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Pediatric Epilepsy And CBD Seminar With Dr. Bonni Goldstein


There has been a significant increase in CBD legislation recently across the country. While I don’t like the idea of CBD only legislation, I recognize that CBD is needed by many people, and the quicker we can get it in patient’s hands the better. I get questions all the time from patients in non-medical marijuana states asking if CBD would help them or someone that they care for, especially for those suffering from epilepsy.

CBD has proven to be a very effective medicine for those suffering from epilepsy, and if you suffer from epilepsy or know someone that does, I encourage you to look more into CBD. That’s likely why you are reading this article – because you are trying to learn more. Below is a video of a seminar held by Dr. Bonni Goldstein and Ray Mirzabegian. In the video they discuss pediatric epilepsy and how CBD can help. A special thanks to Gil from WeedMaps (or as I call him, Gil Maps) for posting this video on his YouTube page.


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  1. I so want some for Shadow my Dalmatian. He suffers from IBS/IBD and epilepsy. HORRIBLE condition. His seizures last 5 minutes and are every 3 weeks. I have tried everything else. Including different diets (also a vegan diet). NOTHING works. I cannot find the trigger. I have tried http://www.canna-pet.com/ also and that doesn’t work either. I am at a loss :-(

  2. Great info, thanks for sharing! It’s important to note that some epilepsy patients, such as myself, do well with high-THC cannabis oil when it comes to preventing seizures. CBD seems to be an incredible substance that needs more research when it comes to its effects on seizures, but I think it’s also important that we continue to study why high-THC medical cannabis oil is also incredibly effective for some patients with seizure disorders.

    It is also important we make high-CBD medical cannabis oil more widely available, as it is very difficult to get in much of the US and could be helping so many patients around the country stop their seizures.

    About 1 in 100 people will have a seizure in their life, but currently there are not many good treatments. Many prescription drugs for epilepsy can be fatal and often they are simply not completely effective for certain epilepsy patients – these patients are still having seizures, and raising doses will often increase their chances of dying as a side effect from these drugs. This is in stark contrast to medical cannabis, which has never killed anyone.

    I believe this is why we need to reschedule cannabis at the federal level – this will finally allow us to conduct real scientific studies and figure out exactly what in cannabis is stopping seizures for people. With that knowledge, we will be able to deliver treatment directly to the patients who need it.

    Chances are you or someone you know will have a seizure in your lifetime. Please support research for medical cannabis when it comes to epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome, and other seizure disorders!

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