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Oregon QB Masoli Latest Victim Of Overzealous Marijuana Laws


We at THE Weed Blog prefer not to write about busts but this one hits home. As a huge Oregon Duck fan, today is a sad day for me as two year starter and at one time potential Heisman Trophy quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was kicked off the Oregon Duck football team after receiving a citation for possession of less than an ounce of weed. The incident happened Monday night in Eugene. This was his second arrest since the season ended with a loss in the Rose Bowl to Ohio State. The prior arrest resulted in a conviction for 2nd degree burglary and a season-long suspension, for what was basically a frat house prank. He was dismissed Wednesday by coach Chip Kelly for “failure to adhere to obligations previously outlined” after his burglary conviction.

This issue has me completely conflicted. At first I was disappointed, not that my quarterback smokes weed, but because he got caught. I have no issue with college kids smoking pot, especially if it keeps them from turning to alcohol to unwind. But if you are already on probation, you need to be aware that marijuana is still illegal and certain responsibilities must be taken. He knew the potential consequences and still choose to take a stupid risk. Because of his poor judgment, his career as a Duck is officially over.

Once I had a few minutes to think about it, I was able to put this into prospective. Possession shouldn’t be a crime and if it wasn’t, he would still be on the team and this wouldn’t be an issue. He may have made a few mistakes, but Masoli was an overall good guy and was respected by his team mates. He doesn’t deserve the stigma that will inevitably follow him wherever he goes and his life just got a lot harder. He is getting killed by the media for something people all over do everyday. In a roundabout way, he is the unspoken victim of marijuana law. So whatever your future endeavors may be Mr. Masoli, thank you for the memories and I wish you the best.

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  1. I agree with most of the comments here. He was dumb for what he did. A person on their last chance shouldn’t be taking any chances. My point was that possessing marijuana shouldn’t be a crime and if it wasn’t, this wouldn’t be newsworthy.

    Armed robbery?? Please, let’s not kick the guy while he’s down.

    Go Ducks!

  2. You know what. He had his chances. He just fucked up too many times. All you have to do is go through life without fucking up. Just follow most of the rules and you will be ok. He just had one or two more years and he would have probably gone professional and he may still. After that he could have done whatever he wanted. He is just an idiot with an excellent arm and sight. Smoke weed, I don’t care. Just don’t drag it around with you. What a punk bitch.

  3. malcolm kyle on

    And what sort of message does prohibition send to our kids? -That it’s OK to bank-roll Terrorists and Criminals?

    If sport and marijuana don’t mix then how come Swimmer Michael Phelp won all those Gold medals?

    No amount of money, police powers, weaponry, wishful thinking or pseudo-science will make our streets safer; only an end to prohibition can do that. How much longer are you willing to foolishly risk your own survival by continuing to ignore the obvious, historically confirmed solution?

    If you support prohibition then you’ve helped trigger the worst crime wave in history.

    If you support prohibition you’ve a helped create a black market with massive incentives to hook both adults and children alike.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to make these dangerous substances available in schools and prisons.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped raise gang warfare to a level not seen since the days of alcohol bootlegging.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped create the prison-for-profit synergy with drug lords.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped remove many important civil liberties from those citizens you falsely claim to represent.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped put previously unknown and contaminated drugs on the streets.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to escalate Theft, Muggings and Burglaries.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped to divert scarce law-enforcement resources away from protecting your fellow citizens from the ever escalating violence against their person or property.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped overcrowd the courts and prisons, thus making it increasingly impossible to curtail the people who are hurting and terrorizing others.

    If you support prohibition you’ve helped evolve local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, controlling vast swaths of territory with significant social and military resources at their disposal.

    If you support prohibition then prepare yourself for even more death, corruption, sickness, imprisonment, unemployment, foreclosed homes, and the complete loss of the rule of law and the Bill of Rights.

  4. As a marijuana blogger and activist, I can only hope that some day people like Masoli will be allowed to smoke in peace.

    As a citizen and sports fan, I agree with all three of the above, more or less: Masoli is kind of a jackass, and he knew about the risk.

    As a Ducks fan, I’m really sick of the way we shoot ourselves in the foot every goddamn year.

    Every. God. Damn. Year.

  5. Over-zealous marijuana laws? What kind of message is this guyssending to tweens ,and teens about his behavior? Not to mention that he was on probation already for a burglary. I have nothing against marijuana, and it needs to be either completely decriminalized, and/or legalized, but Masoli is setting a bad example. He was not allowed to mess around with marijuana, or any other drug while on probation, and he chose to ignore that because he isn’t thinking right. There is something wrong with a dude who could have the world in the palm of his hand but would rather take chances on ruining his life, and career. No, this guy is far from the role model he could have been, and normally, athletes ,and drugs do not mix, period.

  6. fuckfishing on

    Dude would have been off the team even if he didn’t have pot. I am all for legalization but if your on probation and it specifically states (almost always does) that you are not to use alcohol or any other drug you better fucking listen! Masoli however is not a “good guy”!! He was involved in an ARMED ROBBERY! And the incident in the frat house with the laptops was NOT a simple prank and nobody in the know ever claimed that it was!

  7. And I suppose him driving with a suspended license was proof of our horrible laws too?

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