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Participants Needed For University Of Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Research Project




Wisconsin to Michigan Medicinal Movement

Participants are needed for an undergraduate research study that is being conducted by a student/staff team specializing in geography at the University of Wisconsin Fox-Valley. We will be looking to conduct our research in the form of a single, semi-structured interview with medical marijuana patients and caregivers; mainly those who migrated internally for political-medicinal relief. By studying the migration of medical marijuana patients to Michigan, we hope to contribute our results to the discussion on marijuana law reform, as well as the geography of health related circumstances in general. Participation in this study will provide researchers with the information necessary to examine the factors leading to interstate medical migration for access to marijuana, as well as the various cultural, social and economic impacts resulting from the choice to relocate. Participants will never be identified in this study ever, in any way, any time – except by a participant identification number – and will remain completely anonymous in perpetuity. Benefits for participants include personal reflection and scientific contribution, and indirectly it could allow the patients to move back into Wisconsin if the research convinces legislators to move forward on policy formation regarding the medicinal uses of marijuana.

Contact: Jay Selthofner, Tel: 920-410-2920; Email: Jay@SelthofnerConsulting.com


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  1. Please help me….I am lost, I am suffering. I do not like the pain meds I am using. I am a mom, I need to go back to work but I am suffering twenty four hours a day. I am begging can someone help me? I have never smoked or used any marijuana products but after much research I believe it can give me back my life. Can someone help me to become a participant in the University of Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Research project? or can you just please tell me what I can do to get some help? I still have a little girl and two older kids that watch me suffer daily. Today I just cried after trying to sit and paint my little girls nails. Thanks for your time. My name is shanda. You can reach me at shandamcclure@yahoo.com

  2. one eyed clyde on

    Im so very interested about this article if only u.s.a. Is just near from Philippines. Ive been using mmj for 17yrs almost everyday bec. Of my eyes

  3. Colorado is a great state if you love the outdoor life; it still feels like the Old West.
    If you stay away from Aspen, Vail, Snowmass, and the other over-rated “resort villages” it is quite affordable and fine state to call home.

  4. If I did not own property in the state of Wisconsin that anchors me here, I would have moved to some medical cannabis state long ago, but I highly doubt that Michigan would have been my destination of choice.

  5. How does one sign up??
    I’m very interested in the research, and studies for what cannabis has done for MANY health related (ailments). I could add and receive more information. I consider myself an advocate for MMJ and desire to be an activist.

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