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Participate In The DFW NORML Street Cleanup


dfw norml convention erik altieri marijuanaI love it when the marijuana community can step up and help the greater good. We spend so much time fighting for reform, as we should, but I dream of a day when the marijuana community can transition from a reform movement to a movement that can help society as a whole. The marijuana community is well organized, can get the word out, and can even raise a decent amount of funds in some cases. Those are all skills that can be applied to fix other problems while we also work to fix prohibition.

The DFW NORML chapter is doing a street cleanup, which I think is a fantastic idea. Imagine how many people will drive down the road, see them cleaning up and think to themselves, ‘that is not what I thought of when I thought of a marijuana consumer.’ A simple act like cleaning up a public road can change perceptions and minds. If you are in the Fort Worth area, make sure to sign up and help out. Below is more information, via the event’s Facebook page:

When: Saturday, June 6at 12:30pm – 2:00pm in CDT

Where: Carroll St. 100-700 Blocks, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Did you know that DFW NORML has an adopted street in Fort Worth? Yep, since 2013! In fact, at both ends of the 100-700 blocks of Carroll St, you’ll see signs that read “This Street Adopted by DFW NORML.”

We adopted this street to show Ft Worth that supporters of marijuana law reform care about more than just “getting high” and they’re willing to get their hands dirty to make the community a better place for us all..

And now it’s time to take out the trash once again! We hope you’ll join us for another NORML Street Cleanup on Saturday June 6th.

In addition to cleaning up, we’ll be wearing NORML shirts and hoodies and passing out free stickers and information to the people in the area since we’re right by the very busy Montgomery Plaza.

Plan to arrive by 12:30 pm and we’ll get started at 1:00 pm.

Not sure where to go? Click here: https://goo.gl/maps/0DFdE

Isn’t it high time YOU got involved?


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  1. The city of Fort Worth has an Adopt-a-Street program where citizens or groups can adopt and do a quarterly cleanup of almost any street in town. It took 9 months to finally get approval but when OK’d the city puts up permanent Adopt-a-Street signs at both ends of the adopted street. Getting out and performing a quarterly street cleanup is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and talk about cannabis. It also lets people know that cannabis users are just normal citizens who care about their community. We’ve had nothing but positive responses and everyone has a great time.
    Many communities have Adopt-a-Street or Adopt-a-Highway programs, so check out your local opportunities.

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