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Patients And Doctors Go On Hunger Strike In Israel Over New Medical Marijuana Restrictions


Israel medical Marijuana hunger strikeThe Israel Government has recently introduced new regulations on the medical marijuana program in the country, including limitations on what patients and conditions qualify for treatment. Now, doctors and patients are protesting the new restrictions. One of their methods; a hunger strike outside the home of Health Minister Yael German.

The new list of qualifying conditions is short, and many illnesses, such as Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma and psychiatric disorders are left off. In addition to the hunger strike, Dr. Ilya Reznick of the Reut Hospital in Tel Aviv (Forum Chairman), Dr. Jonathan Greenfeld, Director of the palliative oncology medicine service at Assaf Harofeh Hospital, Dr. Alan Flashman of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Dr. Yakir Rotenberg of the Hadassah Medical Center, from the Doctors’ Forum for Safe Access to Cannabis, warn that the new law could cause patients who no longer qualify for medical marijuana to purchase drugs from illegal sources, stating in a letter to the Health Minister that the regulations are “arbitrary and discriminate among patients with different conditions without any logical explanation, and are liable to lead to damage to the continuity of treatment for some of them, contrary to the Patients’ Rights Law.”

In response to the protest, the Health Minister has ordered the committee in charge of overseeing the new regulations to discuss expanding the list of conditions that qualify for treatment with medical marijuana.

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  1. Wayne Phillips on

    Governments have no more right to be in our medicine cabinets than they do our bedrooms and it’s high time they clue in. And it doesn’t matter what so called civilized nation it is OUR MEDICINE CABINETS AND OUR BEDROOMS
    ARE OFF LIMITS TO THE STATE. Now the only thing for government to do is listen up, realize that this is not a request (rather it is a demand) and make it so.

  2. steiner arie on

    Tnx for suporting us, we call all pations in the world to stand up and join our fight for reazneble life, this is the time my brothers of suffer to join up and shaut our pain

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