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Overwhelming Support For Medical Marijuana Reform In Texas According To Poll


texas norml region conference marijuana cannabisTexas is home to some of the most passionate marijuana activists I have ever seen. It is always bittersweet for me though because Texas is not an easy place to achieve marijuana reform. In most states that have reformed its marijuana laws, there is a citizen initiative process where citizens can gather signatures and put things to a vote on the next election assuming the required amount of verified signatures are gathered. Texas does not have an initiative process. So the only way to reform Texas’ harsh marijuana laws are via Texas’ Legislature. That’s not an easy thing to do, but going back to those passionate activists, if anyone can do it, it’s Texas activists.

There is a big push right now for medical marijuana reform in Texas. According to poll results that were released yesterday, there is enormous support for that type of reform in Texas. Per KCEN TV:

The Texas Tegna Poll indicates 71 percent of the state’s voters would support expanding medical marijuana treatments for patients suffering other health problems. Another 19 percent oppose the idea, while 11 percent aren’t sure.

“The fact that even Republicans, by a margin of almost 71 percent, support marijuana uses for medicinal health reasons I think suggests that this is where you’re beginning to see the trend,” said Bob Stein, KHOU’s political analyst.

While there is huge support for medical marijuana reform in Texas, the same poll found that Texans are not quite ready to legalize recreational marijuana. The poll found just 41% support for full marijuana legalization, while 49% were directly opposed. That’s a good chunk of undecided respondents though, and if all of those people that are sitting on the fence were educated about the truth behind marijuana prohibition, I think they would be swayed into getting on the right side of history. And who knows, they may bring some of the 49% with them.


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  1. Hello,

    I’m a proud Texas resident and I DO NOT want to leave Texas. I grew up in Garland and in November of 1998, when I was 22, I was in a bad car accident there that put me in a coma for 2 weeks, in a hospital for 6 weeks and in outpatient rehab for 4 months.

    I had a skull fracture (w/ traumatic brain injury), a collapsed lung and a big cut on my face. After I got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve, I had to go back Monday thru Friday for 4 months of outpatient rehab. With several scar revision procedures done during rehab the scar on my face was improved.

    During rehab I found out that the Texas Rehabilitation Commission would help me if I wanted to go back to college so after rehab I started taking classes at a local community college in Dallas. I was recovering very well and by September of 1999 I was ready to move to Bryan where I went to Blinn College.

    While in Bryan I had some strange experiences that left me really scared. I later learned that those were partial

    seizures that were caused by damage from the accident. Those partial seizures didn’t last long and I was awake and aware of everything when they were happening. I was left confused and with a dreadful, frightening feeling like
    something bad was about to happen. Those short-term feelings would leave and everything would go back to normal after about 10 seconds. I had at least 2 of them while I was in Bryan. At that time I had no idea that they were seizures.

    I wasn’t giving up on an engineering degree so in January of 2003 I moved to San Marcos to go to college at Texas State University(SWT back then). I was going to earn a BS in Manufacturing Engineering.

    I moved into a 12-bedroom house in San Marcos close to campus and on the first day, when I was moving in, one of my new roommates asked me if I wanted to smoke some marijuana. I thought it would be a good way to break the ice and get to know my new roommates better so I smoked some marijuana with him and some other roommates. I wouldn’t have another seizure for 5 years.

    I didn’t smoke it every day but it was always around while I lived in that house. Sometimes I’d smoke with my roommates after a tough day of classes or just to relax. In August, 2006 I graduated from Texas State with a B.S. in manufacturing
    engineering and became a manufacturing engineer at a company in New Braunfels. I moved into another house with
    one of those roommates. We’d smoke marijuana, maybe once every 2-3 days.

    In 2008 I started dating a girl that didn’t like to be around me when I smoked marijuana so I didn’t smoke it around her. Soon we were getting to know each other better and we were spending a lot of time together. I was always around her so I stopped smoking marijuana. I hadn’t had any partial seizures or seizures of any kind during the 5 years that I smoked marijuana but two weeks after I stopped smoking marijuana I had my first ever grand mal seizure at work in New Braunfels. I woke up in a hospital with a black-eye from hitting the floor.

    I just spent a few hours in the hospital that day. The next day I went to a neurologist in San Marcos and he sent me to get an MRI. Scar tissue in my brain that was left from the accident in 1998 was causing the seizures. I was put on Trileptal, an expensive anti-seizure med, twice a day. It was a lot more expensive than the marijuana that once prevented my seizures and it had some bad side-effects. The strange feelings that I had in Bryan came back but now they were much stronger. I was put on Dilantin to control those partial seizures. It’s another seizure med with bad side-effects. I’ve had over 25 grand mal seizures since 2008, each one is worse than the one before and more meds are added after each one.

    Not long before Christmas 2015 I got really sick with a bad stomach virus that I had to be hospitalized for. That triggered the worst seizures I’ve ever had. I was hospitalized 4 times within 5 weeks because the doctors couldn’t get the seizures under control. I spent Christmas in a hospital. I’ll argue any day that I would’ve been fine if medical marijuana had been legal to use in Texas.

