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Patient With Life-Threatening Angioedema Responds Favorably To Inhaled Marijuana


the endocannabinoid system cannabisBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Inhaling cannabis is associated with the remission of refractory idiopathic angioedema, according to a clinical report published in the journal Case Reports in Immunology. Angioedema is a condition characterized by rapid swelling under the skin in regions around the face and throat, which may result in airway obstruction or suffocation.

Investigators from the Soroka University Medical Center in Israel reported on the progress of a 27-year-old male patient with life-threatening, recurrent angioedema of unknown origin. Doctors placed the patient on a regiment of 20 grams of inhaled cannabis monthly after he failed to respond favorably to prescribed steroids and antihistamines.

Authors reported: “The use of inhaled cannabis resulted in a complete response, and he has been free of symptoms for 2 years. An attempt to withhold the inhaled cannabis led to a recurrent attack within a week, and resuming cannabis maintained the remission, suggesting a cause and effect relationship.”

They concluded: “This is the first report in which a cannabis product for the treatment of refractory idiopathic angioedema was associated with an excellent clinical response. … More research into the exact mechanism of action of cannabis products in cases of idiopathic angioedema and on the modulation of the immune response in general is indicated.”

The Israeli government has authorized the limited production and distribution of marijuana as a medical treatment since 2011, and preparations of the plant are expected to be available in pharmacies imminently.

Full text of the report, “Life threatening idiopathic recurrent angioedema responding to cannabis,” appears online here.

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  1. This isn’t completely related to this but I am a younger kid not legal to smoke cigarettes but got addicted to my friends liquid vape pen and had no idea… I thought I was fine until I started my soccer season and after a week of not smoking I started feeling sick not even realizing it was because I was addicted it has been an entire week of me being sick now and I’ve realized the only thing that helped me was marijuana… I was throwing up for 3 days not wanting to eat or do anything but when I would smoke I would feel so much better… Legalize weed so others can quit drugs too
    ^ if u agree

  2. We have had great success with 5mg per ml CBD in coconut oil mixture, 1ml 3x day for Ankylosing Spondylitis, morning swelling is absolutely minimum when timed correctly at night and no eye swelling since using .3 gm a day regular thc flower inhaled for 3 years now.

    Like K from Trichome Technologies said, “as medical marijuana caregivers you are the only people in the country allowed to do open human testing with cannabis with no restrictions or regulations to hinder the testing”.

    WOW, open human testing with cannabis!

    Since cannabis can not kill, the testing on humans is completely safe in any dosing. Worst case scenario is a nap.

    The only problem is that without a PHD behind our names the results are not accepted as viable.

    Any Doctor out there that wants to try cannabis therapy on a patient only needs to find a caregiver(craigslist), have the patient sign up under that caregiver for medical marijuana and start the study.

    There will be no blow back on the Doctor because he is not doing the cannabis study directly, he is merely observing and documenting results for a legal human test administered by a licensed caregiver on the caregivers licensed patient.

    Now is the time for HUGE Medical breakthroughs without the Government’s interference.

    I beg every Doctor out there reading this…………….do a study……………your Nobel Prize is waiting!

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