to be working on implementing Oregon Measure 91, which legalized recreational marijuana in Oregon for those that are over 21. However, these politicians have spent all of their time trying to use this as an opportunity to attack the OMMP. That is not the job that they were selected to do, and once again, we need to remind them of that fact. Below is an action alert that the Oregon Measure 91 campaign sent out. I urge you to participate:


Unfortunately, the goals and priorities of Measure 91 are threatened by legislation under consideration today in the Oregon Senate.

Senate Bill 964, sponsored by Democratic Senator Ginny Burdick and Republican Senator Jeff Kruse, will allow a handful of city council members and county commissioners to ban state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, without a mandatory public vote of the people. This provision for medical marijuana businesses will hurt Measure 91’s voter-approved opt-out procedure, requiring a vote of the people, either in future legislation or future lawsuits. It is imperative that any opt-out procedure for marijuana businesses match the provision passed by over 56% of Oregon voters. Both The Oregonian and the Register-Guard have published editorials supporting a vote of the people.

Senate Bill 964 goes against the will of the voters and hurts the priorities of the state and even the federal government. Easily opting-out of state-regulated marijuana businesses will only exacerbate the illegal, underground market. Oregon voters want to stop treating marijuana as a crime and to bring as many people into a state-regulated system as possible; Senate Bill 964 goes against voters’ interests.

While ending the failed policy of treating marijuana use as a crime is a bipartisan issue, the Democrats control the Oregon Legislature. Democratic Representatives Ann Lininger, Peter Buckley and Ken Helm have stood up for the will of the voters and blocked unilateral city and county bans in the Measure 91 Implementation Committee.Unfortunately, Senate President Peter Courtney has created a new Senate Measure 91 Implementation Committee to try and pass Senate Bill 964 over the objections of the three House Democrats.

Please let the House and Senate Democrats know that they need to stand with Representatives Lininger, Buckley and Helm and stand up for the will of Oregon voters.

Please send emails to the Senate and House Democrats by copying and pasting the emails below. Further, phone calls to key senators and representatives are needed as well and those numbers are also down below. Simply remind them that over 56% of Oregonians voted on a public vote before any city our county could ban any state-regulated marijuana business and that they should oppose Senate Bill 964 because it goes against the will of the voters and the priorities of the state.

Email Addresses to Cut and Paste:
Sen.AlanBates@state.or.us, Sen.LeeBeyer@state.or.us, Sen.GinnyBurdick@state.or.us, Sen.PeterCourtney@state.or.us, Sen.MichaelDembrow@state.or.us, Sen.RichardDevlin@state.or.us, Sen.ChrisEdwards@state.or.us, Sen.SaraGelser@state.or.us, Sen.MarkHass@state.or.us, Sen.BetsyJohnson@state.or.us, Sen.LaurieMonnesAnderson@state.or.us, Sen.RodMonroe@state.or.us, Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us, Sen.ChuckRiley@state.or.us, Sen.ArnieRoblan@state.or.us, Sen.DianeRosenbaum@state.or.us, Sen.ChipShields@state.or.us, Sen.ElizabethSteinerHayward@state.or.us,

Rep.JeffBarker@state.or.us, Rep.PhilBarnhart@state.or.us, Rep.BrentBarton@state.or.us, Rep.DeborahBoone@state.or.us, Rep.PeterBuckley@state.or.us, Rep.BrianClem@state.or.us, Rep.MargaretDoherty@state.or.us, Rep.PaulEvans@state.or.us, Rep.ShemiaFagan@state.or.us, Rep.LewFrederick@state.or.us, Rep.JoeGallegos@state.or.us; Rep.DavidGomberg@state.or.us;Rep.ChrisGorsek@state.or.us; Rep.MitchGreenlick@state.or.us, Rep.KenHelm@state.or.us, Rep.PaulHolvey@state.or.us, Rep.ValHoyle@state.or.us, Rep.AlissaKenyGuyer@state.or.us,Rep.BettyKomp@state.or.us, Rep.TinaKotek@state.or.us, Rep.AnnLininger@state.or.us, Rep.JohnLively@state.or.us, Rep.CaddyMcKeown@state.or.us, Rep.SusanMclain@state.or.us, Rep.NancyNathanson@state.or.us, Rep.RobNosse@state.or.us, Rep.CarlaPiluso@state.or.us, Rep.DanRayfield@state.or.us, Rep.TobiasRead@state.or.us, Rep.JeffReardon@state.or.us, Rep.BarbaraSmithWarner@state.or.us, Rep.KathleenTaylor@state.or.us, Rep.JessicaVegaPederson@state.or.us, Rep.JenniferWilliamson@state.or.us, Rep.BradWitt@state.or.us

