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Oregon Rejects Thanksgiving Day Baskets From Marijuana Industry

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(image via the Statesman Journal)

I like to think that my home state, Oregon, is a generous state. Every place I have ever worked at has pooled together donations around the holidays to help needy families. So I was very disturbed to read about how the State of Oregon is rejecting Thanksgiving Day baskets for needy families if they come from the marijuana industry. Per Oregon Live:

Earlier this month a group of women in Oregon’s marijuana industry came up with a plan to donate baskets complete with turkeys and the fixings for a Thanksgiving Day meal for 20 needy families in Eugene.

At first, an agency employee based in the Eugene office welcomed the gift, said Lindsey Jacobsen, a founder of the group. But a few days later, the state reversed course, saying staff was spending too much time making arrangements for the gift.

“It was related to the fact that it was a marijuana-related business and the discomfort by the DHS office that it would give the appearance of some kind of endorsement,” said Gene Evans, a department spokesman.

What I’m hearing is that the State of Oregon, and specifically DHS, values reefer madness over helping needy families. After all, marijuana is now legal in Oregon. Are baskets being denied from other legal industries? Does DHS even care what industry the donations come from, so long as they aren’t from the marijuana industry?

I can’t help but point out some potentially massive hypocrisy. I have a friend that owns a bar. Every year the bar accepts donations from patrons that go towards Thanksgiving Day baskets. Those baskets are delivered to the State of Oregon, similar to how they were delivered by the marijuana industry members referred to previously in this article. They have never, ever been turned away.

To be fair, I don’t know if DHS asked where those particular baskets came from, so maybe they didn’t know that the baskets came from the alcohol industry. But even if they had, would those baskets have been turned away? I doubt it. Marijuana is 114 times safer than alcohol, so why are baskets from the marijuana industry being singled out? I’m ashamed that my state’s government is willing to let reefer madness get in the way of helping feed 20 needy families, especially considering that marijuana is legal in Oregon now. Shame on you Oregon DHS!

The acceptance of baskets from the alcohol industry isn’t an endorsement by DHS of alcohol, just as the acceptance of baskets from the marijuana industry isn’t an endorsement of marijuana. The acceptance of the baskets is an endorsement of compassion, and for caring for the needy. The last time I checked, that’s what DHS is supposed to stand for.


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Johnny Green


  1. Dominick Carnevale on

    Cannabis is indeed a gateway drug! I’ve been using it for about 43 years and I’ve been thinking lately about trying alcohol!

  2. It enhances life .. Cannabis extracts save some lives but not all .. Oregon will let big business produce the weed the government tells them to … Oregonians got fucked by legalization …. Now it’s just a recreational drug … Much like alcohol,,,,,,,,

  3. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Care to elaborate? Perhaps there is some plan afoot to enslave some of the Syrian “refugees”… It is a farce to take them in – arab on arab crime, not on my dime! I bet a lot of the so called “refugees” think of themselves as better than Americans – such beliefs are common in that region from what I hear. They will soon learn quite to the contrary, one way or another. If they want to be treated as equals, they should not be practising a culture which has a history of forcing fictional puritan ideas on us Americans. Maybe israel should take them instead, or iraq or kuwait or all of the oil wealthy nations in the middle east could take care of their own for once instead of parasitizing off of us all the time. The United States has fed much of the world for decades, while many are underfed here. The United States has given away so much in foreign aid over the years that it is mindblowing. I guess the parasitic hateful violent cultures of the middle east see our history of giving foreign aid as an invitation.

    Self loathing liberals who are at least somewhat wealthy are the only ones in favor of taking these potential terrorists into our borders. If they are real democrats then they should acknowledge that majority rules in a democracy. Many of the self loathing liberal crowd are energetically anti American – as if not being distracted by puritan ideals so much that it holds your entire culture back in time is an aspect of American culture to be ashamed of.

    If it goes through, tax money which will not be spent on domestic food stamps for hungry American children will instead be used to help sometimes well off elitists who will likely attempt empirialization on us come here and settle. Attempting to destroy elements of self provision in American culture such as hunting and self protection and using tax dollars to move terrorists to America will be the two main things remembered about the obama/ bresinsky years. The repeal of cannabis prohibition has been going on for years, and if anything the obama administration has hindered it. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnel has done more to free to cannabis plant in the United States than a lot of people acknowledge. The industrial hemp industry happening in Kentucky has a lot to do with the fact that the people of Kentucky will at least have medical marijuana soon, as it scares off the most restrictive of market meddlers… Of course people should not need a prescription, but medical will mean a step in the right direction at least for Kentucky.

  4. What will the folks from DHS tell their children about this(doubt if they will)?

    “Just cause I hate pot, I am making sure 20 families will go hungry this thanksgiving…. so let’s bow our heads and give thanks for being able to starve families this year.”

    Nothing lower than putting your ideals before compassion.

  5. What a mess .. Marijuana is now taxed and regulated ,but not good enough to help people by donating money food or ? DHS must have met some of the Oregon Canna Losers and think all of the marijuana industry is like that … Fix Oregons marijuana industry image and this may change .

  6. Johnny, Can you find out EXACTLY what department as well the PUBLIC employees name and contact number? We should start a phone campaign against them. They’ll spend MORE time answering the phone than anything.

