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Participate In A Marijuana Research Project


synthetic cannabis real research projectOne of the most common questions that I get is ‘how can I participate in a marijuana study?’ Well now you have your chance. I was contacted by a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at Bowling Green State University to see if I would know anyone that would participate in her study. She is essentially researching synthetic cannabis medicines versus real cannabis. Below are more details of the research project. If you would like to participate, or learn more, click here:

• Your participation will involve answering a series of questions regarding what you expect to happen if you used botanical marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids. You will also be asked to answer some basic questions about any history of drug use, and a few background characteristics. I anticipate that answering all of the questions will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

• You are eligible to participate if you are at least 18 years old and living in the United States. Although I am interested in outcome expectancies and motivations for botanical marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids, you do not need to have ever used these substances to answer the survey questions.

• The benefits of participating include helping to provide a better understanding of outcome expectancies and motivations for use of botanical marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids.

Click here to participate in the survey


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  1. I took the survey. I would have liked the option to choose n/a in the synthetic category. I would never use spice, et. all. While cannabis is medically beneficial, as well as a safe recreational substance, spice k2, etc… are not beneficial, nor safe.

  2. I Feel out the survey because I’m a PhD-Psychology student interested in Medical Marijuana research–Miguel

  3. I have taken the survey but what I’m in need of is information on how to go about getting proscribed medical marijuana. Because it’s the only thing that will suppress my bipolar, ADHD and takes my migraines away. No medicines work for me because I have huge tolerance level. So please I’m open to suggestions. I don’t care who sees this because I’m looking for help to get proscribed.

  4. I took the survey, but I think the questions should have been done different. I can not personally say I “Expect” in specific results when I take something for the first time. And I do not think anyone can answer a question about a substance they have not done. I think the survey was poorly put together.

  5. Krista Glodo Crow on

    I took the survey and hope it helped. I wish I could talk more about how it’s helped me in my life.

  6. Juergen Meixner on

    Well, nice survey …

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