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Patients Continue To Buy Medical Marijuana From The Black Market In Minnesota Due To Cost

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There is a trend in America right now when it comes to medical marijuana states. The newer the state, the stricter the program, which then translates to higher prices for medicine. These same states don’t allow patients to grow their own medicine, so patients either have to put up with being price gouged, or go to the black market. Most patients go the black market route. It’s not by choice, but at the end of the day these patients have to take risks and chances because they simply can’t afford to pay the high prices. Minnesota is one of those states. Per KOLO TV:

Some medical marijuana patients in Minnesota are heading back to the black market due to high costs in the state’s program.

Minnesota started selling medical marijuana pills and oils in July under one of the most restrictive laws in the country. The plant form is banned and people must have one of nine conditions to qualify.

Five patients told The Associated Press that the restrictions have made medical marijuana too expensive, and insurance doesn’t cover any of the costs. They reverted to buying marijuana on the street.

The article I linked to went on to say that a vial of cannabis oil in Minnesota is twice what it costs in Colorado, which from my experience is twice as much as it costs in Oregon. Oregon was the first to legalize medical marijuana out of those states, which further highlights the trend that I’m talking about. I get that it was big when Minnesota legalized medical marijuana, but the battle is far from over. The same is true in other states like Illinois and New Jersey. People need to keep fighting in those states to improve the programs. Patients lives depend on it.

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  1. So all drugs should be treated like pot, or pot is OK because its low toxicity and we should still be Nazi’s about Papaver somniferum and Morphine or Erythroxylum coca and Cocaine? Or should we persue Pfizer and their “evil” synthetic medicine?

    Honestly, you could sell Poppies and Morphine on every street corner and I am still unlikely to maintain an addiction to that substance..I in fact have probably 20,000 opium poppy seeds of 10 varieties and have not consumed them- just grew em out for ornamental and collection purposes. Morphine doesn’t get me much “high”

  2. Yes..thats why no one should be selling mids or lower legally…they should encourage consumers to produce their own mids.

    Home production is to subsidize the shelf price for anyone looking to smoke more than an eight or two a month (which is actually a lot).

  3. Cheap highs are apparently more important than skills and integrity.

    Or are they buyin CBD’s on the black market?

  4. This is AMERICA. Nobody in AMERICA should have to be medicine on the “Black Market”

    This is AMERICA. Not the old Soviet Union.

  5. If one has good enough sunlight or can grow houseplants or garden plants, folks should grow their own cannabis. They can arrange sequential harvests, so they have a supply. Just do a Google search for “how to grow marijuana” and abundant resources will appear. As well, there are grow “boxes” that one can buy on Amazon that make things easy to manage.

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Local media in New York state have been mostly silent about developments in Minnesota. Many thanks to the watchful eyes at The Weed Blog! It means a lot to NY patients because the two programs were designed by MN and NY lawmakers to be very similar, sort of modeled on each other, legalizing neither sales nor consumption of properly cut, dried and cured, seedless, female cannabis flower (only plant extracts are legal). No one in their right mind would argue that burning fine flower and inhaling the smoke is beneficial to human lungs. Solid scientific facts prove it is harmful. Still, the act of smoking cannabis flower is really none of the politicians’ damned business–and never was. The MN and NY medical “marihuana” laws equal over-zealous interference in the doctor-patient relationship, rooted in the exact same federal tyranny wielded against cannabis growers for the last 78 years. Imagine if MN and NY lawmakers tried to ban the tobacco industry and all smoking, public and private, of deadly cigarettes. There’d be organized revolts storming both state capitals the next morning.

  7. Any marijuana program that lacks a personal grow provision; is a failed program. I’m not going to claim that “anyone” can grow medical grade medicine, but I am saying that almost anyone can grow some “Reggie”, Mids, or commercial. Marijuana is a weed…literally a “Weed”…hence the name WEED. To prohibit people from growing their own is not an end to prohibition. The fact that a simple plant, that can help cure/make-manageble/improve quality of life, can be grown pretty easily, scares big-Pharma + the Political machine. If I didn’t have kids at home I would have already made a personal grow room….End Prohibition!!! FREE THE WEED!!!

  8. #FAIL
    Another attempt to deny marijuana to patients. Written by prohibitioniost with no compassion.
    Strangulation is not regulation
    Giving corrupt government agencies
    “Tax” is supporting their twisted views on Cannabis.
    Reminds me of Cash Hyde (RIP)
    And Montana’s hate for marijuana.
    Inoperable brain tumors responded well to cannabinoid medicine and the SWAT team raid on his supplier.
    #endprohibition #bullshit

  9. A good Purge, that would solve alot problems. The problem is you got closed minded people at the top, who only hire closed minded people. So it is downward spiral. This country is corrupted by anyone who has 2 dollars.

  10. what has taken place in WA in regards to the patient community is disgusting. dont let it happen in your state.

  11. You have to wonder if there is big pharm driving these tightly controlled, limited access, few qualifying conditions, programs?

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