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Oregon’s Largest Media Company Is Hiring A Freelance Marijuana Reviewer


now hiring marijuana job jobsIf you live in Oregon, then you should be familiar with The Oregonian and OregonLive.Com. They combine to be the largest media outlet in the entire state of Oregon. For a long time activists considered the media company to be unfavorable to all things marijuana, but that has changed a lot recently. As proof, consider the fact that the media company is now hiring a freelance marijuana reviewer who will be paid to consume marijuana and write reviews about what they consumed. The media company recognizes that readers are eager for that information, and they want a writer that can help educate their readers on the products that are out there.

I would imagine there are a ton of people out there that are going to apply for this. I certainly know that I’m contemplating applying for it! It’s tough to say what they are looking for in a writer exactly, but below is a description, via an article by the amazing Noelle Crombie:

The candidate should be an experienced cannabis consumer with deep knowledge about the variety of strains and products available on the Oregon market. The items would appear 2-4 times a month on OregonLive and/or The Oregonian. 

If that sounds like you, you can apply by contacting editor Bruce Hammond, brucehammond@oregonian.com to learn more. If I do apply, and they don’t pick me (which is probably likely!), I hope that they pick someone that is reputable, and represents the Oregon cannabis community well. There are a lot of people out there that can write, but there are not a lot of people out there that truly understand the intricacies of the cannabis plant. I’d hate to read the reviews and have them just be cookie cutter reviews one after another, and to be from someone that the Oregon cannabis community has never heard of. Oregon’s largest media outlet deserves to have an expert, and not a newbie that barely knows the difference between a quality strain and a poor one!


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  2. Their opinion is that only “medical” users are “qualified”

    So guess what highly skilled people who consume cannabis and are not suffering from seriously debilitating conditions or lying about it; your not qualified even if you are better.

    Furthermore, I am willing to bet a pretty penny they will pick someone with less than the best knowledge because they have their own agenda which isn’t really “deep knowledge about the variety of strains and products available on the Oregon market.” They wouldn’t hire someone with a PhD level of understanding on the topic..almost guaranteed

    They will do this: “…pick someone that is reputable, and represents the Oregon cannabis community well” even though that is not what a critic’s job is. You see, correct understanding of the subject goes against the “communities” desires and also goes beyond their ability to understand…but then again that could be said of Tomatoes…after all, how many are even going to understand how they Lycopene content of a Tomato effects its value without blindly repeating an expert’s opinion?

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