    SEIZURE ON 1/11/2016. I don’t want to die like this with tubes hanging out of my face and surrounded by machines when I’m 39 years old(I have a pic.). More meds were added, again. It takes every week to let me live seizure-free now.
    There is a simple green plant that God put on Earth that can STOP my seizures and allow me to eliminate or at least reduce the meds that I take twice a day.

    Before I stopped smoking cheap, weak marijuana I took NO PILLS and had NO SEIZURES and had NO SIDE-EFFECTS. Now I take pills twice a day and I still have seizures sometimes. I’ve been living with seizures for eight
    years and giving me more meds is the only way the doctors can help me in Texas. Even they know that marijuana is a much healthier for me and a better way to control seizures. Several other states know better, even Louisiana, but not
    Texas? How embarrassing, to call myself a Texan when my own life is on the line here.

    Pills are destroying my body. I was in much better health when marijuana was in my life. I want that back and it’s time that Texas joins the rest of the states that can see the future of medicine. They should allow me to legally get this miracle-med back into my body now, not in two years from now. Residents of some other states can go to a store and legally get this stuff to have fun with but here I can’t even legally get it to save my life! Ridiculous.

    In several other states patients that have seizures, especially ones as serious as mine, have legal access to miracle marijuana, a natural plant that GOD put on earth for us. Its use is legally monitored and guided by doctors. Here in this backwards state, people like me spend much of their lives in a hospital bed. The correct answer is so clear to me. If the governor that leads this state has already signed a bill to bring a form of medical marijuana to the state of Texas then
    get it here now. Texans’ lives matter! I can’t wait and I can’t afford to move out of Texas when I keep losing jobs because of these seizures. I need this stuff now. TEXAS! Stop taking time so you can tell people that you’re working on it. Work harder and work faster and get it here now!

    Since I stopped smoking marijuana in 2008 things have really changed…

    I have to take pills twice a day and I have to be sure that I have enough to take every day. I’ve had to get 6 expensive MRI’s over the years.

    I had to stay in bed for three days straight while this EEG was being done.

    I’ve had at least 25 grand mal seizures (with a hospital stay after every one) and over 30 partial seizures (They really scare me.)

    I’ve lost at least 4 jobs because of my seizures.

    I’ve had kidney stones (a known side-effect of Trileptal) and I had to have painful surgery in 2013.

    I don’t sleep well at night (another side-effect of the meds) and I must take another pill for that.

    I’ve been to countless doctors’ visits. (Without insurance I owe a lot of money to several doctors and other medical offices.)

    My moods change easily and those changes have caused a lot of fights between my wife and me. We were separated for 6 months last year and we’re separated again now. I don’t get to see my kids grow up because Texas is too slow. Look around at other states that have legalized medical marijuana. They’re not having any problems and their people are living healthier, longer lives.

    I owe a lot of money to several doctors, hospitals, medical imaging offices and I spend a lot more money on pills than I
    ever spent on marijuana. The pills don’t even work as well as marijuana did and they’re destroying my body.

    My left shoulder hurts and can’t be used to do what it once did. This shoulder gets pulled out of socket by my own muscles when I have a seizure. It takes a long time to stop hurting after a seizure and it still hasn’t healed completely.

    I’ve learned the triggers that I need to stay away from that will cause a seizure.

    I can’t drink too much water. (It lowers my blood sodium level and lowers the potency of the meds.)

    I don’t drink beer or any other alcohol anymore.

    I can’t be around welding or watch fireworks. (bright light will cause a seizure)

    I have to get plenty of sleep every night. (The pills make it hard to sleep without another pill.)

    I have to try to stay away from stress. (That’s tough to do with a 3 year-old and a 6 year-old.)

    I never had problems with any of these triggers during the 5 years that I smoked marijuana. I lived a normal and healthy life. I didn’t have to worry about a seizure coming out of nowhere because I HAD NO SEIZURES. What if I’m doing 70 mph down I-35 with my kids in my truck and I have a seizure? I have a pic that I can send that will show what happened when I was going 55 mph ON THE WAY TO GET MY KIDS from daycare and a grand mal seizure occurred. Thank God my kids weren’t with me and that I only hit a tree and nobody else.

    I can’t drive right now because the seizures aren’t being controlled. What if I go 3 months without a seizure and DPS lets me drive again because my seizures are supposedly under control with meds, but they really aren’t under control? What if I wake up after another accident in the hospital and find out that my kids got hurt or even worse, or that I hurt somebody in another car? Again, I NEVER had a single seizure when marijuana use was part of my life and I took NO MEDS.

    TO THE STATE OF TEXAS, what is so worth taking my freedom and my privacy to medicate effectively away? What if one of your friends or family members was involved with a horrible accident like this? The meds aren’t good enough. Nothing ever prevented seizures like marijuana did and it’s way passed the time for Texas to make a plant legal for patients like me to use.

    I’d love to go back to using marijuana to stop my seizures and reduce or even eliminate the meds. Many people have. I’ve already had complete control of my seizures with only the use of marijuana. I’ve been really tempted to break the law and start smoking it again but WE fear that CPS could come take our kids away, for medicating myself naturally at home with the safest and best seizure med there is? I fear that I could be thrown in jail for this and/or fail a drug test and not be able to get a job in the future. My kids need a working dad every day.

