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Oregon’s Largest County To Suspend Marijuana Enforcement, Drop Cases


portland oregon medical marijuana dispensary collective deliveryOn Election Day, after victory was declared for Oregon Measure 91 which legalized marijuana, I sent out a tweet with my hope that Oregon counties would suspend marijuana enforcement. A similar policy change occurred in some counties in Washington and in some cities in Colorado after they legalized. I’m happy to report that the first county in Oregon has announced such a change – Oregon’s largest county too, Multnomah County. Per Oregon Live:

Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill’s office released a statement to The Oregonian on Monday afternoon, saying prosecutors will dismiss a total of 50 pending marijuana cases. All involve marijuana-related activities that will be legal when the new law becomes effective for possession and cultivation July 1, 2015.

Of the 21 cases reviewed by the office, 18 are violation-level offenses — possession of less than an ounce has been treated as a non-criminal violation. The remaining three were charged as crimes.

Another 29 involve warrants for marijuana-related crimes, including 23 violation-level possession offenses. Those 29 warrants also were dismissed.

I’m hopeful that other counties will follow Multnomah County’s lead. In Oregon, Multnomah County is easily the most liberal, so it’s no completely surprising to see such a move, but it’s still significant. There are some counties in Oregon, especially where Tom Bergin and Josh Marquis are located, that will likely hold out until the end and prosecute as many people as they can. I live in Marion County, which is fairly conservative for being along the I-5 corridor of Oregon, but I’m hopeful that we will suspend enforcement and drop cases sooner than later. Why continue to waste money on a policy that voters have rejected? Below is the full statement from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, courtesy of Kyle Iboshi’s twitter page:

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  1. So basically, if I am reading and comprehending this correctly, I can go ahead and plant my first four clones, and get going without fear of legal repercussion, so long as I remain within the framework and guidelines provided in Measure 91? Also, a big thanks to Johnny for posting this, and for helping to expand my freedoms. I owe you more than you’ll ever know,

  2. Dorothy Burrows on

    Does Russ know about this? I was at that meeting. My partner and I have invested a lot in Nyssa but if the Nyssa City Council has its way its all over for us. I think the growers that will be effected need to meet before the next meeting. Can anyone help with that?

  3. I saw the notice for the meeting and the ordinance posted on a local bulletin board and started a calling tree. At the meeting they were reluctant to even read the ordinance, saying that the procedure was to pass the ordinance and then get public input???What??? you would think that the citizens would get to see the language before the new rules and laws are put into effect. The County and City websites are not up to date and the City Council was very reluctant to even say what was in the proposed ordinance. SOOO, long answer for ..The Cities and Counties are trying to pass these new laws in the dead of the night and do not want the public to know until the new law is in effect…. Yes, We need help…. Malheur County really wants to be the 45th county in IDAHO, across the Snake River.

  4. How can we get help to Eastern Oregon so we can fight these moratoriums and get some much needed testing facilities and safe assess points. How are out highways going to be any safer if people have to drive halfway across the State and back to obtain cannabis, whether medical or recreational? Why not create jobs and spread the industry Statewide? At some point SOMEBODY I’d going to have to do something about the divide in the cannabis laws of Oregon, we ALL voted FOR measure 91, we should ALL get to benefit from it! We ALL voted in favor! When are these Malhuer county meetings and the cities within the county, is there a website to watch or sign up for notices?

  5. I just finished attending a Nyssa Oregon City Council meeting where they approved a 3000.00 dollar payment to Kevin Sabet for the Oregon education tour….CITY of NYSSA funds!!! isn’t that illegal. Russ should know about this…

  6. I Certainly hope that the stupid ass sheriff there is eating some well deserved crow about now.

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