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Pardon Medical Marijuana Grower Aaron Sandusky


aaron sandusky california medical marijuana grower white house petitionEven though the White House tries to ignore these petitions, we need to keep ramming them down the White House administration’s throat. They can’t ignore us forever!

Pardon Aaron Sandusky(Case# CR12-00548 PA) A man currently in prison facing 10 yrs to life for growing medical marijuana

Aaron Sandusky was wrongfully indicted and convicted by the federal government for operating a medical marijuana dispensary in CA in which it is fully legal within the state.

Aaron was operating in accordance to state guideline. He was visited and reassured by FBI officials that he and his business were not of interest and could continue to operate. In Nov. 2011 he was raided by the federal government, charged and convicted without a defense.

It is our request that the President grant a full pardon to Mr. Sandusky on the ground that California has legalized medical marijuana and President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, had assured the American public that the federal government would not prosecute medical marijuana dispensary operators in those states where it was legalized

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Johnny Green


  1. Just read some of what was written and I think most of you are fucking idiots. Wrongly throwing ppl in jail is wrong and this shit need to stop. Legalize the plant. How the fuck is alright to be selling pills to millions of ppl everyday profit of it and say its alright. It’s synthetic drugs man made. I wish the president would pardon the man. If they legalize it and regulate weed then I can only see good from that less ppl that arnet criminals out of jail. Profits and economic boost. And possible a drop in hard drugs being used. If I can go and purchase booze 24/7 wjere I live in new orleans i definitely see no problem going to a store and picking up an eigth for my stresses or physical pains in life. STOP THE BULLSHIT FEDS!

  2. Yourworstnightmare is a dick. You want him in jail because he didn’t donate to charity? Go suck it. The laws are wrong. Period.

  3. its just the way capitalism works, you would be a hypocrite to if you had the money. And donating money?? like all of the corporations donating money to lobbying “non-profits” evading taxes. This country and the people in here make me sick its starting to feel like a prison with closed minded retards.

  4. yourworstnighmare on

    Looking pretty bleak to for ya Aaron. 19,000 to go with only 9 days left. Even people in the medical marijuana industry don’t even care enough to sign it. I am not signing for sure. I am positive to that you don’t have enough patients from all 3 shops that equaled 20,000. not enough that care. I am also positive even if it does go through and you get the rest. Obama Isn’t gonna pardon you. It has never happend in the history of our country where a president has pardoned a drug dealer. Even if you think your right he wont. There are like 38 other states that don’t agree with medical marijuana. Image means everything. If he pardoned you it would enter into the legacy of his presidency. I highly doubt he wants to be remembered for pardoning a pot head.

  5. yourworstnighmare on

    Oh yeah now they also want you to donate money now and pay for him to get out of jail out of our own pocket now to. Not only are these people manipulated into thinking he was in the right and that he was charging legit prices but also are now manipulating them out of more money to pay for his wrongs.

  6. yourworstnighmare on

    yeah but under our law it is non-profit in California. I know for a fact Aaron was making huge profits at the expense of over charging patients some of which needed it for cancer and other conditions I am sure of also. I never once ever heard of g3 donating money to cancer research or anything else. Straight out I have never ever seen one of these clinics do anything besides be a street dealer inside a building hiding behind a script. They pocket all the profit and could care less about actually sending money to an organization that will fight legalizing medical marijuana research nor do I ever see them give money to charity. You would think that if they did it would be announced by them but no. he bought houses in Rancho Cucomunga not cheap ones. If Aaron was really doing this for his stomach like he say he would be living in the same house as when he started. His brother bought a new boat to. So it only goes to show you how crooked they really are.

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