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Papa Johns Delivery Driver Tries To Take Down Medical Marijuana Patient


Papa Johns sucksA man who ordered a pizza after earlier smoking medical marijuana got more than he bargained for when the delivery man called police.

The pizza delivery man says he called police because he claimed he was worried about the welfare of a 9-year-old child in the house. Most likely, he was just unhappy with the tip, but that cannot be confirmed.

Frederick Smith tells KUSA-TV he has a medical marijuana permit because of pain he suffered in a bicycle accident.

“He smelled marijuana, sure, I had smoked a bowl a little while before he showed up, but that was it,” Smith said. “He never saw A. me smoking, B. my child, or C. me smoking front of my child (which I don’t do, for health reasons).”

“I was in the privacy of my own home, and he saw absolutely nothing inside my home to make that assertion.”

He says that police searched his house and performed a child welfare check but left without filing charges. He has subsequently contacted Papa Johns to complain and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Papa John’s of Colorado supports the delivery driver’s blatant stupidity stating the driver was acting as a “concerned citizen”. The delivery man was not identified because he is a douche bag and clearly knows it.



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  1. Where I come from, the pizza delivery guys bring the weed. There was a Papa Johns (I’m from Louisville, where the papa’s hq is) in town that was delivering ounces to anyone that ordered a certain combination of ingredients…course they got busted when someone unwittingly ordered the bizarre combination they had devised.

  2. I’m medical marijuana patient registered in Colorado but I live in Texas. Shut Texas d

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