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Oxford Dictionaries Word Of The Year Is ‘Vape’


Vape pens are very popular right now, both inside and outside of the marijuana world. Everywhere I go I see people puffing on vape pens. I always wonder how many people are using vape pens for tobacco, or how many are like me and are using vape pens for dabs? Either way, the fact remains that they are everywhere and more and more people are using them for one reason or another. The word ‘vape’ is so popular that Oxford Dictionaries named vape ‘word of the year.’ Per Oxford Dictionaries:

As e-cigarettes (or e-cigs) have become much more common, so vape has grown significantly in popularity. You are thirty times more likely to come across the word vape than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year.

Usage of vape peaked in April 2014 – as the graph below indicates – around the time that the UK’s first ‘vape café’ (The Vape Lab in Shoreditch, London) opened its doors, and protests were held in response to New York City banning indoor vaping. In the same month, the issue of vaping was debated by The Washington Post, the BBC, and the British newspaper The Telegraph, amongst others.

vape graph oxford dictionaries


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  1. Stevie "Goonman" Hassenfaus on

    “They require a cannabis concentrate which is difficult to find in most places in the USA and it is very expensive.”
    This is not true at all. A vape pen easily vaporizes cannabis and hash. I have had three different brands and despite a few idiosyncrasies they all worked just fine and gave great, full hits. I paid less than $45 dollars for each, one or two below $40. There is a lot of price fixing in this market, none of the heavily advertised brands like Atmos et al, are worth what they are asking. They are taking advantage of a confused public. Such as, with all do respect, Mr Cervantes, who could never write such false information about vape pens if he ever owned one. The public is still very ignorant about e-cigs as vape pens for cannabis.

  2. Good point about the pen being able to vape dry herb or hash. We did an experiment with the Volcano a couple of years ago. Four of us put a bud with 15% THC. We vaped it hard for 15 minutes. Then we removed the vaped bud and measured the THC level again. It was 7% THC!

  3. G5 pen does concentrates or dried herb. I can also switch out the top half and use it for glycerin liquids with nicotine or herb infused tinctures. You asked.

  4. Vape pens are very interesting. They require a cannabis
    concentrate which is difficult to find in most places in the USA and it is very

    The reporters on the KPIX TV news (18 Nov 2014) aired in
    Northern, CA reported on the inconsistencies and contaminants they found in
    concentrates they purchased for the report. More than 50% of the samples they
    collected contained residues of butane.

    My question is, “what to do with this information?”

  5. Stevie "Goonman" Hassenfaus on

    Few pleasures compete with a chunk of hash or weed from a vape as you walk somewhere or sit down for a bite to eat. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find in Europe. The craze in Europe is solely for liquid nictotine. It’s very rare for any electric cig store to carry a cartridge that accommodates for cannabis and hash. Some savvy business people should step in and get distro rolling, it would be of great help to people’s health as well since cannabis and hash are frequently smoked in joint form mixed with tobacco. If most cannabis using Europeans were given the chance to vape hash in a pen versus mixed with harmful monoxides I think a large percentage would choos the vape.

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