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Patient Advocacy Group Opposes Proposed Changes To Michigan Medical Marijuana Act


michigan marijuanaThe National Patients Rights Association (NPRA)–a Michigan-based alliance of leading medical marijuana advocates working to protect patient rights–today announced strong opposition to proposed legislative changes to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act that would directly violate patients’ and caregivers’ civil and constitutional rights, privileges and protections.

Specifically, it opposes Michigan House Bill’s 4851, 4853, and 4856. The NPRA also strongly opposes HB 4834, which is sponsored by Gail Haines – (primary) Joe Haveman, Ed McBroom, Ray Franz, Kenneth Horn, Brad Jacobsen, Peter MacGregor, Marty Knollenberg, Jon Bumstead, Wayne A. Schmidt, Ben Glardon, Paul Opsommer, Greg MacMaster, Chuck Moss, Matt Huuki, Hugh D. Crawford, Eileen Kowall, Lesia Liss, Kurt Heise, Kevin Cotter, and Sharon Tyler. Under the proposed legislation, the most troubling, HB 4834, will allow officers or security personnel to easily gain access to the registry without a warrant, as is currently required. Patient and caregiver information would no longer be strictly confidential, and their private medical treatment choice will be available to a near endless list of authorized officials, including security personnel or recreation officers hired by the State or local townships.

The NPRA strongly believes that every aspect of an individual’s health information should be equally governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which provides nationally recognized regulations for the use/disclosure of an individual’s health information.

“We are extremely discouraged by the thought process behind this proposed legislation,” said NPRA spokesman, Adam Macdonald. “It becomes very problematic and dangerous when elected representatives begin a process of selecting what portions of an individual’s private health care information should now become readily accessibly. As with all health care information, safeguards must exist to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected information.”

The NPRA is backed by patients, caregivers, businesses and a range of other supporters. Collectively, the coalition is working to broaden awareness, reach legislators in a targeted manner, and help mobilize patients and caregivers who are affected by current and proposed medical marijuana laws. A key objective of the coalition is a push for definitive regulation in terms of standardization — ranging from safety and storage needs, document management requirements, privacy, and overall industry standards and procedures.

For more information please visit: www.nprausa.com . You can also call 1-855-444-6772 for information on how to contact your state representative.

From The National Patients Rights Association (NPRA)


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  1. Dr. Jim Byers-retired ER doc on

    Clearly not in any of our best interests as citizens,patients or providers!  I would gladly provide my own view to these sponsors based on good science,compassion,and 4000yrs experience with this versatile plant.Use your grey matter and not just your brainstem when you write these bills and don’t forget the logic behind HIPPA.  Try a little logic and intelligent reasoning when you put your name on these bills. (Or don’t they teach that anymore?)  Dr. James Byers-Lansing

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