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Oregon Sheriff Tom Bergin Claims Marijuana Supporters Don’t Have Jobs


cops law enforcement special needs students entrapmentWhen it comes to opposing marijuana reform, it seems that the Oregon Sheriff’s Association always leads the way. Oregon Measure 91 is on the ballot, which will legalize marijuana if passed, and we will find out what voters truly think of it early next week on Election Day 2014. Almost all of the money donated to the ‘No on 91’ campaign has come from the Oregon Sheriff’s Association. The Oregon Sheriff’s Association spearheaded an anti-marijuana propaganda tour, which was clearly political, under the disguise that they were merely trying to ‘educate the public.’

One of the most outspoken Sheriff’s in Oregon is Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin, who stated the following according to Komo News:

They have also flown in people from Colorado to speak out, said Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin, a leader of the no campaign. “It’s really difficult,” he said. “We’ve got daytime jobs. The potheads don’t. This is their job to get this legalized.”

Not only is Tom Bergin’s comments inaccurate, they are offensive, at least they are to me. I, like most marijuana supporters, have a day job. In fact, not only do I work a full time job Monday thru Friday, I don’t make any money from my activism/blogging, which I’m sure comes as a surprise to many. I volunteer my time, waking up hours before I need to before I go off to my daytime job so that I can spread awareness on the internet, do outreach, and post articles. It’s not easy, and there are many days that I’d rather sleep in, but I have posted articles every day for many years now because I’m fighting for what’s right.

The Oregon Sheriff’s Association on the other hand campaigns against marijuana while on the clock, proven by public record requests that were completed by Russ Belville. Tom Bergin wants to make it seem that anyone who fights for marijuana reform is an unemployed loser. Well I’m not an unemployed loser Mr. Bergin, and neither are my fellow marijuana supporters such as King County Sheriff John Urquhart, which last time I checked, fights for marijuana reform and has the same daytime profession that you do. Shame on you Mr. Bergin.


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Johnny Green


  1. ….and most pot smokers are unemployed hippies (like that was a legitimate reason at all)


  2. LOL> Cops are on job the keeping prohibition going 24/7. They don’t even have to be productive unlike the dumb “stoners” who have to harvest to fund.

    Its not like facts and goals have nothing to do with it or anything like that. Sheesh

  3. Same with me but I have found a little lazy time now and then and it sure is sweet. Can’t wait to sit on my deck, look out over the mountains, smoke my pipe and enjoy the fruits of my 46 years of “joblessness” and soon to be retirement. I have promoted cannabis and reform the entire time.

  4. Amazing how cannabis law reformers work for free to support their cause and prohibitionists get paid for perpetuating their cause. That says everything to me.

  5. Oh yes, the poor prohibitionist lobby, for years having the only microphone, virtually limitless money, and countless people-hours donated by politicians, police and prosecutors, can scarcely make its case. In fact, the only thing their poor spokespeople can do is to smear the opposition. There’s character for you. Clatsop County, please assign his job to someone who’ll focus on keeping you safe rather than keeping himself in the limelight.

  6. I’ve been working since 1962 and smoking since 1965. When is it that this laziness actually kicks in? I could use a rest!

  7. You cant use logic on a brick wall. Here is someone whos whole fiber of being is tied up in Prohibitionist lies. If you unravel and destroy the lies they will still continue to believe them. They fear change. They may even become violent when faced witht the destruction of their entire belief system even if it is false. Be careful of (these persons) these people, this person. They should be watched carefully, in fact perhaps administrative leave, with psychiatric evaluation should be required. Desplaying signs of dementia is not a good thing for people in his position.

  8. Puffy Red Ass because he won’t be able to purchase doughnuts with asset forfeitures from connoisseurs and family’s who are fighting illnesses that are killing off their family members…Bad Cop No Doughnuts for you spreading lies and deceit! The only kind of doughnut your going to get is a “Creme Filled Long-John” from the masses!

  9. *responding from work*

    Yes, Shame on you!

    Johnny, thanks for the long hours… Your efforts are shining a light on the truth and helping us all evolve to a kinder society.

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