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Oregon: Very Important Medical Marijuana Rally This Week


oregon marijuanaThis is going to be a very big week for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). There are some very serious changes being proposed, and there is going to be a lot of activity this session at the legislature. There is a rally this week. Please attend if you are able. Below is more information, via the event’s Facebook page:

We need to stand up for medical marijuana patients’ right. It’s time to put up or shut up: Hearing on HB 4014 in front of the Joint Committee On Marijuana Legalization is in room 343 at the Oregon State Capitol at 1pm. Rally at noon.

We hope to see you there, in Salem, at the Oregon State Capitol at high noon, Tuesday, February 2nd.

OHA/OLCC/AOC try to bury marijuana with rules. Help save OMMA!


When: Tuesday February 2nd at 12 PM – 1 PM

Where: Oregon State Capital – Salem, Oregon 900 Court St NE, Salem, Oregon 97301

There is also a petition urging the Oregon Health Authority to not destroy the OMMP. You can sign that petition here.

There is also a petition calling for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act to be added to Oregon’s Constitution. You can sign that petition here.


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  1. Whoa, what a bunch of crap!!! Reefer madness much! ….Bongstar420 said ” Most people cannot maintain responsible lifestyles smoking 1-2 oz a
    month; that is something a minority of us are able to accomplish”…. LMFAO! You are an ignorant person, especially with that handle….bongstar420!! lmfao….

  2. Stop the political censorship…your frequent deleting of my comments only proves you have a political agenda independent of your claims of open discussion

    Any plant to be sold is a crop.

    Neighbors have no right to whine about pot any more than lavender or rye grass (both crops that can cause strong discomfort for some people).

    Out of state money is unnecessary. It only benefits rich people who have money and increases the amount of out of state connections with our intrastate economy. The bar on out of state investors protects M91 from Federal Intervention.

  3. Firstly, A joint lasts me several days when I am not getting high all the time (because I smoke it in a pipe as joints are the most wasteful way to consume-the growers job is not to help you waste drugs). Most people cannot maintain responsible lifestyles smoking 1-2 oz a month; that is something a minority of us are able to accomplish….and if you can’t afford to pay $ or are willing to accept the quality of your own product, you deserve to be sober. You better be wheelchair bound or suffering from a severe cognitive ailment to legitimately not self supply your own stash on 6 ommp plants and 4 m91 plants

    You are welcome to start a business and do it for less…I could, but I’d quit if all it was about was getting people the cheapest easiest high possible.

    Secondly, making it “easier” doesn’t lower the price. I’ve lowered my prices only to watch the shelf price go up. The burden to being a grower is competency and $30k to start which most responsible adults can access one way or another.

    If I sold dirt cheap on the edict that the “Med” price would be $15/g and the Rec price be $12/g, do you think anyone would comply?

  4. Liz Lotochinski:

    “The RTF policy provides incentives and privileges to land owners in EFU areas because the zoning limits alternative land uses. Under RTF, ranchers are protected from lawsuits against noises, smells, dust, and other issues associated with farming. The Right to Farm law protects farming practices that are generally accepted, reasonable and prudent and are performed in a reasonable manner. Any rational person would agree that a product requiring 8 foot fences topped with razor wire, sends its scent for thousands of feet, sells for $2,500 a pound and is a cash based business is NOT grown in a reasonable manner.”

    What a dummy!

    1. $2500 is the retail price- growers with outs usually get $800-1200/lb
    2. Even at $800-$1200/lb the described security measures are the definition of reasonable.
    3. People kill each other for Gold
    4. Any plant grown for sale is a crop
    5. Federal Law only applies to interstate commerce

    Shirley Morgan:

    Out of Staters do bring higher risk of trafficking. EFU designation is correct. Growers shouldn’t have to get neighbors permission to grow. The plant is a crop as long as its sold.

    Steven Chianello:

    The same as above. Cannabis is no less of a crop than Arborvitae, Petunia, or Lavender.

    ——Changing the out of state residency provision only benefits out of state money interests. Cannabis does not need huge investors unless your trying to build a couple Marlboro’s…and any common farmer can grow Marlboro weed——

  5. Oregon Health Authority needs to make it easier for people to be growers for dispensaries. If not the high tax tight restrictions on oils, ounces or more will cause a black market weed explosion after the dispensary hype wears off and people start to realize that $14.50 for two joints is not right. But a rip off to the tax payers.

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