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Parents Slam Minnesota Governor Over Medical Marijuana


Parents of children suffering from epilepsy slammed Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton at a news conference for obstructing HF 1818, a widely supported bill that would allow people with debilitating conditions to access medical marijuana. They also called on the governor to “put special needs ahead of special interests” and criticized him for trying to appease law enforcement groups, which have steadfastly opposed any workable medical marijuana legislation.


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Johnny Green


  1. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    I cant sit and watch that child lay there, unresponsive and twitching. This Gov. needs to be shown the story of Charlotte, AKA ‘Charlie’. The poor child was having 300 seizures a month, some of them so severe, her heart would stop. It came to the point; she couldnt eat, walk or talk, so the Hospital wanted to put her into a medically induced coma; to give her body a break. Then the family heard about CBD Oil, which contains NO Psychoactive properties. Upon her first dosage of the oil, she had no seizures for a week. Her seizures are now down to 2 or 3 a month, mostly in her sleep. She can now feed herself, walk and talk. She is a normal child who is on a great road to recovery. To see that poor girl there, in this vid, in that exact same state? And the Governor telling her “Well, if you want it so bad, break the law to obtain it” is a violent miscarriage of justice. And it bothers me more he is a Democrat, because didn’t they say they wanted to run on a platform of legalization? I am neither political party affiliated, considering myself an ‘American’, rather than a (D), (R), or (I)…but if the Republican Party became violent supporters of Legalization, i would rep the (R)…


  2. warren carnivale on

    this idiot is a poor excuse for a human being how could he say no to a little child your right he is sleeping with the cops but if his child or grandchild needed this magic herb to live a better life he would legalize it in a heart beat

  3. Only thing stopping him is because hes in bed with cops and thier money grubbing federal funds they need to justify not allowing people safe access .

  4. This law is unconstitutional and people like this only care about wealth. Shame on you for denying a remedy for sick children. You will be voted out you sleaze ball.

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