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Retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice Urges Yes Vote On Marijuana Legalization


With decades on the bench in Oregon, including more than 8 years as a justice on the state Supreme Court, retired judge Riggs knows a good law when he reads one.

He is publicly endorsing Measure 91 on the November ballot. He is believed to be the first state supreme court justice to endorse a marijuana regulation measure.

The video can be seen below:

“I’ve read the measure, and I’m going to vote for it,” Riggs said. “I think its inevitable that marijuana is coming to Oregon in one form or another, and I hope it comes in the form of a good bill like this one. If we are going to have marijuana in Oregon, this is the way to do it.”

According to the Oregon State police, 13,408 people were arrested or cited for marijuana crimes in Oregon last year. In the last decade, more than 99,000 people have been arrested or cited for marijuana here. These arrests and citations clog the justice system and take police resources away from preventing and solving violent crimes. Meanwhile, violent drug cartels earn hundreds of millions of dollars selling to the black market in the U.S.

“More and more people are coming out in support of sensible drug policies, and this endorsement shows how Measure 91 is the right approach to marijuana for Oregon,” said campaign manager Dan Mahr.

Measure 91 would allow for licensed and regulated sales of marijuana in Oregon to adults only. Sales would be taxed to generate money for schools, state and local police and drug treatment, drug prevention and mental health programs.


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  1. Paul Shively CFO CannaMed Corp on

    CannaMed Corp. supports and endorses Measure 91 as the first step in insuring access to marijuana for recreational uses but even more important allow those that use marijuana for medicinal reasons, safe access. Oregon voters are encouraged to become part of the movement of trailblazers ending the prohibition on marijuana as it evolves from street level sales to professionally managed and operated outlets. CannaMed Corp offers turnkey support solutions to the legal cannabis industry developing professional outlets and compliance solutions. We look forward to taking the lead along side Oregon voters in developing a statewide professionally managed marijuana distribution network.

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