  7. Reefer madness is a cancer that needs to be eradicated. It amazes me how ignorant people continue to be on the subject.

  8. I bet they’ll take a bunch of terrorist illegal “refugees” though. Behold, the true power of tokers!

  9. jasen joseph hylbert on

    Very few people are actually bothered by human suffering nowadays. With all of the scare tactics and propaganda that the brezinsky/ obamatron machine has been showing us in attempts to make people fear eachother a lot of folks have been reduced to an anti human lifestyle.

    I try and help people directly so that I know the help is actually recieved, but it seems like those who have been terrorizing and slandering me want to prevent me from doing good.

  10. Michael Miller on

    This is shameful. Do you think the poverty stricken people in Oregon care wher the donations came from? We live in a world where about half of the children are in poverty. That’s right… 50% of them live in poverty. And then we have organizations turning away donations based on their views of a plant. These are donations that people need, and they’re turning them down. Unbelievable. We live in a sick world my friends. I believe it is getting better though. Slowly but surely, I think it is. These idiots at Oregon DHS will see their error in judgement one day. That I am sure of.

  11. Lawrence Goodwin on

    This response from Oregon state officials is borne out of their collective fear, which will take years to dispel. But it will. Until then, the legal cannabis industry in every forward-looking state should use those same resources and organize massive holiday parties for themselves and invite the less fortunate. I’d love to try some of that gravy! We promoters of legal cannabis should give thanks to each other for so bravely joining together and fighting this good fight–no matter how severe the public resistance.

  12. First I would like to commend the Oregon Marijuana industry and a big thank you.
    Second how f**king ignorant of DHS Oregon to turn down much needed donations. I guess they think it is better to have families starving than to give them these donations.
    I guess DHS didn’t get the memo that Marijuana is legal in Oregon.

  13. That’s sad, but it’s not surprising. – Forget the bureaucrats! – Needy families are not hard to find. – Just go to a parking lot near Social Services and start handing them out.

  14. jasen joseph hylbert on

    A lot of deer hunters feed the needy bh donating deer carcasses to food pantries this time of year.
    There was a murderer named Frank Lucas who used to give away turkeys around thanksgiving. Had he not been a part of the corrupt system which tends to keep people poor, the people in his neighboorhood would have been able to self provide and not been put in a situation where they were put upon to feel thankful to a murderer whose industry was enriched by the evil concept of artificial scarcity. If these members of the cannabis industry are part of the corrupt movement to limit industrial hemp and limit self provision of cannabis or are anti hunting, then giving away as much food as they can will still not make them compassionate people in all. However, they may not be opposed to industrial hemp, self provision and hunting – in which case they are truely all around nice people.

    The state turning down charity is never logical or morally acceptable.
    Hearing this sad story does not surprise me because I know that there are a lot of people who hate humanity around. While in Springfield Oregon I had several bags of groceries stole from me by assholes dressed in police uniforms. They complained about the fact that my shorts were not hiked up to my neck and about the fact that I was walking down the sidewalk shirtless. They made it clear to me that they were bigotted against people with Irish family histories. Not all people with Irish family histories are criminals and tax evadors. Many of the authorities by Springfield Oregon clearly hate what they see as the local “hippie” culture, and are on a crusade – like mission to force a conformist society there. Therefore reading this unfortunate headline comes as no surprise to me. The lies being told about cannabis have resulted in the wrong people going into jobs as authorities, which ultimately has resulted in a lack of respect for the concept of authority and government in and of itself. Who is to say that those responsible for this whole sham are religious extremists who benefit from a lack of respect for sincere government and real logical authorities (though not dogmatic government worshippers either)?

    I had my food stolen from me, then was threatened with 3 weeks in jail for a false charge of public nudity unless I pay them some money. Later that day I was back at the grocery stole to satisfy my grumbling belly and chose to give some food and drinks to a couple of people who were clearly in dire straights. This action on my part was in no way facilitated by any restrictions which have been placed on the cannabis plant. Thanks to the value placed on the 2nd ammendment, I have given away a lot of venison over the years to needy mouths. Restrictions on firearms seek to limit the access to modern technology which makes giving venison away to needy mouths more possible and common. Those involved in the movement to repeal cannabis prohibition need to make certain that their ideas about firearms are in alignment with their general attitudes about freedom and ability to self provide and to be generous. Are you just trying to control everything so that you can pat yourselves on the back when you throw a few buds and a bowl of corn flakes in the direction of those you are able to lord over because of the self serving restrictions you are maintaining on cannabis? If so, you are the people who’s control has resulted in increased rates of war and starvation and giving away a few buds and a bowl or three of corn flakes does not make up for it. I say boycott corn flakes – thier producers have a history of extreme bigotry, advocating for inbreeding, and profiting from wars they create.

    High rates of self provision facilitate logical civilized authorities pooling resources for real common goods without distraction.

    I am all for letting people fish instead of taking their rights then making them dependant on handouts. If this stance angers the self labelled communist types, then they should not be in control for the good of all.

  15. stellarvoyager on

    That is such a cruel and heartless decision when there are so many hungry Oregonians, on no other basis except for cannabis bigotry. Shame on them.

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