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Oregon SB 844 Will Force Medical Marijuana Patients Into Black Market


medical marijuana oregon medicineOregon Senate Bill 844, and specifically the Dash-6 Amendments, are the biggest attempted attack on the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program since the candidacy of Dwight Holton. A vote on the bill was expected today, but I received a text earlier today from someone very close to the situation who says that the vote has been delayed until at least Monday. Either way, it’s vital that activists and supporters keep up the pressure, and keep contacting their elected officials to let them know just how horrible this bill is.

Portland NORML issued a press release earlier today that I’ve pasted below. Again, it’s my understanding that the vote will not occur today, but that is just via text, so take it for what you will, and keep that in mind when you read the press release below, which was issued while I was at work, but I couldn’t get it posted until now because I’m on my lunch break:

The Portland chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is rallying supporters of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) to make their voices heard about the proposed Dash-­6 Amendments to SB 844, which they argue threatens the continued viability of the OMMP and are expected to come up for a vote during tonight’s Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91 work session.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, there are 5,584 patients who are served by grow sites that cover more than two patients and 2,025 of those patients are served by grow sites that cover more than four patients. Under the Dash-­6 Amendments, a grow site in a residential zone could serve only two patients and one outside of a residential zone could serve only four patients.

Dash-­6 Amendments guarantee that thousands of patients will be forced to purchase marijuana at dispensaries. However, moratoriums and bans in many localities guarantees hundreds of those patients will be forced back onto the black market to purchase their medicine. And with over 56 percent of Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders on SNAP, OHP, and SSI, these are the most vulnerable marijuana consumers least able to make those adjustments.

Furthermore, the Dash-­6 Amendments impose record keeping for seven years, far more onerous than required of producers of any other agricultural commodity.

“These Dash­-6 Amendments are like using a hatchet to perform delicate surgery. The legislature is trying to tamp down leakage into the black market, but might actually be driving more patients back into it. Measure 91 clearly called for no changes to the OMMP, and the legislature should honor the will of the voters,” says Portland NORML’s Executive Director Russ Belville.

For more information about SB 844 and the Dash-­6 amendments or about Portland NORML’s work representing adult marijuana consumers you can find them at ​PortlandNORML.org​.

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  1. Terisa Rundle on

    I need a DR that takes the OHP and does not charge an arm and leg to renew it? I’m in Bend Or.

  2. Bongstar420 on

    Many republicans are speaking with the same rhetoric about “the will of the people” with respect to more regulations and taxes with M91..

    I’m sure its just a coincidence you both have the same rhetoric.

    Maybe the concept here is subjective and really not meaningful in a direct, acute sense.

  3. Bongstar420 on

    OMMP suppliers and users are fairly well organized and can be as vocal as any antigay evangelist. Responsible adults have difficulty getting things done properly when the children throw tantrums as a consequence of having to grow up.

  4. Bongstar420 on

    Issued January 2015 by the OHA:

    Growers per Patient

    36,818 (1)

    4,941 (2)

    2,715 (3)

    1,794 (4)

    The way to read the growers-per-patient statistic is, “There are 36,818 growers growing for one patient each, 4,941 growers growing for two patients each, 2,715 growers growing for three patients each, and 1,794 growers growing for four patients each.”

    Something like 230 +4 patient grow sites have sprung up out of “necessity” since January I guess. That’s 48lbs for 4 patients in 1 moderate to heavy outdoor harvest. The dispensaries are not scratching for materials at all and are actually turning away lots and lots of vendors apparently (thats what they tell me).

  5. ANonnenmacher on

    The method for getting this bill out of committee was just as bad as the actual bill. They added 60+ pages to a small bill and called it an amendment so they could avoid a public hearing on the bill. The M91 committee knew patients would pack the room to oppose it, so they decided they would rather not bother with us pesky patients and their advocates.

  6. I wonder if our for fathers of our country ever planned for our people to vote on one thing. Then to have our government completely change it around to suit their needs. Better for than the people that voted. I know for a fact that is not what they had planned. Your job is to uphold the will of the people. Not to do things to suit your own motives to control a new market. That is what is wrong with this country.Greed. I understand that you see that there is a blackmarket. With slippage from the medical marijuana program. Possibly. I wouldn’t know im not a medical grower, card holder patient or whatever. I saw this story on the news. BUT what I am in an american!!!! To see the people of our country/state to vote on one measure to only completely change right after is sickening!!! Your jobs is told up hold the will of the people. I know I said this all ready. It needed to be said again. Not to change it to suit your own needs to completely control a new market. If the marijuana is making its way onto the blackmarket. That is the police’s job the handle that end of it. When american’s have more and more of their rights stripped away in an unfair manner. And really after voting on something. They begin to distrust their government. Which is not what we need is this country. We need to be fair to one another and band together. We are going through hard times. We do not need division. So when you are in your sessions this week and when ever. Think of what our country used to be. What it’s supposed to be. What it could be again. With proper choices in fairness to others in what they voted on. Remember the oath you first took when sworn in. What it means. What it stands for who wrote it and why. Take money out of this whole issue, and think about people. The will of the people. Because that is what your job surely is. I know anyone a true american will do the right thing, and if in your position and fails to do the right thing than they are not

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