Phone Numbers:

Senate Leadership & Key Senators

Senate President
Peter Courtney (Salem)

Senate President Pro Tempore & Chair of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Ginny Burdick (Portland)

Vice-Chair of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Floyd Prozanski (South Lane & Northern Douglas Counties)

Member of the Implementing Measure 91 Committee
Lee Beyer (Springfield)

Senate Majority Leader
Diane Rosenbaum (Portland)

Senate Majority Whip
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (NW Portland/Beaverton)

Senate Assistant Majority Leader
Michael Dembrow (Portland)

House Democratic Leadership

House Speaker
Tina Kotek

Majority Leader
Val Hoyle (West Eugene & Junction City)

Speaker Pro Tempore
Tobias Reed (Beaverton)

Majority Whip
Jessica Vega Pederson (East Portland)

Deputy Majority Whip
Jennifer Williamson (Portland’s West Side, Downtown, Northwest, and Southwest Portland)


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  1. Bongstar420 on

    “Can you cite a single legal retailer that is not cheating and lying who is paying 50-70% tax rate with the 280E?”

    You must have been in the same class…thats a pretty easy grammatical error to see through..

    Basically, anyone claiming to be 280E compliant must not actually be compliant unless running businesses at a loss is the way to do it.

  2. This bill is a load of crap its a plant god put here to help the people of this earth. Every time you turn around these jerk wads are trying to pass more stupid laws to regulate and its not a drug its a plant it jus grows like that. If this bill passes I ask that we the people rise up and kick their butts. The people shouldn’t be afraid their governments governments should be afraid of its people cause we the people hold the true power they like to take it away from us but we need to take it back and show them whose the boss. I urge everyone to write the representatives and make this bill go the hell away.

  3. michael keerins on

    exactly no one can do it legally.. they have a loop hole on everything..this is court stuff..how they can take the property ..if we cant take it this way there is this way no matter what..one thing leads to another..-serious frustration trying to do it by there rules..

  4. michael keerins on

    the more they legalize it the more it becomes illeagal…..whats not being talked about is the obvious seperation of the peiple..i feel it i see many others feel it ..the anger growing against the attack upon poverty..if i was allowed to make money off my pot grow hobby, i would not need ssd benefits etc.. the families on food stamps etc.finally we have something to legaly to profit upon each other..and the gov. wants it for them selves.. i feel the heat i see wall street occupation again…and thats only with 3 states rec legal..and what liceince is there that a person can grow 1000 plants..warehouse shit..if the poor pooled there money ..created a group …to where we control consumption …we the people..

  5. Alpine Extracts on

    Tomatoes were never illegal Donkey…and, they don’t alter your mental status. Before you respond, do you have children, Donkey? By the way I own a marijuana business and support full accountability. I’ve done my “time” and it’s all about being legitimate now.

  6. I need sum help looking for sum great buds from the east coast where there isn’t any dispensaries…looking for advice before I make a trip

  7. It was a statement, not a question.

    “Can you cite a single legal retailer that is not cheating and lying who is not paying 50-70% tax rate with the 280E?”

    Another stoner who failed rudimentary English grammar.

  8. Mike Johnson on

    Why can’t the state just open rec shops and see what happens? Why haven’t they done any work to start that process? The greed is in Salem where the antis want to try to tax it out of existence or rich people want to control the market. Wasn’t the idea to make it more legal?

  9. newageblues on

    “So far, its literally impossible for a grower to earn even a minimum wage without a dispensary in Oregon”

    Can you expand on this comment? I’d really like to know more about that.

