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Oregon Sen. Betsy Close Is A Cannabis Prohibitionist Against Helping Soldiers With PTSD


SALEM, Ore. — Two combat veterans told state senators on Wednesday how marijuana has helped them cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and at times helped calmed one soldier’s violent urges. State Senator Betsy Close testified that she is against expanding the medical marijuana program.

“Marijuana does damage the body and especially the brain,” she said while citing a 1979 study about the dangerous effects of marijuana. “All drugs have side effects. This drug has documented brain damage and sex damage,” Close added.

Senator Betsy Close
R – Albany, District 8

Capitol Address:
900 Court St. NE, S-303
Salem, OR 97301
Capitol Phone:



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  1. How do these people get elected to office.?
    At 64 years old. Having smoked cannabis since my service in Thailand I find her testimony funny if not so troublesome.

  2. Sex damage! LMAO. woman to woman you’ve never had good sex until you’ve smoked. She’s an idiot.

  3. Johnny oneye on

    ” I kept the article for years! funny years later : ITS STILL BULLSHIT!
    these are the folks who keep voting NO
    Spitting in the fACE of Veterans – very sad
    Does anyone really believe the drivel this hag spews?

  4. The Grim Reefer on

    An article from 1979? Its time to get rig of this old Ginch. What an ugly mean spirited post menopausal hag!
    People of Oregon it is time to vote against her now!

  5. Veterans for Safe Access on

    Hello Honorable Betsy Close,

    My name is Scott Murphy. I am a combat veteran who suffers from chronic pain. I take narcotics every day and was even offered morphine. When I was 18 I got in a sever motorcycle accident and have a rod attaching my femur and four plates on my hip. I was still able to serve my country and put my life on the line for American, even those like yourself who do not support us as we struggle and cry for help.

    I am 30 years old, a father of two toddlers, am taking 6 level 300/400 classes for Environmental Science and Clean and Renewable Energy. As a scientist I shake my head at your use of “refer madness” siting an inaccurate 1979 study. Are you not curious why there are not newer studies supporting this? What are these other approaches you refer to help. You either do not care or you are unaware 22 service members are committing suicide a day. It is disrespectful to ask us to protect you and your family and then mock us when we say we live a normal productive life wit the use of cannabis. There are obvious other things wrong with your family member that you are most likely lying about or unaware of. They most likely smoke cigarettes and could also being talking other harder drugs.

    It has no become my mission and the mission of all of the service member community to call Prohibitionist like you out. This is not an image you are going to recover from once we get united. Use real science not debunked science. Did you not read the governments own report in 1999? Are you unaware of the government program that supplies people with marijuana.

    You do not understand the suffering we go through so either step aside or enlightened yourself. If you claim to support our troops but do not support our choice of medication and make us beg for it you are worse than the terrorist we went to fight. You are worse because we fought for you, you are suppose to be an American. You are suppose to help us when we get home. If PTSD is not included in the law blood is on your hands. I hope every night before you go to bed you can reflect that 22 more service members ended their lives. You are the problem, kindly step aside so we can help ourselves.

    Scott Murphy
    Retired Army

    Protecting your freedom so you can spit in our face!

  6. Why does she think that anyone will believe her? Most high school kids know more about weed than she does. She is a disgrace as a public servant.

  7. Sen. Betsy Close is harmful to the welfare and well being of veterans who suffer from PTSD. There ought to be a law against her.

  8. o…m….g… as a resident of Washington and a former Oregonian I am speechless. Support the troops my ass… this is just proof that there are americans that don’t give two shits about vets. The worst part about it is when one of those Americans is elected to office… her entire argument is based on fallacy, not science.

  9. It’s time to get rid of these old fks that are out of touch with the people and get true Freedom and Liberty minded people in there to replace them.

  10. stellarvoyager on

    What a heartless, callous woman to deny this medicine to our vets. Let’s remove her from office ASAP. We want legislators who show compassion and gratitude to our vets, not reefer madness bigotry.

  11. Where is the laugh track? Are there people out there that really need this debunked? Apparently so.

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