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Oregon Treasurer: Next Portland Mayor Needs To Lead On Cannabis Policy


ted wheeler marijuanaOregon Treasurer, and Portland mayoral candidate, Ted Wheeler recently participated in a cannabis round table discussion in Portland, Oregon. I was fortunate to be invited to the event, but unfortunate enough that I couldn’t attend due to work (have to pay those bills!). Hardworking activist Michael Bachara was there, and was able to capture some video and was even kind enough to post a transcript of the video on YouTube. Below is the transcript, followed by the video of what Ted Wheeler said at the event:

There’s a number of ways that the Mayor of Portland could lead in Cannabis Policy.

First of all, let’s acknowledge that this is a legal and regulated industry. Some of the issues I’d like to see resolved include banking. Right now, the cannabis industry does not have access to a legal banking framework. That means it’s a high volume cash industry. That creates some public safety issues. It certainly makes it more difficult for the industry to be regulated the way people expect the industry to be regulated and frankly it makes it a very difficult proposition for those in the cannabis industry whether they’re growers or whether they’re suppliers or whether they’re at the retail level.

Second of all, I believe that the mayor and the city should be working more closely with regional partners and state officials particularly with those at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) making sure that were not duplicating rules and regulations, making sure that were not putting undue expectations on the industry or undue costs by duplicating licensing fees, and just treat this industry with the same respect as any other legal and regulated industry in our state.

Finally, I’ll say this, I think we need to start acknowledging that this is an industry with tremendous opportunity to help employ Portlanders and Oregonians at large. And, in a state that’s concerned about job growth and concerned about real wage growth, this should be seen as the opportunity that it is to help grow our economy.

To get involved: http://tedwheeler.com

Source: Cannabis Round-table with Ted Wheeler, Tabor Space, Portland, Oregon 9/22/15

Footage: Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH) http://hemp.org

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  1. Buckley Law P.C. on

    Now seems to be the time for politicians like Wheeler, and other community leaders to step forward and show their ability to be a part of the solution with this newborn industry. For example, one of our attorneys, Richard Mario, recently went on the radio to talk about the cannabis industry and how it will relate to Oregon real estate and other areas of the law.

  2. or until judges do their sworn duties, and arrest all those involved in warring on people here in the states which is against the law.
    Its called high treason.
    3rd paragraph, second sentence shows all that the judges are derelict in their sworn duties too…
    Otherwise they would convict those who are bent on discrimination that bans us from a good paying job and so forth, the judges are in on it too, the high treasonous no good mooches with robes

  3. Thanks for the post. This is great news because Portland’s current Mayor Hales is not cannabis-friendly. Ted Wheeler is a former chair of the County Board of Commissioners and was recently term-limited out as Treasurer for the state of Oregon. So, he knows the local scene and he knows finance. He was a candidate for governor but we already have a good guv so Ted is going to try to help his home town of Portland as mayor. Let’s hope he wins. Maybe Portland caught a break in finally getting a decent mayoral candidate (last 2 mayors were awful). Ted Wheeler will get my vote for mayor of Portland next year over Charlie Hales. Please continue to follow this story. Thanks again.

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