  10. “The “the will of the people” was to implement control measures”

    So you’re a Big Government sycophant and hate freedom.


  11. To the victor go the spoils
    This must apply to the Marijuana revolution as well.

    No licenses should be awarded to the anti-pot folks that were fighting against this great victory.

    Our Pot Heroes who were incarcerated, lost jobs and assets etc etc etc… should get our support $$$ Period.
    We are a cohesive group (numbering in the 100’s of MILLIONS) and we will just walk away from the oppressors shops and dispensaries.

    I am currently doing Crowd Funding to create Huge copies of the ToKin Stone.

    Only those Shops and Dispensaries that are owned by Marijuana Heroes will be allowed to display them.

    A non-profit supporting our Warriors will be set up shortly after.

  12. Bongstar420 on

    Can you cite a single legal retailer that is not cheating and lying who is not paying 50-70% tax rate with the 280E?

    This is really about cutting off all the liers and cheaters out there. Awwwbe McWahhhh

    The “the will of the people” was to implement control measures in accord with that.

    If you really believed that your opinion was in the majority and these “evil politicians” were dictators or something, you would simply open a petition for the next election cycle. In no way was M91 a mandate to continue OMMP unaccountability.

  13. Bongstar420 on

    You are talking to people who a) cannot support themselves and b) suffer when they don’t get their drugs.

    Should we expect anything different?

    What these people want is pot that is less regulated than Tomato’s so they can do what ever they want..anything less is criminal to them

  14. Bongstar420 on

    You can show us a better legal construct that doesn’t involve lying and cheating that properly rewards high quality producers?

    So far, its literally impossible for a grower to earn even a minimum wage without a dispensary in Oregon…Get it..earning money otherwise is lying and cheating.

  15. With measure 91 people who have gotten in trouble will not be able to get licenses for marijuana, so colored people who have gotten in trouble at higher rates then whites will have less opportunity to join the legal marijuana system. This is especially unfair because these are people who have payed for their criminal offenses being excluded, while those who did the same crimes unpunished are able to.
    Measure 91 also only allows 4 plants per household regardless of the number of occupants. This is unfair to the poor people who tend to have more adults living in a single household.
    Also part of the senate bills attacking OMMP are making it easy for bans of recreational marijuana outlets to happen as well without going to vote. So outside of places like Portland, Eugene, Bend there will only be a black market to supply marijuana.
    The new legislation is far from helping human rights, it is needlessly limiting OMMP and making medicine more unavailable when its stated explicitly it wouldn’t effect OMMP in any way. The only way to take down the black market is by making the recreational system more profitable and safer. Washington has tried blaming their medical system, and their black market has continued to be an issue.

  16. That’s funny, coming from a medical-only guy who chooses to ignore the very same big $$ dispensaries giving you “medical-grade” marijuana.

    If I’m a shill for anything, it’s for human rights. Recreational legalization removes the greedy and racists cops from arresting PoC and locking them up for possession. Recreational legalization goes towards our schools, our roads and our community. Medical only is a good start for those who really need it. But in places such as California and Washington, it only encouraged seedy unregulated dispensaries and people cheating the system to get weed. Medical only legalization is freedom for only the few.

    You failed to answer any of my questions, I noted as well.

  17. powertothepeople on

    Whos the sore loser? They are just defending what they were promised unchanged ommp…was only the will of the voter

  18. So you’re a shill for the greedy big $$ dispensary cartels who attack and diminish the rights of medical marijuana patients and their caregivers.


  19. So, as long as “medical” users get theirs, fuck everyone else? Keep prohibition because greedy dispensary owners want to keep their unregulated “medical” marijuana monopolies? Besides, why are the ones who are honest about wanting to smoke marijuana “stoners” and not the ones who cheat the medical marijuana system? And what about states that don’t have medical or recreational at all? Should they just not legalize?

  20. When will stoners learn — implementing “recreational” pot — COMMERCIAL Greedy Big $$ Dispensary Cartels — ALWAYS results in attacks and restrictions upon existing Medical Marijuana programs.

  21. AntiIgnorant on

    Pathetic attempt to delay the inevitable… just pathetic. Sore losers.

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