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Organization Announces Michigan Marijuana Legalization Effort For 2016

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Organization led by a Who’s-Who of Michigan’s prominent marijuana activists and advocates; petition will repair medical marijuana laws, establish legalization, advance industrial hemp and direct profits to repair roads and support schools

Michigan’s prospects for adopting a marijuana legalization program in 2016 are brighter as the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee (MCCLRIC) announces their intention to launch a petition drive and collect signatures in 2015.

“The time is right and people are demanding a comprehensive petition that protects medical marijuana, creates a responsible tax and regulation system for adult use age 21 and over, and permits the farming of hemp for Michigan agriculture, food and industry,” said MCCLRIC chairman Jeffrey Hank, an attorney from Lansing.

“The proposal could bring 25,000 jobs and net $200 million in revenue, while slashing $300 million from expenses,” explained Detroit attorney Matthew Abel, a MCCLRIC Board member.

Proposed language for the petition would include a strengthening of protections for registered medical marijuana patients, a legalized marijuana program and an advancement of the industrial hemp initiative established under legislation signed into law by Gov. Snyder earlier this year.

Some of the highlights of the proposal include: allowing citizens to cultivate 12 plants each, which mimics the medical marijuana possession limit; adding protections for medicinal marijuana patients and ensuring access for pediatric and elderly patients; and dedicating tax revenues toward public interest projects such as road repair and school funding.

“The organization’s Board of Directors is a stellar list of accomplished activists from Michigan,” said Rick Thompson, journalist and Board member of several other statewide patient advocacy organizations.

“We are open, transparent, democratic, indigenous Michigan activists, not shadowy outsiders,” Hank said. “This is a unique opportunity for Michigan to create the gold standard for cannabis law reform.”

Leadership for the MCCLRIC consists of eleven Board members, including several attorneys and noted media personalities. (See attached Board Membership Directory) All were elected at a gathering of statewide marijuana law reform advocates. The final language of the petition is being drafted.

Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee

The Board Members are: (alphabetically)

Matthew Abel, attorney from Detroit and Executive Director of Michigan NORML
Jeffrey Hank, attorney from Lansing, leader of the Safer Lansing and Safer East Lansing initiatives
Cary Justice, leader of the Safer Saginaw and Safer Montrose petition drives
Jamie Lowell, Chairman of Michigan ASA and co-founder of Ypsilanti’s 3rd Coast
Jim Powers, co-founder of Michigan Parents for Compassion, father of a pediatric marijuana patient
Chuck Ream, co-founder of the Safer Michigan Coalition and longtime activist from Ann Arbor
David Rudoi, attorney from Royal Oak
Steven Sharpe, Michigan NORML Board member and industrial hemp advocate
Josey Scoggin, founder of Sons and Daughters United
Rick Thompson, journalist and Board member of both Michigan NORML and ASA- Michigan
Nick Zettell, Hash Bash Dir. and Pres. of Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Midwest Alumni Assoc.



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  1. I live in Indiana and may potentially move to Michigan. I’m just waiting to see how the presidential election, and the Michigan petician drive and vote shakes out first. I qualify for medical now, but I live in a state governed by Neanderthals. If Ohio legalizes medical, that will leave Indiana with three states bordering have at least medical programs. Being a disabled vet, I would put my benefits in jeopardy by using outside of a state run medical program.

  2. I’ve learned today that two petitions for the legalization of recreational use have been approved by the Board of State Canvassers here in Michigan. One is sponsored by Republicans for some business interests, the other is being led by “traditional marijuana activists” according to news report. The Republicans in Lansing used this method to cut-off a minimum wage increase initiative a while ago, by passing their own, less generous bill. I’d like to see the “activists” petitions collect all the signatures, but I’m not sure it will matter when the Republicans pass their own bill anyway.
    Is any victory good enough for now?

  3. So that’s a NO folks…This would do AWAY WITH CAREGIVERS. There are people who are sick and unable to physically grow for themselves.
    There are people, who live in rented apartments or houses who need someone to grow for them.

    What about those people? “oh sorry, YOU don’t own land, so you won’t be participating.”

    This is discrimination against Persons with disabilities. This is not ready for a vote.

    Don’t vote against persons with disabilities!

  4. what about caregivers? I did not hear caregivers would be legal? I mean just because someone would be allowed to grow 12 doesn’t mean everyone CAN

  5. Everyone that wants to help please contact Steven Sharpe at Michigan NORML, he will get back with you on how you can help. GOOGLE Michigan NORML for their website. Steven’s email address is under contact us.

  6. Katelyn Joyce Williams on

    Are you guys put up an online singature website………… like ppl have to file out an online application and they have to fill out their name the birthday and ect……..would that work?

  7. It’s because the schools only get a certain percentage. since I know a few teachers in what is considered a good school district we need better teachers and this is comings from those same friends that are really good teachers and go the extra mile for all of there students . This however does not mean they need more money just better teachers. What they need is better up to date programs. Kids are our future. Also our roads suck I would like to see them fixed. How about we cut some political pet projects?

  8. Yes I to am a life long Michagander and I want to help. How do we contact this organization?

  9. Just a question…? Why would we put any more money towards roads or schools… they have the state lottery funds which are being mis appropriated!!! The budget for these things has always went up and up… when will we say no… its not a sin taxable commodity it is my medication… tax peeps who take motrin then.

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