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Oregon Senator Introduces Cannabis Legalization Legislation


floyd prozanski oregon senate marijuana legalizationCourtesy of The Joint Blog

Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Floyd Prozanski introduced draft legislation recently that would ask voters in the 2014 election if they want to legalize cannabis for those 21 and older, while letting the Legislature work out the specific details, such as regulations and taxes. The Senate and House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss the proposal.

In the last session, Oregon’s House Judiciary Committee, with a vote of 6 to 3, became one of the first statewide legislative committees in U.S. history to approve a proposal specifically legalizing the possession, use and sale of recreational cannabis. Unfortunately the bill stalled in its next committee; however, advocates are optimistic that a proposal – especially one that has the legislature putting the issue to a vote of the people – has a good chance of advancing further, and Prozansk agrees.

If the proposal doesn’t progress, there’s still a good chance that Oregon voters will be weighing in on the issue next year; New Approach Oregon recently filed an initiative to legalize the possession of up to 8 ounces of cannabis, and the proponents of last year’s Measure 80 are already collecting signatures on two proposals (one a constitutional amendment, one a simple state-law change) that would put cannabis legalization to a vote in 2014.

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  1. Hey Becky, I appreciate your comment, but could you add some punctuation? Sorry you are having to jump over so many hoops for your MMJ card (at least I think that’s what you’re saying). I didn’t have a problem getting mine — all the problems started afterwards.

  2. Should have been on the ballot this year this is crap i think i want to go back to washington this state dont understand the value nor the ethical standreds all athority sees is that here in oregon if you want to smoke herbage your a violatior washington i was given my card this state of oregon revokes state transfers of medical marijuana i had to go threw my dr and it was a hellish day in washington you go to a spacific clinic for evaluation say yes or no how is a person suffering server ibs sopposed see a doctor in porland who just says hay i think i will shit my self today or i am so irrritable you can all fuck off this is how bad my mine is better buy some depends and mightal there needs to be more in all the towns of oregon not just salem or portland thats like wasington spokane and seattle no in between.

  3. Good luck Oregon. It looks like a three way form my point of view. That may turn some people on, others may say it looks like cluster f..k. Good luck O, I hope all three get satisfaction.

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