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Oregon Wants Your Input On Recreational Marijuana


oregon liquor control commission olcc marijuanaI have been an Oregonian my entire life. I absolutely love this state, and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I was so proud of Oregon during the last election when we voted to legalize recreational marijuana. Oregon has voted to do so along with Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Washington D.C.. It was a long, hard fought battle to get to this point in Oregon, but the fight isn’t over yet. Now it’s time to implement Measure 91, which is not going to be an easy task.

There are politicians in Oregon that want to gut the initiative. There are other politicians, and large media outlets in Oregon, that want to use this as an opportunity to get rid of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Oregon voters need to stand up and let it be known that we want the initiative to be implemented the way it was written. We want the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program to stay how it is. We also want citizens, not elected officials, to determine if a city, town, or county wants to opt out of allowing legal recreational marijuana sales. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is tasked with overseeing the recreational marijuana industry, is asking for input from the public. See below:

What are your hopes and concerns about regulated marijuana sales in Oregon? What should marijuana regulation look like in your community? OLCC wants to hear from you as we plan a series of listening sessions in communities across our state. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below.


The survey will be open through Monday, January 12.

If you live in Oregon, please participate in the survey. We need as many people filling it out as possible to show Oregon politicians and bureaucrats at the OLCC that the will of Oregon voters needs to be upheld, and that the initiative needs to be implemented the same way it was approved by voters. Oregon voters didn’t just simply vote ‘yes’ for marijuana legalization, they voted ‘yes’ to very specific language, proven by a comparison of election results from 2012 compared to 2014. If it was simply just a ‘yes’ vote for marijuana, than the 2012 initiative would have passed by a healthy margin like the 2014 initiative.


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  1. You must have missed the death of Eric Garner. Suspected of tax evasion.

    At the end of every tax and regulation is a man with a gun. In this country we call them enforcers. What do you call them where you live?

  2. Community support? I have been against Prohibition since ’66. How am I doing?

    I’m not political material. I’m an engineer. Very prone to blurt out the truth at inconvenient times.

    BTW “community support” is a tell.

  3. No one gets killed for tax evasion….unless they resist arrest. A speeding ticket could end with the same exact result if you refuse to cooperate. Shit, a simple Q&A could result in death if they wanted to detain you temporarily and you resisted substantially or did something which appeared to be threatening.

    Without cops, anyone could legally do the same thing- shoot you for perceived threats.

  4. So thats why you aren’t in the position to make different decisions? Or is it because you could never get enough community support?

  5. Have you ever met another person that would turn away income or status they didn’t objectively deserve?

    I haven’t. The problem is people taking things they don’t deserve. Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and George Bush…just a few high profile names

  6. No one is being taxed or charged a fee to grow their own. WA does have a ban on it though…Taxing a clone to sale is not a tax on self production.

    Allowing only qualified professionals to grow commercial crops will go much further than any redistribution campaign could ever hope for ensuring quality and availability.

  7. Chris in Portland on

    They don’t mind (they say so in the survey).
    You fill out your address at the end, too.

  8. Debbie M. Wilson on

    The biggest thing many patients are worried about is protection not seen in WA and CO. Please make sure patient’s don’t lose on recreational!

  9. I lived in Portland and had a MM card to grow and use. Before I got my card I bought it from guys selling it under the bridge in the industrial district. After I got my card for my apt at REACH Apartment on Grand Ave, an arm of the prison industrial complex ,I and others had plain clothed people sniffing under our doors, since there is a no-smoking rule. My point here is that there are lots of messed up people who hate the idea of cannabis, and we need help and legal assurance that the anti-life freaks who get appointed and elected can’t get their grubby hands on responsible peoples’ lives.

  10. Nice little rant here:


    What neither side seems to realize is that the system is not reformable. There are multiple classes of people, but it boils down to the connected, and the not connected. Just as in pre-Revolutionary France, there is a very strict class hierarchy, and the very idea that we are equal before the law is a laughable nonsequitr.

    Jamal the $5 weed slinger, Shaneekwa the hair braider, and Loudmouth Bob in the 7-11 parking lot are at the bottom of the hierarchy. They can, literally, be killed with impunity … as long as the dash cam isn’t running. And, hell, half the time they can be killed even if the dash cam is running.


    And you want more? Ya know… I have been a Democrat. I have been a Republican. I have been a Libertarian. I have been a fn Communist. And one thing I have known for sure no matter what party I was attracted to at the time. The system is rotten from top to bottom. Either we starve the beast or we are going to have to kill it with our bare hands.

  11. They don’t need the weed taxes. They will just use the money to finance another way to screw you over. The infrastructure you have to worry about is more police.

  12. As far as I know no one has been killed on the street over tomato taxes. So that level is probably OK.

    You must have missed my: No more regulated than tomatoes. No more taxed than tomatoes.

    For that level of taxation no extra enforcers would be required.

    What happens when hemp becomes a crop? You going to tax that at $50 an oz? Or will inspectors and ENFORCERS be required?

    After all the depredations suffered under Prohibition some people STILL want enforcers. Must be nostalgia. And the fact that some people just can’t get enough government.Prohibition has given me more than enough government. A life time’s worth so far. I’m only 7 years younger than pot Prohibition.

  13. So, no taxes huh?
    For instance, how will infrastructure be paid for if there’s no money in the state fund??

  14. No one should be taxed or charged a fee to grow their own. Sell pay the same taxes any other income producer would pay. ONLY put extra taxes on large commercial growers, to protect the small family and coop operations, and ensure high quality medical produce is available for sick folks.

  15. Probably not a good idea. Having cannabis activists from other states chime in is as bad as having local governments decide what’s best for their citizens, without asking the citizens. This should be fair and for Oregonians.

  16. Taxes are a license to kill. Ask Eric Garner. Well you can’t. He is dead. On suspicion of unpaid taxes.

    We have done enough begging on our knees to make our point. It is now time to stand on our feet and demand what Eric Garner demanded. “It stops today.” – “Don’t touch me.” – “Just leave me alone.”

    No more regulated than tomatoes. No more taxed than tomatoes.

  17. Not from Oregon or I would. If your like me pass link on to someone you know from Oregon.

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