    I have no desire to use marijuana for recreation. I just want to be seizure free and live a better, healthier and safer life. Why hasn’t Texas opened its eyes and seen what a great medication this is? It’s been proven by human use for several thousands of years. Currently it’s being proven by several other states(more being added), where patients like me are having great success with epilepsy and other serious conditions. It will be proven by legal use everywhere in the future and it’s time for Texas to show some compassion for Texans like me. Stop taking so long because WE need this now!

    Tim Currie

  2. maybe so..but look what the southern states are doing in regards to abortion..in direct defiance of the supreme courts decision…

    you really think they won’t try the same thing in regards to cannabis..and it would be an even easier sell on their parts because of how many people still believe in reefer madness..

    The way this is really going to have to happen, especially for the more regressive southern states and those run by religious zealots..nationwide is a 100% across the board participation in jury nullification and it be made clear to any and all AG’s, prosecutors and law enforcement that nobody is going to get convicted of a cannabis crime..regardless of how hard they try to convict..a jury will just dismiss it..

    once that becomes the norm, law enforcement and prosecutors will stop trying because it will cause them to start having losing records in regards to cannabis “crimes” and they won;t have that as a political campaign angle to run on..as far as conviction rates etc…

    I believe this was also a crucial role in overturning alcohol prohibition as well..

  3. I’m sure if somebody slips him some edibles governor Abbott wouldn’t take too long in order to change his mind lol

  4. saynotohypocrisy on

    Abbott’s a scumbag alcohol supremacist bigot for his opposition to recreational use of cannabis

    He’s something far worse for his opposition to medicinal marijuana, he’s guilty of negligent homicide and advocating sadism. You’d think being confined to a wheelchair would have taught him something about compassion.

  5. saynotohypocrisy on

    Medical marijuana, at least its personal possession, is probably going to be forced on Texas relatively soon. The evidence that cannabis is a crucial medicine is piling up faster now, and if Congress and the President continue to be degenerates about it, the courts will have to step in, to preserve their own credibility.

  6. we are not getting shit here in Texas until the 2 wheeled wonder is gone…Abbott has already stated in no uncertain terms he would not sign any further marijuana legislation …after he signed that insulting CBD only oil bill…so we are screwed until at least 2018

    Then once our pastor, oops I mean governor is gone..we have to rely on our, paid off, oops I mean “elected” officials to draft legislation…

    Anyone know what it would take to change our system to allow voter ballot initiatives?? would it be a change to the Texas Constitution? If so that’s as likely as getting the current crop of assholes to do anything in Austin…

    It’s going to take a damn near complete upheaval of the Texas political seen to get it done.. I fear..

  7. Hi shaggy. The poll that you are reading about is actually not a vote. In statistics, you use a simple random sample (SRS) of people from the population of interest (all adult Texans) that you want to make an inference about. As long as the sample you take properly represents your population, a sample of 2000 people can easily be used to make extremely accurate assumptions about a population of 2 million. Just because you haven’t participated in or heard about this poll, doesn’t make it inaccurate. I’m glad to hear that marijuana helps you medically.

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    Marijuana is just one issue out of many to most people. It’s not enough to make many people vote for Sanders if they oppose his economic program. If the poll is off it’s not off by that much. The question isn’t whether the public in Texas wants reform, it’s how badly they want reform, in the face of politicians who are dedicated to ignoring what the people want.

  9. Even though poll questions can be twisted to achieve any desired result, I wouldn’t put too much stock in these results. The voters in Texas didn’t get behind Sanders and his cannabis policy today.
    Not even close.

    Let no one kid themselves. Texas still has a long way to go.

  10. I know that those numbers are not fully correct I live in Texas myself and I am very much so Pro marijuana I never even heard about the vote until I read this and I’m guessing that if that is the case than there are many other people who feel the same way and haven’t voted. I have seizures myself and no medication works basically my seizures are caused because I have a cyst in my brain but marijuana actually helps and on top of that it brings back my appetite and fixes my bipolar as well, but those are just a few things that marijuana helps fix, my guess is that there’s a whole lot of things out there that have not yet been figured out that marijuana will solve and it’s not only about medical purposes marijuana is the answer to biodegradable plastic on top of that a new type of gasoline that does much much less damage on the environment but if you really think about it whenever someone is growing marijuana in order to make fuel it’ll take a lot of cannabis to do so and all of it that is grown in order to make the fuel will take away more emissions then the fuel will be able to emit… which in turn will keep everything balanced out.

  11. The trick is get a Texas MMJ law that is flexible. Those CBD-only medical states shouldn’t be called MMJ states. Some people have to smoke it to get relief, and THC is a big part of the deal if you want to get the full medical benefits. Often, when conservative legislatures look at MMJ, they are trying to figure out how to provide medical benefits while keeping anyone from getting high on the stuff. They don’t understand. The whole plant is where the healing lies.

  12. saynotohypocrisy on

    71% – 19%.
    The war against medical marijuana is not just a war against science and human rights, it’s a war against democracy

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