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Oregon Politicians Want To Overcharge Suffering Medical Marijuana Patients


Oregon capital marijuanaBy Robert J. Capecchi

Oregon: Oppose the OMMP fee increase!

Last week, lawmakers surprised medical marijuana advocates when, at the last minute, they passed a budget bill out of the Joint Ways and Means Committee that included a provision that would increase the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program fee from $100 to $200. In addition, this provision would remove the current practice of reducing registration fees for individuals who receive food stamps or state medical coverage. This bill is now before both chambers of the Oregon Legislature. Email your representative and senator today and request that they seek removal of this unfair provision during floor debate.

Doubling the OMMP registration fee is unacceptable. Although a modest tax on medical marijuana could be acceptable if it was accompanied by legislation creating a regulated medical marijuana distribution network, slapping a sin tax on the sick while giving nothing in return is outrageous. Please email your legislators and tell them to stop picking on Oregon’s patient population.

The budget bill could be taken up in either chamber very soon, so please email your legislators TODAY and ask them to remove the OMMP fee increase.

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